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The other kids from our class are in danger, and my playable character personally asked for help from me.

I can’t just choose to stay outside of Korea.

Although we came here for the purpose of news coverage, I think the newspaper department wouldn’t mind if I went back earlier than we’re supposed to.

After all, it’s not me who is in charge but a senior member of the newspaper department.

In addition, my real purpose of coming to China has already been achieved.

‘We already met the player who uses the light skill of the Yeomje Divine Farmer, and we can’t really meet up with the player who can control the light skill of a higher being due to an accident.

There’s no more reason for me to stay here, is there….’

Although a press trip with Professor Jegal, the newspaper department, and even the Class Zero seniors would be quite fun.

There were also many tourist attractions in Beijing and Moscow that I want to visit.

‘But I still have to go.’

That time just before I lost my family in the real world, it was during the fall of my third year of middle school.

That was the schedule of the World Junior Chess Championship.

My last overseas trip.

It was exhausting, but I had fun.

But just when I arrived home, I found out about the tragedy that happened to my family.

All the pleasant memories from that trip faded.

I can’t let the same thing happen to this one.

Hwang JIho didn’t immediately respond to what I said.

His eyes just opened wide.

“You mean right now”


After hearing my response, Jiho took a moment to think.


You sound like you’re a hundred percent resolved to go home.

Jo Euishin, I don’t think you’re going to take the initiative to say it… But I feel like you have some favor to ask of me, right”

This old guy has some ghost-like wit.

He was right.

“Hahaha! You didn’t deny it.

Sit down first and tell me what it is.”

As if deeply entertained, Jiho laughed out loud and gestured for me to sit.

I was going to leave right after I said what I had to, but I chose to sit on the sofa opposite of Hwang Jiho.

“Please take Mok Wooram home with you.

I know that Team Leader Hong Gyubin would take care of him well, but I want you to go with him too.

Just to be sure.”

“Alright, I understand.

Then tell me the reason.”


Is he asking for a reason why I’m asking him to personally take Mok Wooram home

“It looks like the Oath of the Three Knights is aiming for Mok Wooram.

If he moves out of Hyunmoo’s territory, it’s likely that Mok Wooram would get attacked again.”

I don’t know their exact purpose.

I don’t know if their goal is to kill or kidnap Mok Wooram, but it’s clear that they’re going after him.

It’s only right for us to prevent that.

I thought Jiho would agree with me on this, but he shook his head.

“I’m not asking about that.”

“Then what”

“I’m asking the reason why you’re heading home.”

Was that what he was asking for

It didn’t cross my mind that he was curious about why I was about to head back to Korea.

“Do you know about the Eungwang Light Nursery”


It’s the nursery where our classmate Hani went.

It’s also one of the nurseries donated to by the Hwangmyeong Foundation.”

Hwangmyeong Foundation donates to the Eungwang Light Nursery

There wasn’t such thing inside the game.

If the Hwangmyeong Foundation was backing up the nursery, then it wouldn’t have been possible for the people harassing them right now to do what they’re doing.

‘Did he decide to donate because he’s fond of Hani’

Maybe because he’s the heir to Tae Hokwon, or maybe it’s just the whim of this old man, but I’m sure that Hwang Jiho liked Hani.

Among the kids in our class, the top three students that Jiho likes to hang around with the most were me, Saeum, and Hani.

Hani seems to hate it when Hwang Jiho laughs loud and pulls pranks, but Hwang Jiho still unilaterally showed interest in her.

“Saeum contacted me today.

Recently, some service providers have been hanging around the Eungwang Light Nursery…”

I summarized the information that Saeum chaotically reported to me.

When I finished with the fact that a misleading video of Hani was taken, Hwang Jiho said something with subdued eyes.

“How dare they do that to a student.

Their dignity has fallen deep to the ground.”

I think it’s more the result of the choices that he made.

Eungwang Light Nursery is located in a remote place around Eungwang High.

If only the head of the Tiger Clan kept a close eye on it, there’s no way that those gangsters would be able to do what they’re doing now.

“Looks like we have to start preparing to move Mok Wooram now.”

“Hmm, yeah.

We still have a schedule for the newspaper department, but it’s better to prepare in advance.”

“In advance No.

Mok Wooram will return to Korea right now.”

Before I could ask what he meant, Jiho spoke again.

“I’m going back home with you.”

I thought he’d hang around and play more because it’s been a long time since he’s been on a trip.

I thought I’d be going through this challenge on my own, but I guess that’s not the case.

* * *

At the Light Skill Research Hall.

Kim Shinrok’s exclusive laboratory was recently established in this building.

In the area of the Red Tiger.

Rather than being created, it gave the expression that the Red Tiger gave away the space that had been prepared for him.

‘….It looks like he’s been preparing this space since a long time ago.’

Inside the lab, Kim Shinrok’s favorite brand of office supplies was stacked up.

Among the supplies were high-end pens and papers, which were sold by a company for only a limited number of items and for a limited time.

With that in mind, it doesn’t look like this place was prepared last minute.

‘There’s no time to be sentimental.

I’ll be proud of this sometime else.’

It’s no secret that the Red Tiger boasts about his son to his close friends.

Kim Shinrok fiddled with the card key engraved with his name several times before going out of Eunyeonggwan.

In front of Eunyeonggwan, an unwelcomed guest was waiting.

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A man with jaded eyes.

It was Yong Jegun.

In Kim Shinrok’s eyes, Yong Jegun’s friendly hand seemed very cheeky.

“Why are you here.”

“Well, you haven’t contacted me in a long time.

