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It was too excessive for a sibling.

Above all, they were not real siblings.

They just lived together for a few years.

So, as much as it was funny to talk about the affection between siblings, the fact that he was so obsessed with her meant that it was highly likely that Yi-woon had different feelings towards Yoo-hwa.

And with those feelings, he approached Eun-soo and made her carry a child.

And then, he abandoned her and ran away.


There was a cracking sound coming from the inside of the ramyeon packet he was holding.

Woo-hyun pretended nothing was wrong, put the ramyeon in the shopping cart, and then turned around.

That’s why he thought he’d show it to him slowly.

His older sister, whom he cherishes so much, being tamed by someone else and sinking miserably.

Since he’ll be watching from everywhere, he just wanted him to see it properly.

It took longer than expected to do grocery shopping at the mart.

When they came out of the mart, Woo-hyun had a large plastic bag in his hand.

The 20L bag was filled with ramyeon, kimchi, and simple side dishes.

Despite Yoo-hwa’s objections, Woo-hyun took everything.

It was the first time she had come out of a mart so carefree like this, so she felt awkward.

“It’s already night.”

Woo-hyun turned his gaze to a distant place.


Contrary to her answer, Yoo-hwa’s gaze was fixed on the floor all the time.

After glancing at Yoo-hwa, Woo-hyun took a step forward.

From the moment they came to the mart, as they saw people one after the other, Yoo-hwa kept her distance from him while pressing down her hat.

When he approached her, she moved away exactly that distance.

Woo-hyun glanced sideways at Yoo-hwa and gave up on coming closer.

Yoo-hwa looked only at the floor and walked.

It wasn’t that she was just walking while looking at the floor.

Like this, when people approach her, she can look at her feet and avoid them.

It was not too far to walk from the small neighborhood mart to their house, but when the weather was cold and dark like today, it was difficult in many ways due to the characteristics of the neighborhood.

If it wasn’t for Woo-hyun’s request, Yoo-hwa wouldn’t have come.

“I ran out of ramyeon.”

Specifically speaking, if it wasn’t for those words.

Because they couldn’t eat together unless it was ramyeon.

As Yoo-hwa entered the familiar neighborhood, she quietly raised her head.

There was a familiar old smell in the quiet neighborhood, where there wasn’t a single presence.

As she turned her head when she couldn’t see Woo-hyun, who was walking with her, she saw him standing a few steps back and looking to the side.

After a moment’s hesitation, Yoo-hwa approached Woo-hyun, but he was still looking straight ahead.

Yoo-hwa turned her head following him and gasped, stopping breathing.

In the place where the now destroyed villa had originally been, there was a night view evenly covered with colored lights.

Yoo-hwa was speechless at the sight she saw for the first time.

The night view she saw for the first time in her life was so beautiful that she lost her judgement.

The surprise was momentaneous, and she quickly turned bitter.

Since her small world was like a house full of dry watermarks, she thought the outer world might be like that too; but it was surprisingly brilliant.

Yoo-hwa looked at the night view quietly, then turned her head to look at Woo-hyun.

She wanted to say, ‘Let’s stop and go now.’.

Because the distant beauty made her even more somber.

But nothing came out.

Although it was dark, Woo-hyun’s face was clearly visible.

His silent eyes, containing the night view, and his expression that was impossible to read.

Yoo-hwa looked at Woo-hyun.

For longer than the night view that she had admired for a moment.


There was an old mailbox next to the door of the multi-unit house, where the cement had come off.

It was filled with utility bills that kept flooding in because the people who had moved out did not change their addresses, and letters from the financial sector with the phrase strictly prohibiting opening by anyone other than themselves.

Since he couldn’t throw away someone else’s mail, the new mail was piled up on top of the old mail that had been left, waiting to be returned someday.

Woo-hyun’s long fingers pulled out the mail addressed to him.

To Sin Woo-hyun

Woo-hyun’s eyes, looking at the letter stamped with the post office seal, were unusual.

He ripped open the mail on the spot.

It was a computer-printed piece of paper.

A smirk spread across Woo-hyun’s lips as he scanned the contents inside.

Ahh, so it was this.

The method that has been used to isolate Kim Yoo-hwa all this time.

The eyes that contained the letters twisted coldly.


Yoo-hwa sat in front of the mirror and tied her hair neatly.

Even when she washed her hair with warm water, the wind was so strong that her scalp felt like it was going to freeze quickly.

Without the old hairdryer, it was enough to make her catch a cold.

Yoo-hwa got up and put her shoes by the door, and then stopped.

There was a butterfly above the left shoe.

Yoo-hwa, who crouched down on the spot, touched the butterfly shape with her fingertips.

Then the knot flapped its wings.

Like it would fly away soon.

Without realizing it, Yoo-hwa grabbed the butterfly tightly.

Don’t fly away.

You too… Don’t do that.

Yoo-hwa looked at the door, putting on her left shoe especially carefully.

Did he go to work She did hear the door open and close.

At the indifferent thought, Yoo-hwa tidied up her hair again without realizing it.

Then she laughed at herself for being like this.

This… She didn’t know what she was doing.

She didn’t know if Woo-hyun would also move and leave someday.

No, it will surely happen someday.

As others have done.


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