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“It’s ticklish, Your Highness.

Can you stop” She asked with gritted teeth, but Duke Kyar didn’t respond.

“Your Highness”

The hand that covered her back fell, and his body tilted even further toward her.

“What Is this what you are going to do”

How much alcohol did he drink

Duke Kyar’s body had pressed against her, and Isabella’s breaths quickened from his tremendous weight.

“This is driving me crazy.”

She should ask for help if someone passed them by.

Maybe because it was after dinner, she hadn’t seen any servants at all.

Well, she should lay him down on her bed first since it’s closer than the Duke’s room.

Then, she would ask for someone’s help later.

Isabella struggled to return to her room when her back was leaning on the door.

In addition to that, she hasn’t exercised these days, and it’s hard for her to take a step forward while carrying a man’s weight.

When she lived in the mountains, she naturally developed her physical strength and muscle by hunting for survival.

Now, she got too comfortable here.

Nevertheless, she felt strong enough to support Duke Kyar when he was 190 cm tall, but Isabella couldn’t help but feel disappointed after reminiscing about the physical strength she used to have in the past.

Isabella opened her bedroom door with trembling hands.

As she bent her back to support Duke Kyar and dragged him along, Ignis flew to her side.

“The smell of alcohol made my head spin.

Why is that man doing this”

Isabella had no energy left to answer, so she simply shook her head.

She could barely approach her bed, and it was a struggle to lay him down there.

Sitting on a chair next to the bed, Isabella calmed her gasping breaths for a while.

She felt so weak that she planned on taking a short break before calling Marc over, but her eyes kept falling shut of their own accord.

Was it because she used up too much of her energy

“Isabella! Isabella!”

Ignis called her name loudly, and Isabella’s eyes widened in surprise from the noise.

Her rest lasted in the blink of an eye.

She was so tired from bringing Duke Kyar to her bed.

Isabella’s eyes turned towards the clock on the wall, and her eyes grew big.

It was almost ten pm, and she realized she must have slept for an hour and a half.

Somehow, she felt refreshed.


Ignis called her name loudly as he circled over Duke Kyar’s body on the bed.

“How long are you going to keep him here It’s dangerous for an unmarried man and woman to sleep in the same room! Do you plan to sleep here as well”

At Ignis’ noisy nagging, the drunk and sleeping Duke frowned.

“It’s noisy.

The chirping makes my headache.”

She guessed Ignis’ nagging helped her in this situation.

Isabella rose from her chair and rushed to his side.

“Are you awake Are you feeling well”

He caressed her hair and stared at her before his pale lips curved into a mysterious smile.

What’s wrong with him

Is he still sober

“What’s wrong with you”

“Are you worried about me”

She didn’t think the filming had stopped since the Duke clearly remembered what he said.

“Aren’t you worried about yourself How much did you drink Do you know how surprised I was when you suddenly fainted”

“As expected, you were worried about me.”

Isabella regretted the confession immensely.

She shouldn’t have said that she was worried because the bastard wouldn’t let it go.

She swallowed a sigh every time he repeated those words.

“You should go back to your room when you wake up.”

He reached out to grab her hand and placed them on his forehead.

“I have a headache.

My stomach hurts.”

Since he drank more than you could take, it would be strange if you weren’t sick.

“Wait a minute.

I made a cure for this.”

Isabella created a cure for hangovers just in case.

She thought it would be helpful to make it since people worldwide enjoy drinking quite a lot.

However, she had no idea that it would be used like this.

“It’s okay.”

He hadn’t released her hand yet.

“Your Highness”

“Your hands are the best medicine for me.

Let’s stay like this for a second.

I think I’ll be all right.”

Isabella stared at him with determination.

“My medicine will be much more useful than my hands.”

Frown lines marred his forehead at her pragmatic response.


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