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Marc frowned and spoke again, “I agree that the puppet show might be too stimulating.

It was a story adaptation of Princess Lilith, who passed away the other day.

It must have been difficult for such a kind-hearted child, like Ria, to hear it.

The dead princess was more vicious than everyone had imagined.”

Isabella grimaced at Marc, who had no idea that the dead princess he had referred to was Ria.

“Dead people can’t speak, and sometimes the truth can be manipulated by the people who are still alive.”

“What do you mean”

“No, I’m just talking to myself.”

It must have been her stepmother who had spread ill rumors that Ria was a vicious princess in the Lilith Kingdom.

She thought that Ria was dead, so she must have eagerly spread that rumor throughout the Empire.

Isabella got angrier the more she thought about it.

She wanted to ask Duke Kyar to claim the Lilith Kingdom for Ria’s sake and overthrow those in power but didn’t deserve it.

Isabella clutched her teacup tightly and shook her head.

Duke Kyar must have influenced her so bad that these ridiculous ideas had been living rent-free on her head.

“By the way, is there any place you would like to visit in Arpeon”

“Me I’ve been here a few times with His Highness, but I’ve never heard such a question before.”

“Officially, we are here for business, but it’s a vacation.

Feel free to suggest what you want to do, Marc.”

Mark looked troubled for a moment.

“You know Arpeon is famous for its flower tea, don’t you”


“There’s a tea house famous for selling a variety of flower teas.

Would you mind if we go there”

Marc asked carefully, and Isabella smiled.

She was also interested in flower teas while she studied medicinal herbs.

If she would go there with Marc, she might as well buy flower teas that would be good for Ria’s mind and body.

For Kyle and Duke Kyar as well.


The tea house was much larger than Isabella had expected.

The fragrant scent of flowers greeted them upon entering the three-story building made of wood.

“Wow, the place smells terrific because of the flowers,” Ria said with admiration as she put her hands together in glee.

“I know.

It’s nice here.

Thank you for introducing me to a wonderful place, Marc.”

Marc flashed her a soft smile.

“Thank you for coming with me.”

On the first floor of the tea house, the three of them could see the process of adding and drying the flower tea.

They continued to observe for a while.

Making flower tea was a delicate task because they had to do it themselves.

The polishing and drying will also determine the flower tea’s grade.

After watching the complete method of creating the flower tea, the three began shopping in earnest.

Marc’s eyes glittered with interest as he watched multiple varieties of flower tea.

It was similar to how her eyes would light up when she looked at herbs.

Isabella noticed pleasantly that Marc seemed to be in his element.

He looked happy here.

Marc always worked hard at Rubella Castle, and she wanted him to have a good time.

Isabella’s gaze moved from Marc to the flower tea she chose for Ria.

“I’d better have this flower tea,” Isabella told Ria as she picked up Margaret’s tea.

“Are you buying for me, sister”

“Well, if there’s any other flower tea you’d like for me to buy, feel free to choose.”

Ria nodded happily.

After choosing Ria’s flower tea, she began to think about what flower tea Duke Kyar likes.

“What should be good”

Perhaps, he would just appreciate everything she would give him.

Yet, she wanted a flower tea that would help him, somehow.

“What would be good” She thought about Duke Kyar’s face, and suddenly, the bracelet’s blue-green jewel shone.


What else are my options” Duke Kyar responded to her question in a low voice.

Isabella still had no idea that she had spoken through the communication bracelet for almost half an hour.

“That’s what I am going to say, Isabella.

You were the first one to communicate this time.”

“What Me I’ve never done that before.

I still don’t know how to use it.” She brought the bracelet close to her lips and poured out her resentment.

Isabella felt wronged when she heard his dark chuckle.

“Why, why are you laughing”

“ Isabella”

He was still laughing even after calling her name.

“Go ahead.

I’m listening.”

“You thought of me, didn’t you With great depth and concentration.”

Isabella blushed at Duke Kyar’s query.


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