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Chapter 1303 Hes Mengs Dad

“We cant bring shame to the academy.

Fellow Daoist, please understand my feeling as a branch president,” said the branch president.

From the corner of his eyes, he saw Headmaster Shan who had come out of the aircraft was approaching them quickly.

He felt a little relieved and said, “I admit that Frank committed a great sin.

However, the other five were guilty but not guilty of death.

Fellow Daoist, you should have spared them if it was possible.

Your murderous nature is too strong.”

“Is that so”

Zhang Han frowned.


Suddenly, there was a loud noise from the body of the branch president with his blood gushing out from it.

He flew backward hundreds of meters and fell to the ground with a thud.

Although he wasnt dead, his Yuan Ying and meridians were shattered by Zhang Han.

He only had a few years to live.

“Oh my god! He even hurt the branch president”

Watching this scene from a distance, the deans and tutors who came from other places widened their eyes.

They felt like they were still in a dream.

Countless students were speechless and stared blankly at the scene in front of them.

When Headmaster Shan flew over quickly, he looked extremely resigned.

“How could it be like this…”

He felt his scalp prickle and was completely stressed out.

Many tutors were whispering.

“Headmaster Shan is here.”

“Only Headmaster Shan can suppress such a fierce person.”

“Theyre all in the Void-refining Realm.

Itll be a fierce battle.”

“The fluctuations from the collision of two men in the Void-refining Realm will be quite intense.

Get the students out of here now.”

Some peoples faces changed slightly.

Just as he was about to make a move, something happened that stunned everyone.

“Well… I… What happened to make you so angry” Headmaster Shans resigned words came from a distance.

Zhang Han rented with a nasty look when facing Headmaster Shan and scolded him before everyone at the Dragnet Academy.

“You neglected your duty.

How did you end up like this after youve been engaged in the course of education for hundreds of years Some stupid tutors, deans, and presidents are trying to invert black and white, right and wrong.

Is this one of the characteristics of your academy”


It was like a thunderbolt from the clear sky hitting the hearts of many people present.

What had that young man done He had actually reprimanded the headmaster of the Dragnet Academy.

“Did I hear it wrong”

“What did he say just now I think I was hallucinating.”

“How could this be He killed the deans and tutors of the academy.

When Headmaster Shan came here, he scolded the headmaster like this Is this real”

The nearby tutors and deans were full of disbelief.

Even the students in the distance were stunned.

With the arrival of Headmaster Shan, the atmosphere seemed to have reached its peak.


Shan, he… he killed Frank, An Duman… and other four people.

Even the branch president was…” one tutor said in a trembling voice.

Headmaster Shan was silent.

Looking at the thousands of people present, he sensed his scalp numb.

Especially in the face of Zhang Hans question, he was speechless.

He moved his mouth and finally said, “Well, lets calm down first.”


The tutor next to Headmaster Shan suddenly spat out a mouthful of saliva who choked and couldnt speak.

“Whats going on”

Many deans were stunned.

The man had killed several high-position officials.

However, not only had Headmaster Shan not criticized him, but he had also asked him to calm down first.

Good heavens!

“Calm down Deal with this matter now.

Ill see how youre going to deal with it.” Zhang Han snorted.

He was really a little angry.

At present, there were only a few people in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province who were strong enough to bully Mengmeng and her friends.

In terms of their characteristics, Mengmeng followed her heart.

Trained by Zhang Han, she knew how to refuse.

Felina was less talkative and possessed the strongest cultivation.

Nina reacted very quickly and was good at analyzing.

Yue Xiaonao wasnt afraid of anything and was impatient.

She wasnt easy to bully.

This was also the reason why Zhang Han was comfortable letting them come out to have fun.

There was little chance of them being bullied, but an event like being wronged and accused had happened, which made them feel much angrier than being bullied.

Whats more, it had happened at the Dragnet Academy.

It made Zhang Han livid.

“Hes going to run!”

Suddenly seeing that Chen Diran was going to run, Yue Xiaonao pointed to him, saying, “He was also engaged.

He deducted our credits.

Hes Franks disciple and wants Mengmeng to be his Cultivational Partner.”

In fact, the last sentence was enough.

