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“My mother named me.

The character ‘yoo’ for existing, and the character ‘hwa’ for flower.

The meaning of a flower existing was strange so I asked her, and my mother said that she didn’t know many Chinese characters at the time, so she chose the prettiest among them.

It means to grow up like a pretty flower and receive plenty of love.

I didn’t understand it at first, but I get it now.

My mother was weak in love.

She desperately wanted to live while being loved, so I think that’s how she named me.”

Most of Yoo-hwa’s stories were from before she met Kim Beom-sik.

It was as if the only moment when she was able to laugh and talk was at that time.

“You were very popular when we were in middle school.

Because you didn’t speak much.

You were very popular among the girls.”


“We were always together.

The girls were very jealous of me because of that.”

Yoo-hwa laughed as if she was having fun talking about their middle school days.

There were also many things Woo-hyun had forgotten.

The homeroom teachers, the classmates with distinct characteristics, etc.

Even though it was a long time ago, Yoo-hwa remembered it in detail, perhaps because she thought about it often.

Yoo-hwa’s expression as she talked about memories that had not faded soon became faint.

As she ran out of memories and felt like she had nothing to say, Yoo-hwa drank two more sips of beer and fell asleep like that.

Woo-hyun’s gaze scanned Yoo-hwa’s face.

Her big, closed eyes, her small but sharp nose, her pretty, closed lips, her chest, rising and falling peacefully, and even the sound of her breathing, spreading throughout the room.

His eyes became hazy.

Sin Woo-hyun

He saw the carefully written words.

“I hope you can do that now, Woo-hyun.”

He heard her voice.

… He can’t do that anymore, and neither can she.

He heard the desperate feelings that Yoo-hwa couldn’t let out.

Why How come

The unknown questions were abundant in his mind.

Unable to bear it, Woo-hyun quickly got up from his position.

Woo-hyun, who had opened the door to go outside, touched Yoo-hwa’s shoes that were neatly placed next to his.

He had many opportunities to break her.

But why was he hesitating Why was he being tied up here…

Woo-hyun, whose expression had distorted, crouched down and pressed his hands against his eyes.



Waking up from her sleep, Yoo-hwa grabbed her head.

A hangover followed the drinking, which, for the most part, was a headache.

Yoo-hwa, who was grabbing her aching head, realized that this was Woo-hyun’s house and looked around.

Woo-hyun was nowhere to be seen.

“… Woo-hyun.”

She called him carefully, but there was no answer.

Realizing that Woo-hyun wasn’t at home because she couldn’t feel a presence, Yoo-hwa pushed back the blanket.

Come to think of it, she was sleeping in Woo-hyun’s bed.

Where did Woo-hyun sleep No, did he stay there during the night

Yoo-hwa raised her body and remembered what had happened yesterday.

Yoo-hwa closed her eyes tightly at the memories that came to her mind one after the other.

She talked too much about useless things.

And realized that she had asked something she shouldn’t have.

She vividly remembered Woo-hyun’s answer, and even his strange expression.

Why wasn’t this film cutting off

Blaming herself inwardly, Yoo-hwa pushed the bedroom door.

As she walked down the stairs beneath the door, she saw her shoes organized in a corner.

Yoo-hwa, who was stretching out her feet to put on her shoes, stopped what she was doing.

The knots on both shoes were the same.

Crouching down, Yoo-hwa carefully grabbed the butterfly knot that rested on the right shoe.

She wished this was his heart.

Flying towards her like a butterfly and settling down.

She smiled faintly, forgetting about the headache that had surged.


There was a lot of overdue work.

Woo-hyun produced the result the chairman wanted at the tea place in Cheongdam-dong.

The chairman praised him in front of everyone with a bright smile, which was something rare.

As a result, many people didn’t like Woo-hyun, including the executive director, and there were many outside meeting tasks.

Sitting in the back seat of the car, Woo-hyun loosened his tie with one hand and looked at the tablet with the other.

The chairman meant that the illegal loan businesses would be transformed into clean capital, and that they would expand into the financial sector starting with that.

It wasn’t something impossible, but it wasn’t easy either.

When Jun-kyung gave him a list of the people he needed to meet in the future and they were discussing who to meet first, a phone call came.

Although his stepmother’s name was on the screen, the voice he heard belonged to someone he was hearing for the first time.

When Woo-hyun said nothing, they spoke in an urgent voice.

– This is the Emergency Room of the Central Hospital.


Lee So-eun was brought here.

As I looked into it, you were appointed as a guardian, so I contacted you.

At the report that she had been taken to the hospital for cutting her wrists, Woo-hyun ordered without hanging up the phone.

“Turn the car around and go to the Central Hospital.”

Jun-kyung was suspicious at the sudden words, but soon understood and urged the driver.


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