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Why is there a carriage with Prince Victor’s family crest over here

Isabella got out and stared at the questionable carriage in puzzlement.

The carriage door suddenly burst open, and Prince Victor emerged while holding a fan in one hand.

“Long time no see, Marc.”

Prince Victor greeted him first.

Maybe, it’s because he knew Marc.

“Long time no see, Your Highness.”

“We haven’t seen each other in a long time, have we” Prince Victor asked while looking at Isabella this time.

“You have spoken to me before, Your Highness.”

“Oh, is that so I don’t think I heard your real name back then.”

“My name is Isabella.”

Anyone should be allowed to call her name without consequences.

Unfortunately, the people of Rubella Castle couldn’t do that casually.

Duke Kyar’s dark eyebrows would be displeased if he heard someone call her name.

She was relieved that Archduke Kyar wasn’t here with them.


Your name is as beautiful as your face.”

She had already heard this statement from Duke Kyar, but at that time, he was out of his mind due to the effects of the love potion.

Isabella kept the mechanical smile on her face as she watched Prince Victor, wondering how he could vomit such sweet nothings with a sober mind.

Prince Victor’s interest shifted to Ria this time.

Isabella already knew the original novel’s plot, but she still thought Prince Victor was very bold.

He was a man with about ten sly snakes inside of him.

Prince Victor played a significant supporting role in the original novel.

He also had a crush on Seria.

In the last plot, Prince Victor had met Seria, a servant working in Rubella Castle, when he was on his way to the Northern Kingdom to have fun.

He recognized her at once because he had already encountered Seria in the past.

He stumbled upon her in the woods when he visited the Lilith Kingdom.

Prince Victor fell in love with Seria at first sight, and he couldn’t forget her for a long time even after returning to Arpeon.

He had contemplated proposing to her after that fateful meeting, but a conspiracy to poison the crown prince swept Seria away from him, and she had no choice but to become a fugitive.

The rumor that Seria was already dead spreading all over the Empire broke Prince Victor’s heart but luckily, he reencountered her in the North.

He vowed not to miss her this time.

Prince Victor found out later that she was currently working as a servant at Rubella Castle because she had lost her memories.

He did not feel the need to introduce himself as Duke Kyar’s long-time friend to Seria, either.

It wasn’t apparent that the girl had amnesia because she looked so bright at that moment.

Isabella wanted to keep the secret to herself, thinking it might hurt Seria more if they forced her to remember the past.

“Oh, She is Ria.

A maid at Rubella Castle.

She is assisting Miss Isabella with her work.”  Marc explained calmly.

Prince Victor’s slightly raised a curious eyebrow.

“Ria A maid Is Ria her real name,  then” Prince Victor asked disapprovingly, and Isabella nodded.

“That’s the name I have given her.

Unfortunately, Ria had lost her memory.” Isabella sputtered.

She was worried that Prince Victor might say something strange to her.

Isabella wanted Ria to know the truth little by little.

Her past might be too painful to recall.

Isabella knew how hard it was for Seria to deal with everything when her memory started returning in the original novel, so she wanted to protect her current disposition more.

She doubted that Duke Kyar would take revenge on Seria, similar to the original novel.

The current situation was too complex and had veered too far from the original plot.

Isabella thought that she was the cause of all these problems.

She was genuinely sorry for existing in this novel.

Maybe, that is why she found it challenging to accept Duke Kyar’s feelings because of the guilt and shame.

Their current reality had already changed too much from the original novel, and she couldn’t help but feel sorry for taking away the happiness in Seria’s future.

“So, you lost your memory You don’t remember anything”

Prince Victor asked as his light brown eyes settled on Ria.

Puzzled, she stared back at him and nodded.

Prince Victor frowned at her before it quickly changed into a smile.

“Oh, dear.

What a pity.”

“Did you come here to see Archduke Kyar, Your Highness”  Marc asked.

Prince Victor shook his fan and replied, “I thought Allen was here in the royal villa.

I heard that a visitor from the North had used the Teleport Tower.

It’s a bit of a pity that he wasn’t here after all, but I’m glad to meet such beautiful women.”

Even though he called them beautiful, his eyes were fixated more on Ria.


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