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Eye Glow was a skill that I had seen several times through the status window, even after coming to this world.

The Eye Glow skill also had Baekho-gun and Jeokho, and Hwang Jiho and Hwang Myeong-ho, the chairmans version.


‘Is that the eye light skill that I really know


With this, I took out the SR level equipment itemRod that hid the darkness of the hermit and aimed it at the art department and the oriental painting small group to check the detailed description of the skill.




Two system messages appeared at the same time, and a blue window soon appeared as well.


[Skill Name] Eye Glow

[Rarity] SSR

[Skill Level] 1

[Effect] Creates a special phenomenon by putting a psychic wave in ones gaze.

[Description] A rare skill possessed by some factions.

When certain conditions are met, it is extremely rare that even humans can acquire it.


‘Its the same as the one in the Plamago setting book!


It was really the eye skill that I knew.

In the game, it was not revealed what thespecific condition in the description was, but looking at the situation now, I could guess one condition.


‘They had to eat the essence of the fountain where the gods of the nobles appear, processed in the form of an elixir by the Greens for a week.


The difficulty didnt seem all that difficult.


“Hey, what should I do I dont even carry an airboard!” Min Green spoke in a bewildered voice, but this situation didnt really matter.


The problem was that there were so many options.


‘Should I try the newly acquired skill if possible


The level of the skill was currently 1.

Although it had a special effect, the level was too low.

However, it could still be seen as another skill or Gwanglim, so I thought it would be okay to use it publicly.

‘I might as well check how much I can handle these eyes.



The scenery that then entered my field of vision has changed with the sensation of a synoptic group gathering in my eyes.


Significantly improved vision.

The flow of syngeneic waves that changes according to the movement of the eyeball.


‘This is the sense of catching with your eyes!


An art club, a small group of oriental paintings, who came to Min Green while desperately interfering with each other.


He looked at them with an unprecedented look in his eyes.




A flash of light flashed across his vision, with a tingling sensation in his head and eyes.

Immediately after the ringing ceased, those who passed by my eyes either hardened on the spot or their movements became sluggish.


“Uh My body feels heavy.”




“Wait, did you feel the Lee Neung-pa earlier”


The darker it got, the more powerful the eyes of the baron became.

I was thinking of attacking with dark attribute magic and lowering the illuminance around me.


‘Is it this much even if I used it in a bright place


The effect seemed to be more than I imagined, as it worked to this extent, even against players that were affiliated with Eungwang High.


“It is an unknown supernova!”


“I think he used a skill or Gwanglim.”


“…Oh, he was also in Class 0 in the first year.”


In the eyes of the art circle gang, only Min Green paintings seemed to be visible.

Now that he recognized me, he pointed the rod at them and said, “Please go back.”


Those who sensed the flow of mana crumpled near the rod seemed hesitant.

However, those who opened their mouths now were excellent enough to not be able to fully capture them with their eyes, had large walls, and also had huge fan feelings for Min Green.


“Wait, Im going to talk to you for a second! Give me five minutes!”


“It wont hurt you!”


“I asked Professor Ham Geun Hyeong twice and was rejected, but I couldnt ask for the third one because I was afraid!”



I thought the artist Min Green was a student at our school, but I never met him or saw the work process.



“Even being shy is humility itself.

I wanted to be taught by such a person.”




Even the stiff-mouthed guy had been desperately twitching his facial muscles to appeal to Min Green to talk to him.

Maybe he didnt have a concept, but I could tell that he was a real Min Green fan.


However, he couldnt get him to meet Min Green, who was not yet able to deal with so many strangers.



please go back If you approach more than this, I will respond.”


I saw a third-year student trying to sneak over to this side and raised the output of the eye skill.





At this, the pressure on my eyes also increased, but the pressure on them seemed to be several times greater.




“Come on, wait.

He hasnt even ordered a spell yet!”


“Are you using any other skill besides magic”


“Im sure youre not casting anything!”