Are you still sulking about that time It’s thanks to me and Euishin that you got closer to your dad though.”

“Ugh, I asked what are you doing here!”

It wasn’t that he wasn’t grateful to Jegun, but whenever Shinrok recalled the memory of that day, he becomes embarrassed beyond words and wants to do nothing but hit Yong Jegun again and again.

Well, the power difference between them also hurts his pride, but…

Anyway, he ignored Yong Jegun’s calls simply because he doesn’t want to see him.

“There’s a reason why I came here though.”


“Well, one half of that reason is just me wanting to tease you.



A green thumbtack cut through the air and headed straight for Yong Jegun’s face.


“Shinrok, didn’t I tell you that it’s dangerous to throw things like this… Looks like one of your five thumbtacks is made of two layers of metal Is it gold No wonder it flies so fast.

When did you make that modification”

Yong Jegun easily grabbed the thumbtacks with one hand.

He observed the two-tier metal pins produced by Shinrok himself.

Shinrok wanted to see at least a flustered expression on Yong Jegun’s annoying face, but Jegun just looked excited.

Shinrok hid his anger when Yong Jegun laughed with his eyes.

“I think you’re close to getting really mad at me so I’ll just get to the point.”

“Don’t you see that I’m already angry”

“Sheesh alright, alright.”


Yong Jegun used his spatial techniques to block the sounds around them.

Inside the cyan space, Yong Jegun began to speak.

“I want to ask something about the Shapeshifter.”

Hearing those words, Shinrok’s face hardened a little.

Kim Shinrok also thinks a lot about that Shapeshifter.

Up to this point, Shinrok has been in charge of all the torture and management of the Bear people they’ve caught so far. 

He’s also the one in charge of keeping observations and other records.

The problem was that the White Tiger recently visited the Shapeshifter to torture him personally.

‘But there’s no sign of torture seen that was made by White Tiger-nim.’

The White Tiger himself shook the Shapeshifter’s skin using the Bear’s Claw.

However, it’s a bit odd.

Although the time and pattern it takes for wounds to be healed using a special skill unique to people of royal lineage, it was very strange that there’s completely no trace of torture in the Shapeshifter’s body.

There’s no way that he recovered that fast.

‘Then just what did White Tiger-nim do to him’

Maybe it was mental torture and not physical torture

However, it’s unlikely that White Tiger who is not experienced in torture would use such a high-level technique.

Of course, there’s no doubt that White Tiger would struggle to show mercy to the Shapeshifter who endangered the lives of the Eungwang High students.

As a child, there’s no way that he could doubt White Tiger.

His teacher, and a man who protected him.

‘I’m sure White Tiger-nim has something in mind.’

Kim Shinrok didn’t respond.

He instead quietly stared at Yong Jegun and blinked uneasily.

“That Shapeshifter hasn’t said anything up to this point.”

Or to be accurate, the Shapeshifter hasn’t said anything to Shinrok himself.

Yong Jegun didn’t see the odd smile on Shinrok’s face as Shinrok turned his back.

* * *

I thought that the newspaper department would surely oppose it if we suddenly said that we two first-year students would go back to Korea when the trip was far from being over.

But surprisingly, things worked out pretty easily.

It’s thanks to Mok Wooram.

“Alright… You must be worried about your classmate’s physical condition.

You must be anxious to continue staying abroad since there have been dangerous incidents recently.

I’m sorry we can’t all go back to Korea with you guys.”

Instead of being angry, Jegal was sorry and asked repeatedly if there was anything more he could do to help.

The Class Zero seniors who heard our conversation were all worried that Jegal would return home with us, so they all held their breaths as they watched us speak.

The seniors let out their breath and exclaimed when they confirmed that Jegal is not heading home with us.

“Alright, although it’s a pity, we’ll be going back home first, Professor Jegal.”

“Alright! That’s what I’m talking about!”

“Go home safely!”

After hearing Hong Gyubin’s words, the seniors started giving each other high fives here and there.

Another good news for them has been added.

“So, should I go too”, Seodol asked.

“I think so!” Moon Saeron said.

When the uninvited guest Seodol also expressed his intention to return home, Moon Saeron actively agreed.

Hwang Jiho looked blatantly displeased, but he seemed to have decided to focus on the fact that Seodol is an additional layer of protection in the process of transporting Mok Wooram.

Preparations for returning to Korea were completed quickly.

Hwang Jiho was waiting in front of the chartered plane.

Six people cladded in suits appeared along with the sleeping Mok Wooram.

“Anything out of sorts on your way here”

“Your orders were successfully accomplished, sir.

However, I have something to report.”

“What is it”

“On the way here, we often encountered some kind of a ‘turtle’.

However, it didn’t seem to be hostile.”


All turtles settled in China were followers of Hyunmoo.

‘Is Hyunmoo helping us….’

He didn’t seem to want to intervene further when we met him at the Yashi.

It’s difficult to predict for sure because this person of royal lineage is so fickle.

“Let’s move.”

Upon hearing the report, Hwang JIho gestured and began boarding with the guidance of the crew.

Inside the plane…

I asked Hwang Jiho something.

“I thought you’d want to stay here.”


“Don’t you have an alter ego left on the Korean Peninsula Can’t you just enjoy your trip here and move your other self if you need to”

Upon hearing what I said, Jiho stopped sipping from his cup of tea.

“Do you know what my empty wish to the Heavens is”

I almost have the Gaechon mythology memorized even before I came to this world.

“To be able to exist anywhere.”


The Heavens made my wish come true.

But it’s not all around.”


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