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“Uncle Zhang, you should be the branch president.

In this way, when we meet a dumbass again, we can threaten him directly that youre the branch president.

Its so cool,” Yue Xiaonao said.

“Just take it.” Headmaster Shan earnestly said, “The Dragnet Academy needs you.

Give me help.”

Headmaster Shan had never thought that one day he would recruit someone for the academy like this.

He had spent too many efforts for the sake of the academy.

At the repeated request of Headmaster Shan, Zhang Han looked at his expression and pulled a wry face.

He nodded and said, “Then register my name.”


Headmaster Shan immediately showed a broad grin.

At first, he had wanted to ask Zhang Han to take the role of the deans, but now it seemed that he was too naive.

He was already satisfied to have Zhang Han hold the position as the branch president.

“You can continue your conversation.

The news of the Pellet-refining Branch will soon spread.

Im going back to take action.”

A light flashed through Headmaster Shans eyes.

He snorted in his heart, “Ive been holding on for a long time!”

Someone in the management group at the academy thought that they were too meticulous to leave any traces.

But there was nothing to hide from Headmaster Shan.

It depended on whether Headmaster Shan intended to shake their position.

It was the right time now.

The atmosphere gradually became pleasant between Zhang Han and the others.

The thing that had happened had become a thing of the past.

But those new students who had witnessed it with their own eyes may never forget it.

At this time, many students had just come out of the Pellet-refining Branch.

“Dad! I know who has swept through eight lists!” Ling Duoduo left a message to her Dad and said, “You cant imagine it.

That person is my tutor.

Hes too strong.

Hes Mengs Dad.”

“Well, as a friendly reminder, youre not in our class.

In other words, Mr.

Treasure is our tutor, not yours.

Youre just an auditor,” Chu Changan said.

“What did you say” Ling Duoduo suddenly let out a cry, the smile on her face gradually disappearing.

“Damn it! What a horrible reality!” she thought.

“No, no, no.

Dad, hes not my tutor.

Hes Chu Changans tutor.

AAAAHHHH, Im so depressed.” Ling Duoduo left a message for her Dad.


With a plink sound, the communication device rang.

Ling Duoduo immediately picked it up.

“Dad, Im not the tutor of Class Nine of the Illusions Department.

Bah, Im not a student of it.

What should I do This time, Mr.

Treasure will definitely make a name for himself.

Hes even going to be the president of the Pellet-refining Branch.

Alas, I cant get a place to listen to his class.

What Youre heading here and telling Headmaster Shan yourself Okay.


Hanging up the call, Ling Duoduo looked at Chu Changan with a proud face.

“Xiao An Zi, let me tell you.

Im about to become a student of your class.”

“Is your father coming” Chu Changan asked.

“Hell be here in a while.” Ling Duoduo said, “Headmaster Shan asked my Dad to come here for something, so my Dad can take this opportunity to ask him to change my class.”

“Can you do it with your poor cultivation of illusions” Chu Changan asked suspiciously.

“Im stronger than you.” Ling Duo sneered.

“I didnt expect that our tutor was Mengs Dad.

He ranks first on eight lists.

Who said that our tutor has connections Its ridiculous.” He Lun shook his head repeatedly.

“He does have connections.

It was Headmaster Shan who specially asked our tutor to come to the academy.” He Tao said, “Hes so cruel.

Our tutor looks very easy-going usually.

However, my legs weaken when I think about the scene when he was fighting.

His aura is too strong.

Ill also take him as my target to strive towards and work hard to grow into a strong man like him.”

“Three deans, three tutors, and one branch president.”

“How terrifying.”


Not only they but also the other students were also talking about this matter.

Because of the confidentiality order, those new students didnt dare to publicize it.

However, the students in Grade Two present didnt have so many scruples.

They had been at the academy for many years.

They knew the rules and understood that the confidentiality order only set some limitations.

They communicated with their friends and elders as soon as possible.

“Something big has happened to the Pellet-refining Branch.

Even the branch president was almost beaten to death by a slap.

He was sent flying.

The dean Frank… they were all beaten to death.

Treasure-loaded Taoist Lord was the one who struck.

Are you suspecting me Do you think that Im lying to you Of course, its true.”

The instant people at the Dragnet Academy or from the other families learned of it, they were full of disbelief.

