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Isabella glanced up at the hand that touched her forehead in amazement.

Then, she saw Archduke Kyar, with his chiseled face that should only belong to a Greek God, looking down at her.

Was this a dream

If not, why was this man here again

He still had three days left before the beast hunting expedition ended, so she didn’t quite understand what he was doing in her room.

Duke Kyar was not supposed to return to Rubella Castle until Monday.

“Why are you here, Your Highness”

“I was worried about you.

You didn’t respond when I tried to talk to you through the communication bracelet.

I had no idea that you had fallen asleep.”

“Did you teleport through the necklace again You told me that you could only use it three times.

Are you wasting it  just like this”

“I know.

But strangely enough, I didn’t feel the need to think about it too hard.

I miss you even more, when you‘re just here at Rubella Castle.

I couldn’t think of anything else when I am filled with thoughts about missing you.”

Isabella blushed at his straightforward confession.

As always, this man was too bold.

“You should thank me for protecting your forehead.

It was on the verge of bumping into your desk.”

“I must have dozed off before I knew it.

Thank you for saving my forehead, Your Highness.’ Isabella grinned cheekily.

She saw his Adam’s apple bob up and down while he stared at her lips.

“What about my flower tea, Isabella”

“What about it”

“I’ve been wondering what kind of flower tea you have chosen for me.”

“Oh, wait a minute.”

Isabella got his point.

She raised both arms upward and stretched them before standing up from her chair.

Then, she approached the bedside table and picked up the shopping bag where she placed all the flower teas she bought.

“I hope you like it.”

His eyes trembled as he opened the shopping bag.

“Marigold.” He murmured to no one in particular.

With just one whiff of its fragrance, Duke Kyar immediately noticed what kind of flowers they were.

Isabella stared at him nervously, wondering if she had touched an invisible scar when she only meant well.

“I was looking forward to the flower tea of your choice, Isabella.

Marc recommended this, didn’t he” Duke Kyar remarked sharply, and Isabella nodded in dismay.

“I’m sorry, Your Highness.

I have contemplated what to buy for you in the tea shop for so long that I asked the butler to help me.

It’s not Marc’s fault–” Isabella apologized shakily.

Duke Kyar’s large hand patted her head.

“I know.

I didn’t say that it’s bad.

I was just a little disappointed.

However, I feel better when you said you have thought about the gift hard.”

His kind words made her sigh with relief.

“Marigold was my mother’s favorite flower.

You’ve heard of it from Marc, haven’t you”

Duke Kyar asked, and Isabella nodded.

“This scent reminds me of my mother.

It’s been fifteen years since she had passed away, and I still miss her presence.

I was acting a little strange because I didn’t want you to see me like this, Isabella.

It’s not that I don’t like your gift.

I just don’t want to be seen as weak.”

So far, it was contrary to the solid and unstoppable figure she saw in him.

Nevertheless, it was Isabella who was acting very strange.

Why did her heart tremble when he looked at her like that

Isabella placed a hand over her heart and avoided his gaze.

She didn’t want him to notice the rapid beating of her heart yet when she wasn’t even sure of her feelings for him.

“I’m sorry.” His head shook at her apology.

“It’s all right, Isabella.

But If you’re sorry, I want you to choose a present for me next time without asking for help from someone else.

I will look forward to it on my birthday.”

Come to think of it.

Archduke Kyar’s birthday was just around the corner.

And here she thought he said it was on the 20th of June

Did she only have a month left to think about his birthday gift

When they talked about their birthdays in the past, she had no idea that she would be in Rubella Castle the whole time.

She didn’t know what her life would be like if she left after Duke Kyar had taken the antidote.

“Is there any gift you want to receive, Your Highness”

“There’s only one thing I’d like to receive, Isabella.” He said.

Duke  Kyar’s eyes didn’t waver as he stared at her.


Isabella’s eyes widened in surprise when his gaze darkened to reveal such fierce desire.

Her mouth went dry.

She would rather stare at anything than the Archduke.

“I’ll think about it seriously, Your Highness.

What kind of gift would be good” Isabella asked as she tried to steer the discussion into a safer one.

She pointedly ignored his attempts to seduce her, and Duke Kyar’s deep chuckle seemed to vibrate in her ears.

“I find it amazing that I am looking forward to my birthday for the first time in my life.”

If he intended that as a jest or not, Isabella couldn’t smile at it.

She could feel a headache coming as she thought about what kind of present to give the Archduke.



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