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The elders pupils contracted.

Headmaster Shans countenance altered dramatically.

“Is he really going to kill the Peacock King”

The Iron Armor Dragon emitted a violent aura.

“You dare kill the Peacock King You dare kill an ancient demonic beast”

“I bet he doesnt have the nerve.

Hes seriously injured the Peacock King in our territory.

All of his people will die.

Well take revenge!”

“Damn you, human! We wont show you mercy even if you let the Peacock King off! Youre dead!”


The ancient demonic beasts were fearless because they were certain that the humans present didnt dare to kill them.

“But the man you are dealing with is Merciless Zhang!” Ye Longyuan said in a trembling voice.

Chu Qingyi, who was beside him, also had a puzzled look in her eyes.

“Just how strong is this man”

With all eyes on Zhang Han, Zhang Han slowly stopped attacking.


Headmaster Shan and many members of the Omnipotent Troop all breathed a sigh of relief.

Roars of ancient demonic beasts could be heard from all directions.

The Iron Armor Dragon, which got along quite well with the Peacock King, rapidly flew over, preparing to give the human in black a hard collision.

“You say… we humans cant kill ancient demonic beasts.” Zhang Han looked ahead calmly and asked coldly, “Who set this rule”


Headmaster Shan and the others didnt know what to say.

On the other hand, the ancient demonic beasts sneered and cackled.

Just as they were about to say something, Zhang Hans right hand suddenly turned into a claw, which pointed at the Peacock King and pressed forward in the air.


An invisible force broke through the Peacock Kings defenses and pierced into its body.


Everyone present was shocked.


With many confused and fearful eyes fixed on the two, Zhang Han directly gouged the Peacock Kings Inner Elixir out.

Instantly, the Peacock King was like a deflated balloon.

The insufferably arrogant Peacock King died!

“He killed the Peacock King!”

“Oh no!”

“He did kill the beast.”

Tens of thousands of people were astounded.

It could be said that they were terrified.

The several hundred ancient demonic beasts also quieted down.

But what followed the silence was another round of even fiercer roars.


“The Peacock King is dead!”

They wanted to rush over and fight Zhang Han, but most of the ancient demonic beasts here were even no match for the Peacock King.

They would only bring in a rise in casualties if they did that.

The Iron Armor Dragon was the only one that charged forward viciously, hot air spewing from its nostrils.

Zhang Han still looked calm.

It was not until the Iron Armor Dragon drew near that Zhang Han raised his fist again.

This time, Zhang Han started punching to that palpitating and strange rhythm right away.

“Thump, thump, thump, thump…”

The Iron Armor Dragon gradually began to slow down.

But its defense was too strong.

Zhang Hans Space-splitting Punch could not take its life.

Being pummeled, the Iron Armor Dragon was in pain, which made it even angrier.

It roared as it advanced, slowly closing the distance.

“This one really is a tough nut to crack.”

Zhang Han shook his head.

The Space-splitting Punch was indeed powerful, yet Zhang Han could not use it to kill the Iron Armor Dragon at this distance because his cultivation level was not high enough.

This Iron Armor Dragon was merely at the God Transformation Realm Peak-Stage, but its defensive power was exceptionally strong.

No one on the scene could harm it.

The Iron Armor Dragons flesh defense and soul defense were both freakishly mighty.

“Its a pity that you met me.”

Nevertheless, Iron Armor Dragons all had a fatal weakness.

It did not lie in their eyes, heads, or limbs but in their brain.

Their brain was three feet below their neck, where there was a dragon scale protecting it.

That was also the part of their body with the strongest defense.

“Today, I will use the Space-splitting Punch to smash your brain!”

Zhang Han narrowed his eyes slightly and reduced the strength of the Space-splitting Punch.

This Iron Armor Dragon was highly protective of the part holding its brain, so its upper limbs would almost always be guarding that part.

But in terms of combat experience, this Iron Armor Dragon was still too weak.

Slowly, the Iron Armor Dragon broke out from the sealed space.

It marched to Zhang Han and suddenly swung its tail.


The huge tail lashed at Zhang Han.

Zhang Han leaped toward the tail and punched.


A muffled bam was heard.