“Are you talking in your sleep”

“Hey, bro, are you drunk”

“Youre not joking Really… really Hiss! Do you mean that even the branch president was crippled and six high-position officials were killed”

“Who Who did it Treasure-loaded Taoist Lord Why havent I heard of this person”

The news spread faster than they had imagined.

The dean, who had given the confidentiality order, sent a message to Headmaster Shan in a short while.

“Ive issued a confidentiality order, but its still spreading very fast.

More than a dozen tutors from other branches have sent me messages to ask about it.”

“I see.

Dont respond.

Ill handle it myself,” Headmaster Shan said.

He hung up the phone and said to the people behind him, “Seal the Dragnet Star and make the Space Station enter a state of combat readiness.”


“Inform the Law Enforcement Unit to arrest the people on the list.

Kill those who dont stop resisting after your persuasion doesnt work three times!”


The cleaning operation had begun.

Headmaster Shan was silent.

He took the aircraft and returned to the central area.

There lay the highest tower with a height of 7,349 meters.

Above the tower was a platform.

It was cold when people were so high up.

The wind howled, and the clothes of Headmaster Shan kept rustling and drifting backward.

Headmaster Shan looked down at the Dragnet Academy.

The construction of every region had been very difficult when the academy had been first built.

At first, there had been no students at the academy.

The first batch of people had been constantly promoting, looking for tutors, and persuading.

But at that time, no one had thought highly of the Dragnet Academy.

Some people had even laughed at it in person.

“There is no need for such an academy to exist in the Cultivation World.

If you want to start an academy, why dont you go to the wild stars to train those barbarians”

After going through so many hardships, the group of tutors had been finally established.

However, there had been very few students.

Everyone had had a strong spirit.

Headmaster Shan had first broken through the Void-refining Realm and thus become an important figure in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

Gradually, there were more and more people at the academy.

The strength of the tutors had gradually improved, and the team had become stronger.

Finally, thanks to the efforts made by Headmaster Shan and his friends, they had built connections with the sects in the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven.

Although it had been just a small sect, the connections had been enviable.

After another hundred years, the Dragnet Academy had become a first-tier powerhouse.

Another two hundred years later, they had suddenly discovered that the students who had cultivated at the academy had become the mainstays of other powerhouses.

All of a sudden, they had possessed a wide network of contacts, which had gradually spread throughout the entire Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

The Dragnet Academy had also provided talents for the Astral Domain.

It had become an aloof powerhouse.

Headmaster Shan still remembered that at that time, his friends had initially planned to develop the Dragnet Academy.

“People change.”

There was a trace of grief flashing across Headmaster Shans eyes.


An aircraft flew over from the distance and hovered in the air.

An elder flew down.

“Shan, I heard that something happened to Kumihonvan” he asked.

What the elder saw was Headmaster Shans back.

“Yes, Nan.

His body is seriously injured, his Yuan Ying destroyed and his meridians broken.

Hes already an ordinary person.

Pellets can stabilize his wounds, but the end of his life is approaching.

Theres still a year or two left.” Headmaster Shans voice was very low.

“Who did this” the elder asked.

“Someone I invited to the academy,” said Headmaster Shan.

“So, youre going to attack us old brothers” The elder questioned, “Shan, when the water is clear, there is no fish.

At that time, we went through life and death with you in exchange for todays force.

Its normal for us to take advantage of it.

Why cant you turn a blind eye to it”

His words made Headmaster Shan fall silent.

“I want to go back with the wind, but Im also afraid of the jade building.

Its cold at a high place.

If I can dance clearly, I dont feel like Im in the human world,” a few seconds later, Headmaster Shan said softly.

“This poem was written by Mr.

Su Shi, a talent in my hometown.

I dont know why this poem comes to my mind at this scene.

Its a distant memory, Nan.”

Headmaster Shan slowly turned around, looked straight at the elder, and said, “Ive made my move.

Not one is spared!”

“So, are you going to kill the few remaining old brothers”

“No, I wont kill them.” Headmaster Shan continued, “You often say that Im an indifferent man.

Its not true.

Im also a person with feelings.

I hope that the Dragnet Academy can have new blood.

I hope that I can cultivate more talents.

