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Unlike Isabella’s desire for the 20th of June to come slowly, time went past her like a bullet.

Before she knew it, Duke Kyar’s birthday celebration was just a day away.

The construction of the research institute was almost finished, and in less than a month, the greenhouse would follow soon.

Ria and Isabella drank tea as they sat in front of the table.

Both were inside the sweet-smelling greenhouse filled with various flowers from Arpeon while Ignis flew excitedly in the background.

“Ignis likes the greenhouse,” Ria said, and Isabella nodded with a smile.


If I knew this would happen, I would have built a greenhouse for him long ago.”

“It is similar to the garden at Duke Kyar’s royal villa in Arpeon.” Moved by its beauty, Ria’s voice was filled with admiration as she looked around the greenhouse.


Duke Kyar’s power and influence were a scary sight to see.

As soon as she told him that she needed a greenhouse, she didn’t expect to hear immediately from the royal villa’s gardener.

This spacious greenhouse was perfect, even if it was built less than a month.

“By the way, I have a present for you,” Isabella said as she placed the cure she created for Seria on the table.

“What is this” Seria’s eyes widened as she stared at the dark brown medicine bottles.

“I have created a medicine that you might need in the future.”

She couldn’t provide a detailed explanation for the rare diseases that Ria might come in contact with.

“This is for me”

“Hopefully, the worse wouldn’t happen.

However, if you have a bad cough or hemoptysis, you can take this medicine.”

While Isabella searched for herbs that she could use in treating Seria, she found a lot of herbs that dealt with lung complications.

Perhaps Ria’s genetic disease was also related to her lungs.

The book only said that it was rare, and Isabella didn’t know the name of the disease either.

“I have created another medicine too.

Lung-related diseases are terrifying, so  you have to take care of them well as a precaution.” Isabella added an explanation just in case Ria became suspicious of it.

“Thank you, sister.

I can’t believe you even made this medicine for my sake.

I’m impressed with your abilities.”

At times like this, she was grateful for how simple Ria could be.

Fortunately, she didn’t ask her any questions or demand further explanations.

“You must keep it well, Ria.

Do you understand


I’ll treat this medicine as if it was a treasure.”

“You don’t have to do that.

But you must drink it as soon as you see the symptoms I mentioned.”

“Yes, sister,” Ria replied with a vigorous nod.

Ria seemed delighted when Isabella looked at her, and a pleasant smile spread over Isabella’s face.

‘I hope that Duke Kyar would like it as much as Ria.’ Isabella thought impatiently while remembering the present she had prepared for his birthday tomorrow.

“This greenhouse felt like we are in Arpeon.”

It was unexpected to hear Prince Victor’s voice out of the blue.

Isabella and Ria turned their heads toward the entrance at the same time.

They were astonished to see Prince Victor standing in the greenhouse with a beautiful dark navy-haired young woman beside her.

“Your Highness”  Isabella muttered.

Prince Victor grinned at her startled voice.

“It’s been a long time since I last saw you, Isabella.

Ria, how have you been”

Prince Victor’s behavior seemed different when he greeted Ria.

Prince Victor couldn’t execute proper eye contact with her.

The way he smiled at Ria might be shy, but it was filled with affection.

I’m alright, Your Highness.” Ria answered carefully while hiding herself behind Isabella’s back.

Perhaps, she found Prince Victor’s presence burdensome.

Then, the beautiful woman he was with approached them.

At that moment, Isabella’s blue eyes grew bigger.

She was very much accustomed to the scent permeating this woman’s skin.

It was Archduke Kyar’s late mother’s favorite floral scent.


“Uncle, who are these people”

The woman’s voice was as beautiful as her face, and her swan-like movements were as elegant as her beauty.

When she turned towards Isabella and Ria, she noticed that her amber eyes almost resembled the sun.

“Oh, Angela.

Well, how do I explain this Simply put, Isabella is your rival.”

Both Isabella and the stranger were bewildered at Prince Victor’s words.

“This is Angela Biantra.

She is my nephew who will be visiting Rubella Castle on behalf of Empress Leila.”

Isabella understood at once.

This woman was the Emperor’s new candidate to become Archduke Kyar’s bride.

She didn’t think that this woman appeared in the original novel.

Indeed, even Empress Leila’s elopement had happened a year earlier than the plot.

Their current reality had changed too much that it was no longer surprising for her to see new characters that didn’t appear in the original novel.

Still, she finds it strange how meeting this woman, Angela, made her uneasy.


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