Enormous energy fluctuations formed strong gales in the cosmos, which swept in all directions.

Zhang Han backed more than 10 meters.

The Iron Armor Dragon also abruptly stopped barging at Zhang Han and retreated a few meters and staggered.

“You are very strong.”

The Iron Armor Dragon realized that this human in black was actually able to fight it head-on.

However, the Iron Armor Dragon didnt believe that Zhang Han was its match.


The giant Iron Armor Dragon suddenly moved at a very fast speed.

It crossed dozens of meters and opened its huge mouth to bite Zhang Han.

Its sharp fangs were gleaming with a chilling light.

Several beams of cyan light as fast as lightning came at Zhang Han.

At the same time, the Iron Armor Dragons tail lashed at him from left to right.

Its speed instantly overtook that of the sound.

Thus, rasping sounds were heard.

In the face of such attacks, Zhang Han darted forward, not trying to resist the light launched with supernatural power at all.

When the tail arrived, he raised his right foot and kicked at it.


A dull noise swept out in all directions.

The Iron Armor Dragons tail was kicked back.

Zhang Han retreated a few meters.

Then, he gathered his strength again and punched the Iron Armor Dragons huge body.


There was a sound of metal colliding.

The Iron Armor Dragons defense was simply too formidable.

But Zhang Hans performance was even more shocking.

Who would have imagined that a human cultivator could fight head-on against an Iron Armor Dragon

Headmaster Shan, who was at the back, looked sort of lost.

“Who is he Where did he come from”

Many in the Omnipotent Troop were courageous and vigorous people.

Seeing Zhang Hans performance, they looked very excited.

“From now on, the era in which no one dares to kill ancient demonic beasts has gone!”

“Hahaha! Finally, a ruthless fighter has appeared.

He can kill ancient demonic beasts on his own.

How ferocious! I like it!”

“He looks quite young.

Who on earth is he He can kill the Peacock King and fight the Iron Armor Dragon at close quarters without being at a disadvantage.

His strength gotta be strong.

He should at least be at the Void-refining Realm Middle-Stage!”

“Even from so far away, I can still sense the terrifying energy waves emanated from the center of the battlefield.

The Iron Armor Dragon can easily hold up a thing that weighs a million pounds.

The strength of that man in black is absolutely terrifying.”

The people of the Omnipotent Troop were all stirred up, let alone the other cultivators.

Because of excitement or something, Ye Longyuan couldnt help quivering.

With eyes widened, he exclaimed, “Bravo! This is really bravo! Zhang Hanyang is really mighty!”

“He is invincible!” Yan Chen marveled.

“This man…”

Chu Qingyi also had surprise written all over her pretty face.

She had not expected that Zhang Hanyang, who was Ye Longyuans debtor that she had met just once, would possess such horrible fighting capacity.

Li Hao, who was not far away, looked thrilled, but there was a bitter smile on the corners of his mouth.

He muttered, “Zhang Hanyang is too strong and has hidden his strength well.

I thought he was a mighty figure in the God Transformation Realm, but it turns out that Ive underestimated him.”

“Zhang Hanyang…” The King of Dwarves narrowed his eyes and nodded repeatedly as he said, “He is a brave warrior of the Human Clan!”

This battle was also an eye-opener for the chief of the Silver-winged Hall and the others.

Other people began to discuss Zhang Han.

“Who is he”

“Were too far away.

I cant see him clearly.

However, he seems to be a young man.”


Hes truly savage.”

“He killed that beast! Good job! But… we seem to be in big trouble.

One of our men has killed an ancient demonic beast.

Would those in the center of the Blue Sand Wind Domain let this go”

Countless cries of shock and amazement rang out from the crowd.

Many people were also worried.

If they provoked those terrifying existences in the center of the Blue Sand Wind Domain, everyone would all end up in a miserable state.

However, at this point, it was useless to say anything.

They could only continue watching the battle in the distance.

Most of the people present could only feel the energy of the battle.

Those at the God Transformation Realm Last-Stage and Peak-Stage as well as at the Void-refining Realm Early-Stage could use their divine sense to check the specific situation.

Accordingly, they were also the most shocked.