Now, the Dragnet Academy has become the representative of the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

To put it simply, I want to make it run in the right way.”

“Where do you want us to go” the elder took a deep breath and asked.

“The Astral Domain of Vast Heaven is the only choice.”

Having been kicked out by the Dragnet Academy, these people were too ashamed to stay in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

“Shan, Im quite curious that whove let you make up your mind Last time when we talked, you didnt have this type of thought,” the elder asked.

Headmaster Shan was silent for two seconds, then he suddenly smiled and said, “The more I watch, the more I think.

The decision comes from the bottom of my heart,”

In fact, he had been still a little hesitant, but Zhang Hans move had strengthened his thoughts.

Perhaps he was forced to do so or he found that he had to follow his heart.

“All right.”

The elder nodded heavily.

He took out two bottles of wine and handed one to Headmaster Shan.

The bottles were made of white jade.

They looked at each other and drank up the wine in the bottle.

This scene was somewhat reminiscent of the past.

Five hours later, an aircraft slowly left the highest tower and drifted further and further away.

That night, a few pieces of news broke out at the Dragnet Academy.


Treasure of Class Nine of the Illusions Department is Mengs Dad who ranks first on eight lists.”

“When did such a strong man become the tutor in our department”


The truth has finally been revealed.”

“He cleared the 100th floor.

Hes qualified to teach in all the departments in every branch.”

“Eh Headmasters notice Look.”

More and more people noticed the notice issued by Headmaster Shan himself.

The first thing was that when Treasure-loaded Taoist Lord served as the tutor of Class Nine of the Illusions Department, he also took the role of the president of the Pellet-refining Branch.


As soon as the order was issued, many people narrowed their eyes.

However, many students in the Pellet-refining Branch, especially the new students, were so excited that they couldnt control themselves.

“Hahaha, Mengs Dad is coming to our department.


The second thing was that a total of thirty-two people, including the presidents of the Science and Technology Branch, the Battle Technique Branch, and the Battle Technique Branch, as well as Drakol or the dean of the Laser Weapon Department of the Science and Technology Branch and the dean of the Particle Energy Department, left the academy to attend to certain matters and couldnt continue to guide students cultivation.

The newly appointed list was as follows…

Third, a total of seven people including the branch president and Frank, the dean of the Pellet-refining Branch, were sentenced to death for they had broken the rules of the academy and exploited more than one billion crystal stones.

The branch president made up for his mistakes and left the academy with serious injuries.

Law enforcer: Treasure-loaded Taoist Lord.

This shocking news spread across the whole Dragnet Academy like a storm and swept across many forces in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province at an unbelievable speed.

Those who had witnessed Zhang Hans action that afternoon felt quite strange.

“You didnt see it at that time.

It wasnt law enforcement.

It couldnt be that simple.

Treasure-loaded Taoist Lord took action because his daughter was bullied.”

“Hahaha, youve read too many stories.

Think about it, why did those people bully the daughter of Treasure-loaded Taoist Lord instead of others Wasnt it because of Headmaster Shans order that the Treasure-loaded Taoist Lord sent his daughter to understand the situation When the time was right, he showed up and captured them.

Isnt it written in the notice”

“Thats right.

The Headmaster Shan issued the notice himself.”

Many people there didnt believe it.

Those who knew the truth even wondered if it was true or not and what was going on.

Some tutors who had also delivered shady activities were badly frightened.

Because they had used some means to bribe someone, all the evidence and information had been sent to them.

After seeing it, they felt cold all over.

But fortunately, they werent punished.

“Youre right.

If the water is clear, there will be no fish.”

Headmaster Shan stood alone on the tower for two hours.

Upon careful inspection, there were still many people who had done something shady.

However, he couldnt deal with them all.

It could be said that a series of news had caused a sensation in the entire academy.

Many senior students found that this matter wasnt that simple with their sharp-smelling sense.

They were also secretly surprised by Headmaster Shans means.

A lot of students in Grade Two were full of interest and liked to see such changes.

It was because they had been at the Dragnet Academy for several years, even more than ten years or twenty years.

Many Grade-one students were more concerned about who their tutor would be and what their temperaments were like.

“Ah! Why didnt Treasure-loaded Taoist Lord come to our branch”

“I also want to attend his lessons.”

