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“Your Highness”

Isabella put her mouth close to the bracelet and called him.

“I apologize.

I lost my concentration for a second because of my annoyance.”

“Were you annoyed because you agreed to what I said or not How about if I failed to concentrate.

Will it cut off our communication”


It would take a lot of concentration to use the communication bracelet, but it’s easy for me  to focus on you.”

Duke Kyar was straightforward when it came to expressing his emotions.

Still, Isabella couldn’t get used to it even until now.

“I say you must concentrate on building the ice barrier, instead.

Don’t get hurt for nothing, Your Highness.”

“Because you’re worried bout me”


I’m very worried about you, so always be careful.”

Isabella could hear his pleasant laughter on the communication stone.

This strange man seemed to like it whenever she expressed her concern for his well being.

It would be a problem if he kept acting cute like this.

“I see that you are worried, Isabella, but you also have to concentrate on me.

If anything happens, contact me immediately.

Well, of course, you won’t contact me.” Duke Kyar finished, and she lost their communication on the turquoise jewel again.

After confirming that it was finally cut off,  Isabella lowered her arm.

“What’s your secret”

Isabella was astonished to hear Prince Victor’s voice in her ear.

“What the—why are you there, Your Highness”

“I am delivering Ria’s medicine from the doctor; I waited for you to come out, but it seemed like you were busy talking to Allen, so I followed you quietly instead.”

Is this what Prince Victor usually did

Isabella scanned Prince Victor’s face for any strange reaction from their conversation.

“If Allen finds out that  I’m here in his royal villa, he will freeze  my entire castle, not just the garden.”

She was well aware that he wasn’t exaggerating.

“Did Ria finally calm down”

Prince Victor was more curious about Ria’s condition.

The medicine was merely an excuse.

Isabella nodded quietly.

“Aren’t you going to tell me your secret, My Lady  Allen and Ria… Why does everyone like you so much I am curious about the reason.”

“Well, I’m curious, too.”

“I’ve heard rumors that you gave Allen some strange medicine.

You didn’t give Ria that same medicine, did you”

Isabella frowned slightly at Prince Victor’s unpleasant question.

“I made a mistake in giving Your Highness that medicine.

Since then, I have never given the same medicine to anyone else.

In addition to that, Your Highness had already taken the antidote.”

“So you have done this to him all the time Why”

“Your Highness.”


“It’s best that you ask Duke Kyar directly about it.

Do you want to ask me something else”

Prince Victor shook his head.

“I beg your pardon, My Lady.

Here, give this medicine to Ria.

Will you tell Allen that I’ll be here tomorrow”


“I see.

Please take care of Ria.

I’ll have to go to the Northern Kingdom sooner or later.

I heard that you are preparing for your medical business.

If you’re thinking about expanding to the South, I will help you and do what I can.”

Isabella smiled proudly at Prince Victor’s unexpected offer.

“Yes, Your Highness.

We will have a serious conversation about business when you visit the Northern Kingdom.”

“I am grateful for the warm welcome.

I’ll see you in the North.”

Isabella smiled while she bade him farewell.

Prince Victor will become a significant investor in the future.

In her eyes, Prince Victor became a good man suddenly.

Of course, she still had no intention of handing over cute and lovely Ria to the prince.

Isabella does not mix business and pleasure.


The next day, Ria was as cheerful and bright as if she had never been sick before.

Isabella sighed with relief as she watched Ria prancing around the garden with Ignis.

“Ria is perfectly healthy again,” Marc said from across her before bringing the cup of tea to his lips.

“I know, and I’m glad to hear that.

I was afraid she would be depressed for a few days.”

“I was surprised about yesterday too.

Ria’s face had paled while watching the puppet show.

Then, she fainted afterward.”

“You must have been shocked.”

“Yes, it was good that Prince Victor showed up at the right time and helped us.

 I wondered what caused the sudden collapse” Marc asked grimly, and Isabella tried to keep a straight face

“Well, her brain might have caused it.

People who lost their memories are susceptible to even the smallest triggers.”


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