Hearing the words “Cultivational Partner”, Zhang Han, who was still angry, looked over coldly.

“AAAHHHH! Headmaster, please save me.

Headmaster, please save me.”


Headmaster Shan swallowed his saliva subconsciously.

“Should I save him” he thought.

He suddenly found that after Zhang Hanyang got angry, he seemed to have changed into another person.

His aura was extremely fierce, looking like a demon that could destroy the world.

So he kept silent again.

It made the tutors present fall into a state of horror.

“Headmaster, how can you allow him to massacre”

“Trying to run away”

To Zhang Han, Chen Diran was nothing more than a little chick.

He waved his hand and Chen Diran was dead.

At this time, Mengmeng said faintly, “Dad, he still owes me eight million crystal stones.”

Zhang Han was speechless for a while.

“Whos he” Zhang Han asked.

“Chen Diran, a disciple from a middle-level family,” Headmaster Shan replied before Mengmeng and the others could answer.

Seeing his attitude, all the tutors were stunned again.

“Tell the Chen family,” Zhang Han said in a light tone, “they have one day to return the crystal stones.

If they make it late for half a second, the whole family will be exterminated.”

His tone was light, but his words were full of killing intent.

“Fine.” Headmaster Shan gave a wry smile.

He gave an order to the system to inform Patriarch Chen, saying, “Chen Diran offended someone who cant be offended.

He has died.

Bring eight million crystal stones as soon as possible so that you can avoid the disaster of the extermination of your family.”

“Im leaving.” As Zhang Hans rage gradually returned to being indifferent, he regained his calm.

After saying that, he flew into the aircraft with the others and left directly.

“Headmaster.” Many tutors and deans around flew over with lingering fear.

“Whos he”

“Headmaster Shan, he killed a lot of high-position officials.”


Each and every one of them was full of questions.

The students in the distance were much more relaxed at this time.

“Hes gone.”

“He finally left.

My God.

When he was there just now, I feel like I couldnt breathe.”

“Its terrible.

Hes even more terrible than my grandfather.

Its the first time Ive seen such a terrible person.”

The discussions grew louder.

Headmaster Shan looked a little gloomy.

He snorted coldly, looked around, and suddenly said, “Since he made such a scene in front of you, I have to tell you something.”


A tutor felt his heart skip a beat and thought, “It turns out to be the headmasters delaying tactic.

Afraid that fighting with him here will cause too many fluctuations and losses, hes getting back at the man!”

If he said that, he would be despised by many people.

Headmaster Shan said coldly, “The deans Frank and Orloff and the tutors… The six of them were a group.

They were killed because they used the academys name to gain personal gain.

Frank got a profit of two hundred and fifty million crystal stones.

This is what I found out, but there are still many unknown to us.

We dont know how many he got.

Orloff made a profit of one hundred and seventy million crystal stones… In total, the academy has lost more than a billion crystal stones.

All of these are evidence.”

Headmaster Shan waved his right hand.


The image in the projection represented the sales, the time, and the objects of the deals.

Seeing this, two tutors on the scene had their faces turn pale and broke out in cold sweat.

They were too… too detailed!

After showing for more than a dozen seconds, Headmaster Shan turned off the projection and said, “The man just now is Mr.


Hes indifferent to fame and wealth and doesnt care about crystal stones and fame.

I spent a lot of effort getting him here in order to let the students learn more from him.

Similarly, because hes very powerful who ranks first on eight lists in the Mysterious Tower, he can teach a lot of things!”


His words were like a bolt out of the blue, which exploded in everyones hearts.

They stared at Headmaster Shan in a daze.

Then, a wave of clamorous noise assaulted.

“What” Chu Changan screamed, “Our tutor is Mengs Dad”

“He ranks first on eight lists Oh my god, its our tutor! Aaahhh!”

Fan Xiaoshuangs face flushed with excitement.

“Were so lucky!”

“So powerful.” Ling Duoduo grimaced.

She was so shocked that she could not control herself.

The others were even more shocked.

“It turned out to be Mengs Dad.

He ranks first on eight lists and cleared the 100th floor.

Hes a strong man in the Void-refining Realm.”

“Oh my god, no wonder he made such fierce moves.

Damn Frank and the other deans and tutors.