The new students acted as onlookers.

Under the night sky, Headmaster Shan had just hung up the communication.

He had been busy for a few hours.

All the major forces in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province had communicated with him and asked if there was anything they could help.

There were also some related forces asking circuitously about his attitude.

Feeling that nothing had changed, they felt at ease more or less.

“Headmaster, Patriarch Chen wants to see you.”

“Well, send him in.”

A group of five hurried in.

“Headmaster Shan, whats wrong with Chen Diran Did he really die Why did he die at the Dragnet Academy which is known as the safest place Please give me an answer!” Patriarch Chen questioned him.

“Am I too kind” Headmaster Shan suddenly asked.

He frowned slightly and said, “It was Zhang Hanyang who killed him.

He said that your family would be destroyed if you send the money back one second later.

Heh, I have something to remind you that this man can summon the ancient demonic beasts in the Blue Sand Wind Domain.

All the powerhouses in the entire Heavenly Dragon Star Province are no match for him.

Consider your familys power first.”

“What Zhang Hanyang”

Several exclamations rang out in the room.

So Headmaster Shan came to Zhang Han twenty minutes later.

“Here are eight million crystal stones.

The Chen family doesnt dare to come after they heard your name.

Well, theyre afraid that youll kill them.”

Thinking about this, Headmaster Shan felt that he was too easy-going.

Once Zhang Hanyangs name had been mentioned, people in the Chen family had trembled with fear and didnt even dare to come here themselves.

When they had come to his room at the beginning, they had even dared to question him.

He was indeed too easy-going.

“They belong to my daughter.

Give them to her,” Zhang Han said with a smile.

“Okay, Ill give them to her now.”


Theyre either resting or playing in the game cabin.

Do you want to enter their bedrooms”

“Okay, Ill get someone to give them to her tomorrow.”

Everyone slept very well in that silent night.

The next morning, Mengmeng and the others went to class.

“Here you are.

Please come in.”

The tutor greeted them and others with much passion.

He had been quite aloof.

It seemed that it was a different person.

At two oclock in the afternoon, Zhang Han went to class.

“Hello, Mr.

Zhang.” The voice roared.

Zhang Han was stunned for a while.

All of a sudden, he looked a little confused.

There must be at least two hundred people in this room.

He logged into the tutor system to take a look.

Good heavens, the number of people who sat in on his class rose to two hundred.


Zhang, Im now a student of Class Nine of the Illusions Department.” Ling Duoduo grinned and said, “My dad wanted to visit you yesterday but he had something to do.

Hell come to the Dragnet Academy to visit you next time.”

“Hahaha.” Zhang Han chuckled and shook his head slightly.

The students in front of him looked at him with great admiration.

He glanced around and said, “Do you know how to use illusions Raise your hand if you know the basics.”


As a result, only 60% of people raised their hands.

The remaining 40% was here to take a look at the excitement.

“There are new students coming today, but we still have to continue our last practice.”

Zhang Han said, “There are still three sets of videos.

After the practice, well, Ill go out in a few days.

Itll be about one or two months.

Before I leave, Ill sort out a set of training methods, which is enough for you to train for two months.”

A dinging sound rang out.

The eyes of Chu Changan and others lit up.

“Thank you, Mr.


He was going to teach the moves to them.

He had cleared the 100th floor on eight lists with his wonderful cultivation.

Based on his amazing comprehension, he must know a lot of knowledge.

They were eager to learn powerful moves.

It was a two-hour class.

For some people who didnt know illusions, it was very boring.

However, it didnt hold true for someone who concentrated on training.

For them, two hours passed very quickly.

After the class, Zhang Han and his friends went back to the manor for dinner.

Dozens of people were eating hot pot together in a good atmosphere.

Headmaster Shan also came here to join them.

Everyone exchanged words with happiness.

A week passed.

Zhang Han had been to the Pellet-refining Branch alone.

While several deans treated him in a careful, enthusiastic manner, he took a stroll around the branch.

There were many students spreading across different areas.

They created a good atmosphere in pellet refining.

The freshmen were the most active with the sound of the furnace explosion heard one after another.

The next day, Zhang Han took Zi Yan, Zhou Fei, Mengmeng, and others to have a see in the branch.

A class of new students was refining pellets.

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