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“You should try it first.”

Isabella shook his hand off and hurried to her desk to open a box of new medicines she had developed.

After taking out a bottle of dark blue potion, Isabella returned to Duke Kyar and handed it to him.

Fortunately, he accepted it without a word.

He gulped the medicine down and Isabella watched him intently.

She already tested it on herself, but she couldn’t help but feel nervous.

It was her first time giving this potion to a drunk person.

“What do you think” She asked carefully.

Duke Kyar examined the medicine bottle before saying, “I felt refreshed.”

“Really Do you think it would make your headache go away”

He nodded slowly.

“I think I’m feeling a little better.”

“Why don’t you go back to your bedroom, have a good night’s sleep, and tell me how you’re feeling tomorrow”

“Are you still worried about me”

How many times did he have to repeat the word “worry”

Duke Kyar must have felt good when he found out that she was concerned about his well-being.

As she stared at Duke Kyar, Isabella flashed him a faint smile when she realized that his head was too fixated on her ‘worry.’

“Yes, Your Highness.

So please tell me tomorrow if  you are already fine.”

Isabella just wanted the medicine to work.

If his stomach wouldn’t ache tomorrow morning, perhaps,  she can sell this potion to the masses immediately.

Isabella and Duke Kyar had thought differently as a smile spread across each other’s faces.


It appeared as the medicine had effectively cured Duke Kyar’s hangover.

The next day, Isabella looked over at Duke Kyar during breakfast, and he seemed fine.

Princess Leila had breakfast in her room separately, and in the afternoon, she returned to the capital with Kyle.

It was surprising that Princess Leila had returned to the capital a day after her arrival.

She must have had a hard time because of Duke Kyar’s strange behavior.

After that, news had spread all over the Empire that Princess Leila had eloped with the imperial patisserie.

The scandal was wild enough that the news reached the Northern Kingdom.

However, Duke Kyar showed little interest in Princess Leila’s scandal.

Isabella paid no mind to it because she was busy creating new drugs.

“Madam, the herbs you ordered have arrived,” Marc said pleasantly,  handing it to her.

Isabella accepted the herbs hastily.

“Thank you so much.”

“It’s alright, My Lady.

Please feel free to tell me if you need any more herbs.”


By the way, Mr.


Could you try this medicine for me”

Isabella handed the fatigue reliever she made recently to Marc.

“If you take this after an exhausting day, it will help you regain energy.”

“Thank you.

I’ll try it and let you know if it worked.”Marc replied wittingly.

Isabella smiled.

“Thank you.”

It was a great relief to have someone like Marc.

He was also accommodating in her research preparations.

The herb that Marc had brought today would help cure  Ria’s rare disease.

The disease still had a long way to go before it became worse.

Still, Isabella decided to take the cure in advance to give it to Ria as a gift just in case she wasn’t aware of it yet.

Fortunately,  the process of creating the cure for Lia’s disease was written in Isabella’s notebook.

She alternated between the herbs listed on her notebook and the herbs Marc had brought her to check if she missed something.

“Well…” She heard Ignis sigh suddenly, and she glanced up to see him sitting by the window.

“It’s quite warm now, Ignis.

Shall we go for a walk in the woods together Isn’t it frustrating to stay in the room all the time”

“No, it’s still dangerous outside these windows.”

She remembered Ignis’s past self yelling, “It’s dangerous outside the blankets!” during the winter.

The weather was 10 degrees above zero.

Still, it was a little too cold for Ignis.

“Do you want to see me make medicine You told me you like to smell the herbs.”

“No, that’s not fun.”

Isabella stared at Ignis anxiously.

She was worried that he had acquired depression from staying too long in her room.

“Oh, I miss Arpeon so much.

The green forest.

The lawn.

The fragrant flowers.

The clear warm air and the wind.

Oh, my dear Arpeon.” Ignis spoke a poem of praise for his favorite Kingdom, and Isabella exhaled a heavy sigh.

Isabella returned to the desk and opened the book Marc had given her with her name ‘Bella’ written on it.

The enormous amount of initial aid that Duke Kyar had given her remained the same.

Thanks to Ria’s hard work, Isabella made quite a lot of profits even though she has not officially opened the research institute yet.

Rumors had spread to those who worked at Rubella Castle and people outside the walls who were looking for her medicine.

The most popular medicine among the masses was red medicine, natural painkillers, and pills to alleviate muscle pain.

The popularity of the medicine for hang-overs she sold recently was also quite good


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