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Isabella was glad to hear that.

“I heard we’re all going to the market today,” Ria asked Isabella brightly as if she was glad to hear of Duke Kyar’s return to the North.

“Well, yes.

I will be going to the medicine shop.

It might be inconvenient for you to wear a veil and colored glasses, but please hang in there.”

“I am not in discomfort at all.

I’m fine.

I’m excited to go to the market.”

Isabella felt the same way when she first came to Arpeon and visited the marketplace.

She smiled warmly and held Ria’s hand.

“Then shall we go”

“Yes, sister!” Ria replied passionately, and Isabella moved on.

Mark followed them quietly while thinking about Duke Kyar’s misfortune of not witnessing this two’s friendship.

Mark sighed inwardly as he recalled his master, who was jealous of men and women.

Isabella went to the medicine shop and looked at the herbs excitedly.

Many new herbs came in, and it was fun to look around.

Archduke Kyar will provide her with the money for all the herbs she will buy today.

She was glad that she could enjoy shopping with ease.

Isabella would plan to organize her profits and distribute them to Duke Kyar and Ria sooner or later.

It would have been nice to open a store in the south.

She expected the sales to rise here because of its large population compared to the North.

First of all, she planned to open medicine shops in the north and gradually branch out towards the capital and to the south.

The laboratories would be completed by the time she opened these stores.

That was how mass production became possible.

She still had two months left before the completion of the research institute.

In the meantime, she had to focus more on developing new drugs.

She had already created a drug for motion sickness experienced using the teleport tower, and she took it during the trip.

It was effective.

Now, her ultimate mission was to create medicine for the people of Rubella Castle.

But, she also planned to study drugs tailored to the characteristics of people in other regions.

‘It seemed necessary to make medicine that could be applied to insect bites in the Southern Region.’ Isabella thought as she scratched the mosquito bite she had yesterday.

There were too many big and poisonous bugs out here.

Perhaps, it was because this area is warm throughout the year.

The wound did not go away quickly despite putting cold packs on them.

She must go back to the North and do some research.

Isabella was still worried about creating the new drugs even after she finished shopping for herbs.

Then, she entered a nearby tea shop with Marc and Ria.

She ordered tea, sat down in a chair, and rested her head on the table.

People coming from somewhere had rushed outside the tea shop.

“Where are they going”

Ria asked the staff as she settled the teacup back to the table in front of her.

“Don’t you know The puppet at the fountain is popular these days.”


Ria seemed eager to see the puppet show.

“You can go there if you want to see it, Ria.

I’m tired, so I’ll take a rest here.”

“Then I’ll go and watch it with Ria.”

Marc seemed curious about the puppet shows.

She didn’t want to let Ria go there alone, but she was relieved when Marc offered to accompany her.

“Yes, I’ll be waiting right here.

Go now.

Both of you.”

“Yes, My Lady.


Let’s go.”



I’ll be right back, sister.”

Ria followed Marc excitedly.

The girl seemed to have a lot of energy too.

Isabella was so tired yesterday because of Ria and Duke Kyar.

At least, she didn’t suffer that much because she drank a potion that would get rid of her fatigue and recover her stamina.


It seemed like I met you here by chance.”

At that moment, an unwelcome voice came to her ears.

Was it a coincidence

Isabella glanced up at him warily.

“What a coincidence! I just entered the tea shop because I wondered why you are alone right here.”


Where are Ria and Marc”

“They went somewhere for a while.”

She didn’t want to inform him that Ria had gone to the puppet show.

“Did you know that Allen froze all of the flowers in my garden this morning”

The question made Isabella wince.

“Unfortunately, all of my beautiful flowers froze to death.

Well, that’s good since I was tired of taking care of them anyway.

I’m going to plant some new flowers now.

Allen won’t come again, will he”

“Well, he is unpredictable.”

“That’s right.

That’s Allen’s charm.

But when I walked past the medicine shop, I saw Ria wearing a veil and colored glasses on her face.”

It wasn’t a coincidence, just like he said, then.

When did he see them in the medicine shop


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