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“I think Your Highness will like it, too.”

“I’ll buy this, then.”

With Marc’s help, Isabella had finally chosen a flower tea for Duke Kyar.

The three left the tea house and ate at a nearby restaurant before returning to the villa.

Upon seeing Isabella,  Ignis, hovering at the villa’s garden, flew to her side to welcome her arrival.

“Isabella! You smell so good!”Ignis cawed loudly as soon as she entered the room.

The corners of her mouth curled into a smile.

“It’s probably because of the flower tea.”

“Flower tea”

“Well, I visited a flower tea house today!”

“I’m so envious! I like flowers, too! That’s why I love Arpeon so much!”

Isabella thought it was necessary to build a greenhouse for Ignis at Rubella Castle, where she could also plant flowers and medicinal herbs.

Flowers are essential ingredients in making medicine.

If these were planted in greenhouses, they could save more money.

She still had plenty of money left from Duke Kyar’s initial support for the research institute.

When she returned to the north, she would consult with Duke Kyar first about the greenhouse before its construction.

Isabella glanced up at Ignis as she thought about it some more.

“I’ll create a greenhouse for you when we get back to the North.”


“Well, if we build a greenhouse, you will see as many beautiful flowers as you’d like, and it will be warm all year round.”

“Really Can you create such a thing” Ignis asked cheerfully, and Isabella nodded.

If she had realized this earlier, she would have built a greenhouse in the North for Ignis as soon as possible.

When she told Ignis about building him a greenhouse, she didn’t expect herself to stay in the North for too long.

Isabella didn’t know how this happened, but honestly, her desire to leave the North had vanished.

Perhaps after one year, she could…

Unconsciously, Duke Kyar crossed her mind all of a sudden.

She quickly shook her head to drive his image away.

The communication stone in her bracelet almost shone again.

She didn’t want to be caught thinking about him yet.

If she were more sure about her feelings, she would tell him.


Finally, the three arrived at the Northern Kingdom from the Teleport Tower.

They saw Kyle standing in front of his carriage.

Isabella’s eyes widened at the unexpected encounter with Kyle.

“My Lady Kyle What’s going on”

“The Teleport Tower’s manager told me that my sister would be here soon, so I decided to wait.

I heard you went to Arpeon.”

“Yes, that’s right, Kyle.”

It was a surprise to see that Kyle had grown taller.

She even had to look up at him to see his face.

Isabella wondered how tall and broad-shouldered Kyle would be after his growth spurt.

It was scary to see him undergo puberty right before her eyes.

At this rate, she wondered if he would surpass his uncle, Duke Kyar, in terms of height.

“I was so happy  the last time we went to Arpeon, but I’m sorry I couldn’t go with you this time.”

Expressing her regret, Isabella reached out to pat Kyle on the shoulder.

“Let’s go together next time.

Oh, I’m thinking about visiting the capital sometime soon.

If you don’t mind, can you show me around then”

Kyle stared at the hand on his shoulder and nodded brightly.

“Sister, I must come with you,” Ria said as she clung to her arm.

“Yes, but I’m not going to the Capital to play.

I’m going to research the market.

If you expect something other than that, you might find it boring.”

“It’s all right!”

Kyle and Ria answered Isabella at the same time.

They watched her with affectionate eyes, and Isabella flashed them an awkward smile.

Her life had gone an unpredictable route ever since she was accidentally involved with Duke Kyar.

Honestly, she was happy with the people orbiting around her.

However, as her happiness grew, so did her anxiety.

She couldn’t figure out where it came from.

She had this ominous feeling that this happiness would disappear right before her eyes.

Perhaps this anxiety came from her previous life, where she died at the happiest moment.

Isabella looked at Kyle and Ria warmly and pushed the disturbing thoughts away from her mind.

Kyle joined the three of them when they returned to Rubella Castle.

Isabella was busy as soon as she arrived.

The laboratory undergoing construction had to be examined, and newly arrived herbs had to be checked.

She focused on managing the delayed medicine orders except for mealtime.

She felt sleepy after creating the medicine until late at night.

Sitting at the desk and labeling all the medicine bottles, Isabella began to doze off.

The distance between her head and her desk grew closer and closer.

Just as her head was about to touch the desk, a large hand held her forehead.


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