They swindled so many crystal stones from the academy.”

“Its really hard to predict a persons mind! Look, Ive told you a long time ago that those little girls wont lie.

They indeed told the truth.”

His words made many people feel ashamed.

“It really taught us a lesson today.

Theres also a very corrupt group at the Dragnet Academy.”

“Though the mills of the God grind slowly, the arrival of Mengs Dad is the nightmare of those people.”


Even the tutors were extremely shocked.

“Hes Mengs Dad.”

“He was specially invited by Headmaster Shan to come here.”

“This means that Headmaster Shan is going to do a purge at the academy.”

Seeing the noisy scene, Headmaster Shan stopped talking.

After waiting for two minutes, he sighed heavily.

The sound of his sigh spread all over the place, making the noise gradually cease.

“I also know about the formula thing.

Why are the other people fine Why did just Frank and the other five get killed Why was the branch president seriously injured but still alive

“Theres a reason behind all of this.

Peoples hearts are sinister.

Because their hearts have changed and been blackened by their interests, they were so greedy that they even wanted to seize the formula.

They were a group.

Once one of them encountered any problem, others would send reinforcements in time.

Thats why theyre all dead.

As for the branch president, his sin shouldnt be punished by death.

Therefore, what happened here today is beyond my imagination, but I can still understand it.”

Headmaster Shan sighed again and shook his head slightly.

After five seconds of silence, a surge of energy engulfed his body.

Ferocious auras seem to be going to tear the space apart.

He said word by word, “No one here is in cahoots with them The evidence I have is very comprehensive.

Someone has committed a serious crime, while someone has just committed a crime for the first time.”

“Hiss, hiss, hiss…”

The tutors present were almost desperate.

Was Headmaster Shan going to put them on the chopping board

“On account of the fact that you have worked for the academy for decades and you still have a bottom line, the others in the Pellet-refining Branch will be spared.

Ill kill anyone who dares to do it again!”

They were safe now.

One of the tutors in white bowed deeply to Headmaster Shan.

“Thank you for not killing me, headmaster.

I was also threatened by Frank.

I had no choice.

Youve spared me, which Im really unable to repay.

Ill bend over and wear myself out for the academy for the rest of my life.”

The others looked at each other and saw the cold sweat on their faces.

Seeing this, they hesitated for a moment, but still cupped their hands to Headmaster Shan, looking ashamed.

They had no choice.

At the sight of the very comprehensive evidence against Frank and the others, they knew that Headmaster Shan had been investigating this matter for more than one or two years.

“This time, there will be a purge against the Pellet-refining Branch and any other branches.”

Headmaster Shan said in a deep voice, “The Dragnet Academy is the place to serve the students.

After the purge, all the tutors, deans, and others who stay would see their benefits doubled.

And Ill give them more power.

Only excellent people can serve as the management of the Dragnet Academy.

Thats all I have to say.

I hope that all the tutors will know what to do and the new students can get the knowledge they want here.”


The impromptu speech caused the audience to burst into thunderous applause.

It also recovered them from panic just now.

If the Dragnet Academy could make a casual move, it would really be scary.

But the move just now represented the will and duty of Headmaster Shan.

This was different.

This was called the door cleaning!

When Headmaster Shan was about to turn to leave, he added, “Oh, by the way, students of the Pellet-refining Branch, you may be blessed.

The branch president is vacant, and so are several deans.

Therefore, I decided to entrust Zhang… I decided to entrust Treasure-loaded Taoist Lord to be your branch president.”

“No, no! No!” Chu Changan covered his head with both hands and cried out in pain.

“You refuse” Headmaster Shans gaze swept over.

“No, thats not what I meant.


Treasure is now the tutor of Class Nine of the Illusions Department.

If he comes to the Pellet-refining Branch, what about us” Chu Changan asked.

“An excellent man can hold several positions at the same time,” Headmaster Shan said calmly.

Then he turned around, got on the aircraft, and rushed in the direction of Zhang Hans departure.

Many of the tutors of the Pellet-refining Branch looked at each other.

“Is that person coming to our branch”

“What should we do If something happens, will he… kill us”

“Poor me.”

“Let the students go back.


Issue a confidentiality order.

Dont let them publicize it.

