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After all, it was Prince Victor who had run towards the fountain after he realized the content of the puppet show.

Isabella glanced at the doctor, who looked perturbed upon seeing Seria’s condition.

At that moment, her bracelet glittered.

Isabella hurried out of Ria’s bedroom while covering the communication stone with her hand.

“You’re not in the market anymore, are you” The Archduke seemed disgruntled that he hadn’t heard updates from her.

“No, we are back in my villa.

I apologize that I couldn’t get in touch with you.

Lia suddenly collapsed, and she hadn’t woken up ever since.”

“What’s wrong with Ria Is she alright now  Are you all right”

He must have been worried about Ria when Isabella told him she had fainted.

“I’m all right.

The doctor is watching over Seria right now.”

“All right, but I don’t care about her.”

Isabella was at a loss for words.

Duke Kyar couldn’t care less about everyone else except her.

“Ria is looking for you, My Lady,” Marc told her, and Isabella nodded before opening the bedroom door.

“I think I should go to Ria, Your Highness.

I’ll get back to you later.”

Isabella went straight into the bedroom without waiting for Duke Kyar’s response.

She glanced around and saw Seria’s tearful face, and at that moment, she looked like a baby bird looking for her mother.

Isabella hurried to Lia’s side.

“Are you all right, Seria”

Isabella asked kindly as she pulled teary-eyed Ria into her arms.

“I was scared.

I just had this horrible nightmare.

I think it is related to my lost memories.

But I don’t remember, so I had no way to confirm that it was real.

Help me.

I don’t want to remember, sister.”

Isabella gently patted Ria’s back.

“Yes, You don’t have to remember if you’re having a hard time, Ria.”

Ria nodded and leaned her face against Isabella’s shoulder.

She seemed to be emotionally unstable.

Isabella turned to look at Prince Victor, Marc, and the doctor who were still in the bedroom.

“Now that Ria had regained consciousness, I think the three of you should give her some time to relax.”

Prince Victor was disappointed by Ria’s silent agreement, but he slowly nodded.

He might not see it, but perhaps, she was really in bad condition.

When the men exited the bedroom, Ria raised her lowered head to glance at her.


Isabella reached out and wiped the tears around Ria’s eyes.

“Don’t worry too much, Ria.”

“What if I’m a bad person If I’m a bad person, I can’t imagine–”

Lia’s breathing came in quick, short gasps.

Isabella cupped Ria’s cheeks in her hands and spoke, “Listen, Ria.

You are the nicest person I have ever seen in this world.

I don’t care if you used to be a bad person.

Please believe what I see in you.

You don’t have to worry about the past if you don’t even remember everything properly.

Do you understand”

Lia’s breathing turned stable little by little after hearing Isabella’s conviction.

She wiped away her tears and showed Isabella a vigorous nod.

“I want to be a good person to my sister.”

“You are already good to me.”

Isabella caressed Ria’s fine golden hair affectionately.

She was relieved to see her smiling now.

“Aren’t you hungry”

Ria’s stomach rumbled as soon as she asked.

“I’ll bring you some soup.

Eat that and cheer up.

Wait a minute.”Isabella said warmly, and Ria smiled.

Isabella thought she’d better bring some soup more than anything else.

Isabella exited the bedroom and closed the door carefully.

“You have a gift for comfort, after all.”

Startled at Duke Kyar’s voice, Isabella glanced down at the bracelet.

It appeared like the blue-green jewel was still shining.

Is the connection still stable

“What is it Have you been listening to our conversation”

“I never said I’d cut off our communication.”

She could only laugh after Duke Kyar made her speechless.

Until now, she didn’t know how to use this communication bracelet.

Isabella thought she only had to focus on the other person, and then the line was instantly connected.

“Are you worried about Ria” Duke Kyar murmured in slight dissatisfaction.

“Ria is sick now, so it’s only natural for me to worry.”

“I’m in pain, too.”

“What You’re not going to talk about your love-sickness again, are you”

Isabella asked as she recalled the old days when Duke Kyar had deceived her,  pretending he was ill so that she would visit him at the boundary.

Duke Kyar didn’t respond to that, so she must have hit the nail right on its head.


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