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At Luches’ loud cry, Archduke Kyar’s thick eyebrows shot up.

“She is so pretty that even an angel can’t match her beauty.

There is no one prettier than her that existed in this world.”

It appeared like the medicine Isabella had given to the Archduke was too evil.

“Your Highness, maybe that is how you think because you are under the control of that evil medicine.”

“Yeah, it’s all because of that weird medicine.”

At least the medicine didn’t stop his brain from working.

“But I still want to see her smile at me.”


He guessed that his brain had stopped working, indeed.

At Archduke Kyar’s words, Luches sighed inwardly.

The Duke seemed to be lost in his world.

“Then, don’t force her to smile for you.”

Luches, who had dated quite a few women before he came to the North, gave him a serious piece of advice.

“What should I do”

It seemed like the Archduke desired to evoke a sincere smile out of her.

Luches opened his mouth and slowly spoke to Archduke Kyar, who appeared eager to listen.

“Why don’t you give her a gift”

“It’s a gift, huh”

Duke Kyar’s face turned serious with worry.


A woman with deep dark circles underneath her eyes handed Isabella a box that contained a beautiful blue velvet gown.

“It’s a dress from the Velvet Kingdom, and it was made of the finest velvet.”

Archduke Kyar glanced at her and drawled.

“What do you think of the velvet kingdom”

“I think it’s a very intuitive name.” She replied and accepted the box.

This particular dress must be the reason why the maid rushed into her room out of the blue and took all of her measurements yesterday.

The woman who made this gown with all the correct measurements in just one night was amazing.

It was an exquisite dress, but she found it uncomfortable for some reason.

Since she had lived in a world that was very different from these gowns, clothes made of cotton were easier to work with and were more comfortable.

However, she couldn’t turn a blind eye to the dressmaker’s dedication to creating this dress in one night, so she simply smiled and nodded.

“Thank you.”

“That isn’t enough.”

“What’s not enough”

Duke Kyar smirked as he looked at her and waved his hand at the servants.

All of them hurried in unison and stood next to him, holding different velvet boxes in their hands.

When they slowly opened the velvet boxes one by one, various ornaments made of bright blue jewels caught her eye.

“These ornaments are made of the finest sapphire resembling the color of your eyes.”

She admitted that she wanted all these things but only a little bit.

She could get a high price if she sold it.

The smile of a true capitalist spread across her face as soon as she saw the pieces of jewelry.

“That was a smug smile.” He said, narrowing his eyes at her in suspicion.

Archduke Kyar had hit the nail right on its head, and she hurriedly avoided his gaze.

“I don’t like that smile.”


Is he doing this just to see her smile

Rubbing at her aching temples, she realized that the Archduke’s obsession had gone extreme.

“Your Highness.

Instead of these gifts, please give me herbs in from the forest so that I can make an antidote as soon as possible.”

Her irritation had intensified ever since her desire to escape from the crisis of smiling had begun yesterday.

Thinking that it was a waste of time, Duke Kyar spoke calmly.

“Medicinal herbs Take them all if you need them.

I don’t need it anyway.”


Her face brightened instantly at his nonchalance.

Can she have all the herbs in his forest

There are thousands of herbs in the forest that can treat the disease of the heroine.

Somehow,  she felt like money was pouring on her.

“Really Can I have them all”

She asked again, and there was a hint of a smirk on his lips.

“I would’ve said the same thing if you asked early on.

Well, I can give you my estate if you want.”

She smiled brightly at him, nodding willingly.

Her lips curved into an unconscious smile while she stared at Duke Kyar in a daze.

“You’re only smiling at me because of the herbs.” He murmured as he flashed her a sad smile, but it seemed like his words had faded away before they reached her ears.

In her head, she was busy thinking about various medicines she could produce out of the herbs in the forest.

She couldn’t believe that all the herbs were hers.

She could almost see herself becoming a wealthy and fortunate woman in the future.

It was so vivid that she had no choice but to hold onto her dream tightly.


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