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Chapter 108 Live Here

It was as if a daughter-in-law went to see her mother-in-law and there were beasts on the second floor.

Liang Mengqis heart unconsciously beat faster.

She seemed to have heard the laughter upstairs and a crisp female voice except for Zhou Fei and Zhang Li as she went up.

It was time to see Mengmengs mother in her true colors.

Liang Mengqi murmured.

But when she just walked halfway, she saw a figure suddenly appearing onto the landing on the second floor.

Liang Mengqi calmed down and took a look at the person.

Spontaneously, she raised her lips and said, “Boss, what are you doing here”


Zhang Han was in a daze.

What did she mean what was he doing here

“Im going to go downstairs to get a glass of milk.” Zhang Han replied with a chuckle.

“Oh.” Liang Mengqi nodded and said, “Fine, there is a foreigner downstairs who is a food agent of Michelin and wants to taste the dishes.

He came here for lunch, devouring the food with rice on his face.

Hah hah.”

Liang Mengqi felt amused and laughed as she said.

Zhang Han, however, was not surprised, coming downstairs indifferently.

He also saw the blond man on the first floor.

Pearson unwittingly showed arrogance to Zhang Han after seeing him.

He said flatly, “Well, hello, boss.

Let me introduce myself.

My name is Pearson and I am Michelins food agent.”

When he was speaking, Pearson looked at Zhang Han furtively, intending to see Zhang Hans astoundment and a show of politeness.

Pearson felt refreshed at the thought of this.

The treatment in this restaurant made him really uncomfortable.

Hum, once the boss knew his identity and wanted to suck up, he should be reserved.


Zhang Han merely said “Hm”.

He then walked to the bar, poured a glass of milk, turned to go upstairs, and disappeared in the stairs.

The whole set of movements was not sloppy at all.

He just glanced at Pearson when he introduced himself at the beginning.

Then, there was no follow-up.

“I, you, he…”

Pearson was at a loss at this moment.

He stretched out his hand to Zhang Han, supposing to detain him, but failed.


After Zhang Han disappeared, the shock and disbelief of Pearson turned into depression in the end.

Liang Mengqi could not help laughing after seeing his appearance.

She said, “Youd better go back to eat honestly.

It is estimated that even the top management of Michelin came here, the boss wont answer, let alone you.”

“Oh no, how come…” Pearson sadly walked to his seat.

Just then, Sun Ming, who was eating in silence gave a little cough.

He said, “Mr.

Pearson, I still have two pieces of chicken.

Just take them and have a try.”

Despite Zhang Han ignoring Pearson, Sun Ming was inclined to commerce for he was engaged in trade.

From whatever point of view, the favorable comments of Michelins food agent were good for the restaurant, so he tried hard to hold back his desire to give up two pieces of chicken.

Meanwhile, he found it a little funny because he did not like eating ordinary chicken very much.

But in this restaurant, probably no one could fight the urge.

“Ah” Pearson was stunned, then he nodded with exultancy and said, “Well, thank you, sir.”

Pearson grabbed a paper plate and a pair of chopsticks while talking and picked up the two pieces of chicken.

Liang Mengqi and some other people stared at him when he returned to his seat.

“Yo, his eyes are almost in!” Zhao Dahu snorted softly, “Gourmet, please have a try!”


Pearson recovered.

He nodded and smiled.

With the preciseness on his face, he said, “A dish is required to have a perfect combination of color, aroma and taste.

Lets talk about the color first.

Its reddish-brown made in soy sauce is well qualified.

The color is neither too dark nor too light.

Only by virtue of its appearance, we can see that the chef has a good grasp on the amount of seasoning.”

“As for the aroma, just like what I said just now, it is full-flavored and fascinating.

If 100 points is a full score, I will give it 100 in terms of its color and 110 in terms of the aroma! Because it is too fragrant!

“As regards the taste…”

Pearson put the chicken into his mouth while speaking and tasted it with his eyes closed.

However, why did he chew faster and faster

After a few bites, he finished eating the first piece of chicken, then picked up the second piece.

He was like a rabbit, eating it quickly.

Ten seconds later, the second piece was eaten up.


Pearson let out his breath in a long exhalation with supreme enjoyment.

“How do you feel, brother” Yu Qingqing asked with a smile.

“Very, very good!”

Pearson looked over and his eyes were filled with amazement.

He said, “This chicken is the most delicious Ive ever tasted.

It tastes better than other kinds of chickens such as Australorp, Bresse Chicken, Rhode Island red chicken and so on.

Its incredible.