It seemed that more than half of the people who had come now could be suppressed with just the light of the eye, but the problem was the other half.

Although some of the freedom of the body was taken away by the light of the eyes, there was still room for it.


‘Should I cover them all with dark magic and take them to the school office


It seemed like it would be okay to drag him to the Eungwang guard and toss him in front of the presidents office.

They were the ones who scared Min Green in the first place.


Anyway, I belonged in Class 0, so even if I were to do something that seemed a little crazy, I would do it, anyway.

When I was about to make a plan, pick a spell, and start casting.

Just right.


Pot! Paah! Papa!


With the sound of flicking fingers, dozens of spaces captivated those who were bound by Eye Glow.


Someone then appeared through the turquoise space.



Its been noisy since morning.” Yong Je-gun appeared with a very refreshing face and a smile.


He glanced at Min Green hiding behind me and looked at the art circles.

“Yong-sama! We want to talk to artist Min Green!”


“Lets take a look!”


“Yeah, no.”


Because of Yong Je-guns personality, I thought he would decide which one would be more interesting to him.

He didnt know he was going to cut right away.


“Ham Geun Hyeong, the head of the student body, asked me to take good care of these children.

If theres a problem, I might not let you pay half the burden.”


Was it because they were aiming for the burdensome position of Year 1 Class 0 As a student, it would be neater for a teacher to intervene and finish rather than suppress me from using my abilities.

If my playable character were to take care of it, then there would be things I could trust.


“How will we do it I have to leave it to the student council to see Junyeouls face.”


Yong Je-gun would have gone to school with Yeom Jun-yeoul, but he said it with an attitude, almost as if he hadnt seen him in a week.


“Then Ill be back until the ordinance is made.

Confidence will take good care of you, but Green will take care of it.” Yong Je-gun bound the students to the space and flew to the student center.


As the surroundings became quiet, he spoke to Min Green, who looked anxious.


“Everything okay”


“Huh···· Thanks for your help.” She was grateful, but she had a look of regret and resentment.


It was because she realized that she hadnt been able to overcome her trauma yet.

It was quite wonderful to see her trying to change and go to school even though she felt scared.



I didnt do anything.”


“He was a terrific genius.

It is different for a child who received a tinnitus before entering school.

In particular, the scene where the supernatural party changed with the flow of mana and gathered on the rod…! Its so cool that I want to draw it.”


Min Green gave her thanks and began to describe the scenes she had witnessed.

She pretended not to hear and changed her subject with her smirk, as she would continue to praise her if she left her alone.


I then spoke, pointing to the paper bag she was holding.

“Did you make that yourself The kids will love it.”


“I wish I did… Oh right.

Hey, didnt Dae-seok come yesterday all angry and scared”


The ghost-like shape might have been a little scary on the surface, but it seemed warm because my playable character felt worried about her childhood friend.






“You looked good.”


“·····Really” Min Green gave her a look of disbelief, but I consistently said that Song Dae-seok looked nice and friendly.


Actually, Song Dae-seok was a good guy, so I knew I said the right thing.

I continued to talk to Min Green, who was surprised and went into the classroom with her.


“Yesterday, after a very long time, I spoke to Master.”


While the chatter continued, she suddenly changed the subject when she arrived in her classroom.


“····I miss Master-sama.”


Before Min Green had died, she regretted not seeing Hong Kyung-bok once since that incident.

She may have been thinking of Master after having had a terrifying experience.


“Then lets go see him.”


“Uh Still… uh…” Min Green began to stutter.

She seemed unmoving because of her guilt that Hong Kyung-bok had suffered, all because of her.


However, she was trying to change, and she was helping my classmates too, so she might change her mind soon.


“Tell me when you want to go.

Ill rent an unmanned airbus or air taxi for a charter.”


“You dont have to do that! I cant use public transport, so if I can borrow it, uh…”


“Instead, ask Hong Kyung-bok if its okay to bring a classmate.”


“Huh” Wouldnt it be a win-win if we could help the priests reunion and find the clues hidden inImugis Ghost


“Im also interested in Korean painting, so I wanted to meet Hong Kyung-bok.