Itll affect Headmaster Shans action.

Itd be bad if he blames us for it.” A dean ordered.


Several tutors and their men walked over one after another.

“Dont leave.

Come here and follow the team to the building in front.”

For such a free academy, the confidentiality order could only slow down the speed of the spread of the matter.

But that was exactly what the dean meant.

Ever since the Dragnet Academy became bigger and bigger, there were indeed people who did things in the name of the academy, and there were also people who went much too far.

Since the headmaster was prepared to make his move, it was truly a huge commotion for the management of the Dragnet Academy.

People had just returned to Zhang Hans manor before he came back.

Zhou Fei, Chen Changqing, Chen Chuan, Zhao Feng, Liang Mengqi, Zhang Li, Liang Hao, and others were here.

“Brother, where have you been” Zhang Li asked curiously, “You didnt even answer the call.”

“Ive been to deal with several scums,” Zhang Han replied casually.

“What scums” Zhang Li and others didnt understand.

At this moment, Felina said, “Three deans, three tutors, and one branch president.

Six dead and one heavily injured!.”


Chen Changqing spat out all the tea that he had just drunk.

Chen Chuan, who was in front of him, was the first to be hit, the back of his head wet.

“Dad, you attacked me,” Chen Chuan immediately ran to the side and shouted.

But at this time, all the people were attracted by what Felina had just said.

“Three deans, three tutors, and one branch president”

Zhao Feng widened his eyes.

Liang Hao said with a blank face, “Six dead and one heavily injured.

Are we… are we going to escape now”

Zhang Han had made such a big ruckus in the Dragnet Star, their headquarter.

They would probably be targeted by the whole academy.

“Why” Zhang Han smiled gently and said, “Headmaster Shan needs to thank me.

Look, hes coming.”

While speaking, Zhang Han signaled to the left side.

Swoosh swoosh!

Everyone turned their heads and looked over.

An aircraft was flying over quickly.

It arrived at the manor and stopped on the lawn.

Headmaster Shan got off the aircraft and said with a resigned look, “Zhang Hanyang, have you calmed down yet”

“Not bad,” Zhang Han replied.

“Well, I didnt expect that such a thing either.” Headmaster Shan sighed.

“I didnt expect that Frank was so despicable that he even dared to swindle the new students formula.

Was there anything he wouldnt do”

“Zi Yan, what happened” Zhang Li asked.

“My daughter was robbed of the formula and framed in front of everyone,” Zi Yan said.

“I didnt expect that.” Chen Changqing suddenly smiled and said, “They were simply shooting themselves in the foot.

Its normal for them to end up with six dead and one heavily injured.”

“Fortunately, you didnt target everyone.” Headmaster Shan exhaled a long breath and said, “Those six people were a small group.

Theyve harmed the interests of the academy for many years and become more and more wanton.

I planned to punish them, but I didnt expect that they would die in your hands.

Its good.

Ill take the opportunity to deliver the clearing operation.

Dont be too angry, you guys.”

“By the way.” The headmaster walked to Zhang Hans side and rubbed his hands.

“The president of the Pellet-refining Branch has been disabled by you.

You cant be indifferent to it.

Well, can you take the role”

“No.” Zhang Han refused.

Headmaster Shan was speechless.

He had refused very flatly.

“Except for you, I cant think of anyone else.” Headmaster Shan sighed softly.

“The branch president usually doesnt have much to do.

There is a good dean in the branch.

Ill ask him to be your assistant to handle the day-to-day affairs.

When you have nothing to do, you can go to the Pellet-refining Branch to have a look and give some guidance.

Its such a simple position.

Youll still be the tutor of Class Nine of the Illusions Department.

Also, our academy has a lot of resources.

Ill prepare a batch of resources for you to make pellets.

Theyre all yours.

There is also a pellet furnace that is very close to a seventh-stage spirit treasure.

I got it from the Astral Domain…”

Many people were stunned listening to Headmaster Shan talking about benefits alone on the other side.

This was really an eye-opener for them.

The headmaster had been too good to Zhang Han.

In fact, they also knew that the headmaster did it because there was too much knowledge in Zhang Hans mind.

The academy could accumulate wealth slowly.

What they lacked was that kind of high-end knowledge.

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