How can it be the three yellow chicken Why”

“Dont ask why.” Zhao Feng shook his head slightly and said, “We have all seen the native chickens raised by the boss.

They are indeed the three yellow chickens.

As for why they taste so good, we have no idea.

Perhaps the boss is a highly skilled cook.”

“No no no!” Pearson shook his head repeatedly and said, “He is definitely good at cooking, but this dish cannot be made by cooking alone!”

“So, whats your score on the taste” Liang Mengqi asked, blinking her big eyes.

“Its taste…”

Pearson bowed his head and pondered for a moment.

When he looked up, he said with his eyes full of affirmation, “If 100 points is a full score, Ill give 1,000 points for this chicken!”

Several people including Liang Mengqi smiled and shook their heads.

They did not know how incredible it was to get this score from Pearson.

Pearson had planned to comment more.

Since his identity was revealed, it was just as well say a little more, but…

“Brother, my friend has been waiting in line for half a day.

Do you eat or not”

“All right…”

Pearsons comment was an episode of life.

Zhang Han certainly did not care about the evaluation of Michelin stars.

It went without saying that the restaurant would not exist without Mengmeng and people would not have an opportunity to taste such delicious food.

The restaurant was open until 8 oclock in the evening.

The one more hour was because there were too many people.

Even when the people queuing up to enter the restaurant saw that the egg-fried rice and noodle soup were not enough, they forced themselves to endure greediness and took less, because they understood food aficionados.

If they could not enjoy delicious food after waiting in line for an hour, they would feel really depressed.

The ending of the dinner, therefore, was perfect.

Almost everyone tried the noodle soup which was newly listed in the restaurant.

Zhao Feng cleaned up the first floor until 8:30.

He hailed Zhou Fei and Zhang Li who were watching TV on the first floor and then left.

“Zhang Li.” Zhou Fei glanced at the desktop of the counter, where there was a thick pile of money.

She said with curiosity, “Lets check how much money we made in the evening”

“Okay! Lets go!” Zhang Lis eyes lit up.

The two gathered together, divided it equally and checked it up.

“Eh Aunty Feifei, Aunty Lili, what are you doing Huh, PaPa, PaPa, quick, therere thieves!”

Mengmeng walked down with small steps and waved her small arms when she saw them checking the money.

Zi Yan together with Zhang Han walked down behind Mengmeng and burst out laughing after seeing Mengmengs gesture, which was like protecting her food.

“Mengmeng, we are helping your Daddy audit for free.” Zhou Fei could not resist replying, but she forgot the number all of a sudden.

She patted on her forehead and said, “Ouch, my little ancestors, I forgot the gross.”

Zhou Fei, therefore, had to start anew.

Finally, a few minutes later, Zhou Fei exhaled a long breath and said, “Im done, its 21,200 yuan! Lili, how much do you have”

“23,100 yuan.” Zhang Li raised the pile of money in her hand and waved it.

“Wow! 21,200 plus 23,100 is 44,300.

Oh, my god, brother-in-law, you earned more than 44,000 one night.

Youre so awesome! Its easy for you to earn a million a month!” Zhou Fei said with exaggerated expressions.

“Come on, stop fussing.” Zi Yan gave her an angry stare.

“Hah! Elder Sister Yan, Im happy for I have an awesome brother-in-law!” Zhou Fei put the money on the counter, smiled and walked towards her.

“I think your mouth should be sewn on.” Zi Yan snorted softly.

She was accustomed to calling Zhang Han brother-in-law.

In fact, she was not with him yet.

Zhang Li, who was at the bar, casually put the money in the drawer and stepped to the back of the sofa, saying, “Brother, its almost 8:30, I have to go back to work.”

“Oh, go back and drive slowly.” Zhang Han nodded his head.

“Well, then Ill go back.

Feifei, sister-in-law, Mengmeng, bye-bye.” Zhang Li said goodbye to everyone.

“Wait, Ill go too.

You can give me a ride.” Zhou Fei quickly stood up and said, “Elder Sister Yan, you just live here on your own.

Im too tired to sleep beside you.”

Zhou Fei was also used to sleeping alone.

She could toss and turn casually.

It was uncomfortable to share a bed with others.

“Live here on my own”

Zi Yan froze for a while.

Then she felt bashful with a coy expression.

“Sleep here on my own How can this work”

“How can I live here with no clear reason”

“No, no, no way.

Zhang Han has not pursued me yet.”

Zi Yan looked at Zhang Han secretly, thinking for a moment, then said hesitantly, “Well have to work tomorrow morning, so… I may as well go back too.”


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