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Chapter 2894: True Phoenix Blood (3)

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She held Sheng Changtian in one hand while her other hand clenched into a fist.

She then punched him in the stomach.

Her strength was too formidable for words to describe.


Her fist landed in Sheng Changtians stomach.


Time seemed to freeze.

Everybody gave Sheng Changtian sympathetic looks.

Sheng Changtian immediately knew what it felt like to be punched by Feng Wu.

He thought she had punctured his stomach.

He instantly spat out a mouthful of blood.

Zuo Qingluan almost jumped to her feet.

The blood he spat out was her True Phoenix Blood!

Feng Wus friends were equally shocked.

They heard Feng Wu say she was going to find the evidence, but they never expected her to use such an approach.

That was very efficient.

Sheng Changtian was too shocked to utter a word.

Was Feng Wu even human

They had become Level 2 Spiritual Kings around the same time.

He expected them to have similar levels of power.

How could she crush him so easily

“Are you really a Level 2 Spiritual King” Sheng Changtian gritted his teeth.

“Are you sure youre not a Level 3 Spiritual King”

Feng Wu glanced at him.

“Didnt your work partner tell you Im invincible when fighting against people of the same level.”

“She didnt! She only said...” Sheng Changtian almost mentioned Zuo Qingluans name.

He realized his carelessness and stopped talking before he made another mistake.

Feng Wu shook her head.

She didnt feel sorry for him for long because she had hard evidence now.

She turned to Gongsun Mu.

“Im asking for a time-out! Please examine this blood!”

Sheng Changtian was anxious.

If that happened...

He glanced at Zuo Qingluan.

Zuo Qingluan wanted to eat him alive.

Crossing her arms, Feng Wu looked from Sheng Changtian to Zuo Qingluan with a smile on her face.

She had seen through these two people.

Seeing the threatening look in Zuo Qingluans eyes, Sheng Changtian immediately objected.

“I object!”

He glared at Feng Wu.

“Were still in a competition.

A time-out will disrupt my rhythm.

Ill hold you responsible if I lose!”

“Oh, shut up!”

“Shhh —”

The audience booed and hooted.

Sheng Changtians face darkened.

A moment ago, they had still respected and feared him, but now, his image had been destroyed.

Gongsun Mu wanted to grant Feng Wus request, but Chu Yun objected.

“This is a competition.

Dont make it so complicated!” Chu Yun snorted.

“Sheng Changtian is right.

If his rhythm is disrupted, whos going to take responsibility”

Gongsun Mu said, “Thats not the case.

Sheng Changtian drank True Phoenix Blood.”

Chu Yun smirked.

“True Phoenix Blood Who can tell if its true Are you taking Feng Wus word for it”

Gongsun Mu frowned.

“Im not, and Feng Wu asked for the blood to be examined because she also needs the physical evidence!”

Of course, Chu Yun knew examining the evidence was the right thing to do, but she wouldnt let that happen.

Gongsun Mu was furious.

“Youre an impossible woman!”

Chu Yun said, “What did you just say!”

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