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Ah, the clothesline…

Yoo-hwa thought, opening the door.

She wouldn’t be able to hang this heavy laundry on a droopy clothesline.

Not knowing what to do, Yoo-hwa sighed and looked forward.

The clothesline, which had been curved downwards until yesterday, was tightened.

The wooden pole, which did not play a significant role in supporting it, was somehow firmly fixed to the floor.

Doubting her eyes, Yoo-hwa slowly walked to the clothesline.

Thanks to the tight knots, it seemed that there was no problem with hanging winter clothes.

There was no way that the old lady, who always hung the laundry inside, would have done this.

Above all, it was clear that she was not in the mood to fix the clothesline right now.


Yoo-hwa’s gaze naturally turned to Woo-hyun’s house.

He must have fixed it because he needed it.

Since Woo-hyun will also do the laundry.

Yeah, that must have been it.

Thinking like that, Yoo-hwa stared at it for a long time.

Without realizing that her clothes were getting wet from the laundry she was holding.

The promised one o’clock had arrived.

Yoo-hwa, who had been nervously moving around for 30 minutes, finally pushed the door five minutes after the promised time.

She hoped Woo-hyun wasn’t there.

However, as at this time yesterday, Woo-hyun was sitting on the cement stone on which she put her shoes, with his long legs stretched out.

Wearing a thick coat, he had ramyeon in his hand, just like yesterday.

It looked exactly the same, as if only Woo-hyun had been taken out of yesterday’s scenery and pasted in today’s.

“You’re right on time.

It will be delicious if we eat it now.”

Woo-hyun handed the cup ramyeon that was placed next to him to Yoo-hwa.

Yoo-hwa looked at Woo-hyun without saying a word.

Why did she come out

Although she was thankful for the clothesline, she thought that she should not come out; but when the time came, her body moved automatically.

Because it was cold.

Because it would be a pity if he caught a cold for doing that by himself.

The excuses she tried to find were weak and insignificant.

Yoo-hwa, who failed to justify herself, walked up to Woo-hyun while trying not to think about anything and accepted the cup ramyeon.

It’s ramyeon.

Eating that together isn’t a big deal.

Then, she held out the container she was holding.

Woo-hyun asked with his eyes what it was.



“You told me to bring it.”

At Yoo-hwa’s words, Woo-hyun’s lips stretched beautifully.

“You remembered Thanks.”

Woo-hyun put the kimchi container next to him and started eating the ramyeon.

Yoo-hwa sat in front of her house and opened the ramyeon lid.

She wondered what kind of situation this was, with the house behind her back, but she didn’t want to go inside someone else’s house.

She couldn’t bear to feel the awkwardness that she felt when Woo-hyun ate ramyeon at her house once again.

Yoo-hwa slurped as she ate the ramyeon she had blown slightly.

Woo-hyun said he wanted to eat with someone, and although she did believe that to some extent, she didn’t believe everything.

He must have something to say, or something to ask.

If that’s not it… He is curious about her life, like other people.

Occasionally, there were people who were curious and asked questions.

At first, she thought they were trying to understand her, and she tried to talk about it with a feeling that her insides were turning upside down.

But what came back was gossip about her story.

If Woo-hyun asks her about it… What should she do Should she tell him everything she wants and tell him to stop paying attention to her Or… Should she just not say it

Yoo-hwa’s eyes turned to the tightened clothesline.

The ramyeon did not get stuck in her throat.

“As for me.”

Finally, Woo-hyun opened his mouth.

Yoo-hwa stopped breathing.

Unlike her calm body, her mind fluctuated.

With what other words will he throw her into turmoil She hoped it wouldn’t be a painful question…


Contrary to what she had thought, Yoo-hwa tried to answer bluntly.

“I like this ramyeon the most.”


“What about you”


“If it’s okay, I think I’ll buy this ramyeon.”

The more she listened, the more absurd questions followed.

Yoo-hwa, who slowly turned her head, looked at Woo-hyun with an expression that it was hard to believe.

“… Is that all”

Taking a breath, Yoo-hwa tried not to shake her voice.


Woohyun asked succinctly, as if asking if there should be more.

Yoo-hwa sighed without realizing it.

Woo-hyun looked at Yoo-hwa as if she were being nonsensical, and then picked up the ramyeon with the chopsticks and ate it.

He ate slowly today, unlike yesterday.

Yoo-hwa watched Woo-hyun eating calmly.

The neatly held chopsticks, the long outstretched legs, the lowered eyes, and the white skin that made him look like a preciously brought-up person.

Yoo-hwa, who had been glancing at Woo-hyun, turned her gaze and looked at the cup ramyeon.

When she saw the red broth, she suddenly got hungry.

Yoo-hwa scooped up the ramyeon with the chopsticks and put them in her mouth.

It had been a while since she had cup ramyeon.

Throughout the meal, Woo-hyun’s trivial conversation continued sporadically.

A conversation about his second favorite ramyeon, conversation about a whirlwind coming into the house, conversation about the redevelopment, conversation about the bus route, etc.

Trivial conversations that she would forget when she turned around.

Conversations that she hasn’t had in a long time.

Ordinary and small conversations that connect people to each other.

During the conversation, Yoo-hwa was occasionally struck with the feeling that she was about to cry.

Her seat was rough, and the weather was chilly enough to make her exposed skin painfully cold, but strangely, this situation… was so comfortable that it made her tear up.


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