When they saw the man in black repel the Iron Armor Dragon with just one punch and one kick, they asked themselves inwardly if they could do that.

The answer was absolutely negative.

If it were them, they would have to use supernatural powers to suppress the Iron Armor Dragon.

Meanwhile, many people also had a doubt.

Headmaster Shan and the other members of the Omnipotent Troop, as well as Chu Qingyi, were rather doubtful about the battle between the Peacock King and the man in black.

“How on earth had the man managed to withstand the Peacock Kings incredibly powerful supernatural powers”

“Bam! Bam! Bam…”

“Clang! Clang!”


All kinds of sounds came from the center of the battlefield.

It was life-and-death close combat.

Not far away, the people on the king vessel watching the battle quaked with terror.

“Oh my god, its terrifying!” Zhang Guangyous hair stood on end.

He saw that the Iron Armor Dragons sharp claws pierced Zhang Hans chest.


Mengmeng, Yue Xiaonao, Nina, and Chen Chuan screamed nonstop.

Mu Xue, Zhao Feng, and the others also looked grave.

Clearly, this Iron Armor Dragon was far more difficult to deal with than the Peacock King.

“Hans body is really strong.” Yue Wuwei stroked his beard repeatedly and exclaimed, “Cant believe his power has grown so much!

“Why is his body like a Stone Demons He is immune to supernatural powers, isnt he His body is even comparable to a Heaven-stone Body.

“His punching skill is a bit strange.

His punches can vibrate space.

This is bravo.

Its not something a cultivator in the God Transformation Realm can master.

“You people, stop screaming.

You can rest assured.

Zhang Han is a very powerful combatant, and his physical defense is also very strong.

He can escape unscathed even if he cant kill the Iron Armor Dragon.”

Hearing Yue Wuweis words, the others gradually put their minds at ease.

What they felt next was just admiration.

“Master is invincible.

He is indeed the Demon King!” Mu Xue said excitedly.

Watching Zhang Han throw punches and kicks at the Iron Armor Dragon, the others also nodded.

“Zhang Han really is the Demon King.”

The battle was still on.

As tens of thousands of people watched, the Iron Armor Dragon grew a little agitated.

It moved faster and faster, attacking with all its strength.

However, to its shock, it could not kill this little human no matter how hard it tried.

“What a tough guy! I might not be able to kill him.”

The Iron Armor Dragon began to ponder.

It couldnt retreat.

Neither could it defeat its opponent if it advanced.

It was caught between a rock and a hard place.

Just as the Iron Armor Dragon was musing, a flash of lightning crossed Zhang Hans eyes.

As Zhang Han activated the Thunderbolt Mark, the power of the Taiyi Wood Thunder was attached to his fist.


Under the enticement of Zhang Han, the Iron Armor Dragon attacked with one of its upper sharp claws.


Zhang Han unfolded his left palm and slapped the Iron Armor Dragons upper arm.

However, instead of bouncing back, Zhang Han advanced and struck at the Iron Armor Dragons special scale.

Seeing Zhang Hans right fist carrying flashes of lightning, the Iron Armor Dragon was alarmed.

“Shit! Dammit! How did he know where my brain is”

It hurriedly put up its upper right claw to defend, and its body bent a little in an attempt to retreat.

Now that its brain was in danger, the Iron Armor Dragon could no longer worry about losing face.

It didnt want to fight anymore!

But how could Zhang Han, who had put a lot of thought into this move, give it the chance to retreat


The Iron Armor Dragon only managed to hit Zhang Hans shadow with its right claw.


A punch landed heavily on the special scale.


The power of lightning coupled with the power of a heavy punch instantly caused the Iron Armor Dragon to feel dizzy from the lack of oxygen.


The Iron Armor Dragon was terrified.

Without thinking, it attempted to flee.

However, the human that looked as small as an ant continued to punch.

The Iron Armor Dragon could only watch helplessly as the second punch landed on its special scale.


This punch stunned the Iron Armor Dragon.

“This scale is really hard!”

Zhang Han was also a little surprised.

“The defense of the Iron Armor Dragon is indeed incredible.

But this is a good thing.

The bodies of ancient demonic beasts are all valuable treasures.

The scales of an Iron Armor Dragon are very useful as well.”

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