He will take care of you even if the painter says no.

What is it like to travel”


Considering Hong Kyung-boks actions, he would want to see his only remaining students classmate.

If Min Green and her classmates wanted to meet, they would have to come in person or rent a privately owned air limousine.




When Min Green nodded her head, the automatic door to her classroom opened.






“Hello!” The door opened and Han Yi and Sawol Saeum soon appeared.

She ran into her on the way out of the dormitory and probably went to school together.


With this, I said goodbye and left the classroom.


“Then Ill go to the store to buy drinks and shoes.”


“Yes Shoes Uh, Greens sneakers are broken.”


“I left the player shoes when your friend took the princess in his arms.”


At this, Min Green began to blush atPrincess Embrace.


“Uh, uh! Did all the classmates see that when Dae-seok took me”

“Of course weve seen it all.”




“You two looked good together! Dae Seok Lee, are you in our class”


After seeing Sawol Saeum and Han-yi talking naturally with Min Green, I closed the classroom door.

In fact, I wanted to go immediately to buy a drink and shoes to change with along with the almond cookies that Min Green had prepared.

She couldnt be left alone for fear that she would be anxious, though she had to wait for someone to go to school.


‘Ive seen the kiosks selling slippers, but I dont know if they have player shoes.


Unfortunately, the kiosk only sold slippers, but they also sold a variety of drinks, so you could prepare canned drinks and milk according to the childrens taste at the morning tea party.


Soon, when all the children who usually go to school arrive and start the morning tea party, an unexpected presence intervened.


‘Youre sitting among the kids very naturally.


Yong Je-gun was smiling next to me, eating almond cookies topped with green tea powder and pistachio chips.

I knew that I liked hanging out with children, but I didnt know that I would be so active within the Year 1 Class 0 children.

The kids in my class are kind and good kids, so it was only natural to want to get to know them.


“Thank you for your help this morning.”


“I am a temporary homeroom teacher, so it is natural for me to help the classmates.

Oh, if you are grateful, please convey a word to Ham Geun Hyeong, the head of the student body.

I wish I could bear his burden.”




Yong Je-gun smiled and looked at Min Green, who now looked bewildered.

She could feel his strong will, which seemed to say,I will be the burden of the Year 1 Class 0 class.


“Eushin, I told you to call me if there is anything.

Its a pity I couldnt help you from the beginning.”


“Yong-sama! Have you known Eushin from a long time ago”


“Isnt it possible that you found out about Eushin when he went to a chess tournament”


Suddenly, the topic changed to this, and I was embarrassed.

I muffled my words and shut my mouth.


‘At this point, the time has come for Hwang Jiho to blink his eyes.


Looking towards Hwang Jiho, I found that he was drinking a can of pine needle-flavored beverage without a word while his eyes twinkled.

I bought a can to suit my old mans taste, and he was drinking it very well.


‘My reaction is different from usual.


Hwang Jiho, who felt the gaze, lowered his voice and said, “I am in contact with one of the chiefs of the Jin faction.”


······Could he really say this in front of Yong Je-gun


Again, Yong Je-gun, who had several times better hearing than humans, was looking at this after hearing this.




“The trickster.”


It seems that the head of the baron and the head of the western clan were meeting somewhere now.


* * * *


At the same time as the morning tea party in Year 1 Class 0.


The only skyscraper in the Silver Mine District, Huangming Tower.

Hwangho, in his thirties, was welcoming his guests.


“Long time no see, head of the Western clan.”


“Because while you were negligent, there was very little outside interaction.

It was very difficult to see.”


Hwanghos expression contorted when he saw the idiot using all kinds of respectful words.


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“Oh, and please call me a fool.



Hwang-hos face wrinkled even more as his lips stretched upwards.

From a long time ago, when the annoying Jin people showed such an appearance, something sinister would always happen.


“I have something to tell you about theeyes that watch over the silver mines.”


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