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“Since I met you, His Highness regained his old self again.

I’m glad that you have stayed in Rubella Castle with us.

It appeared as we could finally keep His Highness’s father’s will.

He asked me to help  the Duke retain his warmth before he died.”

She knew that Marc had worked in Rubella Castle for more than fifteen years.

He must be from Archduke Kyar’s mother’s side.

The expression he made while talking about his Highness seemed affectionate.

“Please understand him a little.

Your Highness will get better at interacting with you.

It’s just that he doesn’t know how to express his feelings properly.”

“I think he did improve a lot.”

Allowing her to travel with Ria was already significant development for the possessive Archduke.

It would have been impossible for him to do that in the past.

She realized that he became more cautious of his actions after she told him that jealousy was not good.

“Thank you for your kindness.”

“No, I am more thankful of you than you are thankful of me, My Lady.”

She couldn’t have built the research institute so quickly without Marc’s help.

Isabella was initially worried when she arrived at Rubella Castle, but she didn’t expect to fit right in.

Her life had also gone smoothly because of him.

She didn’t consider herself to be a lucky person.

Terrible things seemed to hunt her down when she thought things were going well.

Honestly, it made her a little scared that something terrible might happen.

Ria, running frantically at the sandy beach with Ignis, fell in a plop.

At that moment, sand had covered the veil that hid half of her face, and Ria’s colored glasses slid off.

Isabella got up from her chair and hurriedly ran to Ria.

“Are you all right, Ria”

Isabella asked worriedly, and Ria nodded with a smile.

“I’m all right.

I think I’ve gone far too fast.

I’m not  in pain, sister, so you don’t have to worry about me.”

“Let’s put your disguise back for now.”

Isabella searched Ria’s glasses buried in the sand and hastily handed them back to her.

Before traveling to Arpeon, Isabella urged Ria not to take her veil and sunglasses off her face every time they went outside.

The people of Lilith Kingdom already assumed that Ria fell from the cliff and died.

No one might be after Ria anymore, but that thought shouldn’t let their guard down.

The Kingdom of Arpeon and Lilith were adjacent, so Seria wasn’t off the hook yet.

Fortunately, not many people knew her face.

Still, it was dangerous for others to see her silver-gray eyes.

That unique feature is common among Lilith’s royal bloodline.

“Yes, sister.”

Seria wore the colored glasses immediately without a fuss.

Despite her discomfort, Isabella was grateful to Ria for not complaining about the disguise.

“The veil and the glasses were very uncomfortable, weren’t they  You can take it off when we get in the carriage, so hang in there.”

“It’s all right.

I’m not uncomfortable at all.”

Isabella raised an arm to reach Ria’s veil and patted the remaining sand off it.

“I understand you’re excited, Ignis, but don’t make Ria suffer too much.”

“I’m not giving her a hard time! Ria is the one following me around like a madwoman! Huh!”

Ignis snorted while flying around them.

“Sister, I’m not tired.

Ignis’ high spirits make it even more interesting.”

“Yes, but don’t push yourself too hard.”

“Yes, sister.”

Isabella returned to the marquess’ parasol, but her anxious gaze searched Ria’s several times.

She sighed when she saw Ria being as excited as a puppy.

She had never seen her eyes shine like this before.

How frustrating was life in the Lilith Kingdom for her to react like this

She felt sorry for Ria for not having her old memories intact.

At least, she was enjoying her freedom to the fullest.

Just because they had a lot, happiness wasn’t sure, whether it was royalty or the nobility.

Of course, happy royal families and nobles still existed, but now that she is in this world, the two main characters have all kinds of unfortunate narratives.

Somehow Isabella had turned into a distraction, and the two main characters could not save each other’s misfortunes.

She had never felt more responsible for Duke Kyar and Seria’s happiness.


As soon as Isabella got inside the carriage, she took off Ria’s disguise.

Due to her uncontrollable excitement, granules of sand had also stuck to her face.

Isabella took out her handkerchief and wiped them off her cheek.

“Thank you, sister.” Ria smiled pleasantly.

“Why did you put a veil and colored glasses on Ria anyway”

Marc asked unexpectedly, and Isabella winced.

“It’s just that Ria is so pretty.

I’m afraid that she will get it trouble if someone keeps bothering her for her beauty.”

“I’m glad that you’re worried about me.

But you’re prettier than I am, sister.”

It seemed like someone had lost their reasoning aside from Duke Kyar.

“No, Ria! You’ll get punished if you lie! Of course, Ria is much prettier than Isabella!”

Ignis’ bluntness was a double-edged sword.

The carriage halted in front of Archduke Kyar’s villa as they chatted.

They saw another carriage positioned there at the gates with them.

It had the symbol of Victor’s Household.


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