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After looking at the books for a long time, Isabella closed the covers grimly.


I think we should go to Arpeon tomorrow.

I wanted to visit the medicine shops there again.”

“Really Are we going to Arpeon” He exclaimed as he came up to Isabella.

The drastic change in his mood made her think that Ignis was depressed.

Ria entered her room at the exact moment.

Her eyes widened in surprise when she saw Ignis being excited.

“Why is Ignis so ecstatic” Lia asked, and Isabella smiled awkwardly.

“Well, I’m going with Ignis to Arpeon tomorrow.

He is very fond of the place.”

“Arpheon Where is that located”


It’s the Southern part of the Empire.

Unlike the North, the area was warm throughout the year.”

“Wow, it must be a wonderful place!” Ria said as she held her hands together.

Ignis nodded vigorously.

“What a beautiful place, indeed! The woods.

The green lawns.

Fragrant flowers.

The clear warm air and wind.” Ignis began praising Arpeon again, and Isabella shook her head.

For some reason, Lia’s expression was all gloom-and-doom.

Did Ria want to go to Arpeon, too

“I envy you for traveling with sister, Ignis.”

Perhaps, she didn’t want to go to Arpeon, but rather, she envied Ignis for traveling with her.

It was heartbreaking to think about the cost of using the costly teleport tower, but Isabella could not turn Ria away when she looked depressed.

Ria’s eyes, lips, and shoulders drooped like she was a withering flower, and Isabella bit her lip in thought.

“Then, do you want to go with us, Ria”

“Really Are you serious Can I come with you”

“Well, yes, in return for all of your hard work.”

She thought about making medicine for Ria after returning from their travel.

Now, she had to face another critical thing aside from the medicine.

Isabella clutched her throbbing head when Duke Kyar’s cold, stern countenance regarded her.

Isabella winced upon meeting his gaze.

“So you’re leaving for Arpeon tomorrow”

“Well, since Your Highness will be killing beasts during the expedition tomorrow, I wondered if I could make a short trip just in time before you return to the Castle.

The medicine trade in Arpeon is massive, and I want to check some herbs there while I’m away.”

He gave her a look of disapproval as he tapped his finger at the desk.

“Then, why are you taking Ria with you”

He didn’t seem to like Ria to accompany her for some reason.

She watched him examine the woman he was supposed to fall in love with, and Isabella was relieved.

“Officially, I’m going to Arpeon for work.

You know Lia is working hard for the research institute, right Are you jealous again”


I’m not jealous.”

He was holding back after she told him that she didn’t like jealous men.

“Then you’ll be fine with Ria coming with me”

“It is dangerous for two women to go alone.”

“I’ll be careful during the trip.

You don’t have to worry too much.

It wasn’t like I’m a child, Your Highness.”

“Then take some of the guards with you.” Duke Kyar said.

She quickly shook her head in refusal.

Her hands trembled upon remembering how expensive it was to use the teleport tower for all these people.

“It’s all right.

Arpeon is a safe place.”

“Then go with Marc.

If you don’t give in to my command, I won’t allow it.”

Perhaps, it would be better to go with Marc rather than a few of Rubella’s knights.

After contemplating it for a while, Isabella decided to agree.


I will accept your offer,  Your Highness.”

“Take this.”

He opened the desk drawer and held out a small box.

“What is this”

“Open it.”

Duke Kyar gestured at it, and Isabella opened the box carefully.

“I would give it to you when I went to the beast hunting expedition.

You can share one with me.”

“What’s this bracelet”

“It’s for communication purposes.”


Isabella blinked her blue eyes slowly in disbelief.

“The jewel in this bracelet is a stone of communication.

If anything happens, you can contact me with this bracelet.” He said as he plucked the bracelet from the box and put it on her wrist.

Was this communication bracelet even real

Its magic power was genuinely impressive.

This world does have teleport towers that would never exist in her world, even in the future.

It may be natural to have such a thing here.

“This is very expensive, isn’t it”

“Why Would you sell it if I tell you it was”

“No way!”

“I always wear it on my wrist.

I receive calls here from time to time.

I want to keep in touch with you, Isabella.”

Isabella felt exhausted all of a sudden.

Somehow, she had this ominous feeling of foreboding that her wrists were now covered with expensive shackles.

Isabella saw two gold bracelets with turquoise jewels in them.


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