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“You are mistaken, Marc.

I heard from Your Majesty that Allen’s mother and Angela are very similar.” Prince Victor said as he grabbed Marc’s trembling shoulder.


Both of them look remarkably alike.”

“Really I wonder if it is what the Emperor was aiming for.” Prince Victor murmured.

“I’ll have to meet Allen for now.

Marc, show Angela to the guest room.”

“Yes, Your Highness.” Marc’s voice seemed strained and anxious as he spoke to the woman.

“I’ll show you to your room, My Lady.”.

Marc was usually calm, but this time, he was acting strange.

“Thank you.” Angela greeted Marc with a puzzled smile.

“Let’s have a formal greeting next time,” Angela spoke softly at Isabella and Ria before following Marc.

The scent of marigold continued to linger inside the greenhouse even after she left, and Isabella found it disturbing.

She could only heave a sigh, for she had no idea why she felt like this.


Duke Kyar scowled at Prince Victor the instant he entered his office.

“I must have refused your permission to visit.”

Prince Victor sent Duke Kyar a letter saying he would come to the North on his birthday.

He immediately wrote ‘NO,’ and quickly delivered the message to the South, but the bastard simply ignored his blunt rejection.

Prince Victor still descended to the North.

Honestly, Duke Kyar already expected this, but he couldn’t hide his annoyance.

What made him even angrier was that the bastard had visited Isabella in the greenhouse first before he could get to her.

“Don’t you know that I found your birthday more important than mine I just want to congratulate you on being born into this world without hidden agendas!” Prince Victor said, grinning at him.

Duke Kyar wanted to wipe the mischievous smile on his face.

“Why did you go to Isabella as soon as you arrived” Archduke Kyar asked.

Prince Victor could quickly tell that Duke Kyar was jealous.

He was even more vocal about it.

Victor hastily raised a hand to stop him from continuing that train of thought.

“Allen, there’s a misunderstanding.

I was there at the greenhouse to greet another person.

Isabella was there against her will.”

“If it wasn’t Isabella, then who is it Is it Ria”

As soon as he brought up Ria’s name, Prince Victor nodded.

“Yes, Allen.

Do you get it now I am not your enemy.

I am your friend.”

“Even if you’re interested in Ria, I still don’t know why you’re telling me you’re my friend.” Duke Kyar said calmly, relieved that Prince Victor was not interested in Isabella.

“Aren’t we on the same boat regarding unrequited love You haven’t won Isabella’s heart yet–”

His dark eyebrows furrowed at Prince Victor’s remark.

“Since you’re here, just shut up and get out.

It wasn’t like I would be spending my birthday with you.

Don’t show up in front of me again.”

“How cold.

By the way, I’m not the only one here.

The Emperor had sent another delegate.”

Duke Kyar’s expression hardened after hearing he had more unwanted visitors.

“The Emperor has sharpened his sword this time.

I thought he would give up on you after Princess Leila fled, but he actually wouldn’t.”

“So, it is a woman, huh” Duke Kyar murmured in annoyance.

“Perhaps you might be surprised to see her, too.

Marc was shocked to see Angela for the first time since she looked like your late mother.”

Archduke Kyar frowned as they talked about this uninvited guest.

“I’m just telling you in advance.

Isabella will be worried if she sees you agitated.”

“Stop talking nonsense and get out of my sight.” Duke Kyar replied frostily.

Prince Victor’s response was a lazy smile.

“Allen, your consistency is attractive.

The desire to conquer—-”

The cold air rushing from Archduke Kyar’s body quickly shut Prince Victor up.

If he said one more thing, Duke Kyar would freeze him from head to toe.

Prince Victor waved him goodbye before he hurried out of his office.

Finally left alone, Duke Kyar leaned back into his fluffy leather chair.

“The woman looked like his mother”

Nobody else could replace his mother in this world.

The Emperor might have sent an imitation, hoping it would tempt him into an intimate relationship.

Duke Kyar turned his attention towards the paper he was reading, thinking little of it.


Isabella glanced down at the nutritional supplements she made inside the wooden box, especially for Duke Kyar.

The different potions inside their respective bottles were made to suit his constitution.


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