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“Your Highness.


I mean…….”

Luches tried to fix the misunderstanding but it was too late.

He witnessed how the flag point pen that Duke Kyar held on tightly froze and broke into two.

That shut him up.

“So, Isabella doesn’t get jealous because she didn’t like me”

Duke Kyar sounded eerily calm that Luches shook his head in denial.

“I don’t think that’s it.

It’s just that she’s not interested in the Archduke yet–”

Marc approached and gently stabbed Luchez’s side with his elbow to stop him from saying anything further.

Duke Kyar said nothing and looked at the window grimly.

Luches and Marc remained silent upon seeing Duke Kyar’s dark mood.


Isabella had to eat dinner alone with Kyle.

Princess Leila said she would skip dinner because she was sick.

Duke Kyar did not show up at the Dining Hall without even telling her about what was going on.

“What’s going on” Isabella asked Marc in concern, but he didn’t seem to know.

She became more worried when she recalled that Duke Kyar follows his eating schedule immaculately except during his beast-hunting expeditions.

Isabella continued to think about Duke Kyar’s condition even after eating and returning to her room to read more books.

She seemed to have gotten used to his presence hovering around her, seeing that she was so worried when he didn’t show up at dinner.

She wondered if he was sick.

Isabella closed the cover of the book she was currently reading.

She thought it would be better to visit his room in person.

Isabella picked up her medicine box just in case.

Isabella opened the door quickly and went outside, but then she paused after seeing Duke Kyar leaning against the wall across her room.

He made her worry about him all evening, but why did this man stand in front of her room like this

Isabella sighed with relief and stared at him.

Yet, something was strange.

His breath was slightly rougher than usual, and it smelled like alcohol.

“Are you drunk”

He didn’t respond.

It made Isabella blush when he stumbled and continued to gaze at her with eyes full of longing.

Duke Kyar didn’t just drink it.

She thought he drank a lot.

“Why do you drink so—”

Duke Kyar cut her off by staggering towards her, and Isabella stepped back without realizing it.

Was it because his eyes seemed to devour her

The door blocked her from behind, and she couldn’t go back to her room any longer.

His outstretched arms were positioned on either side of her shoulders.

As he held her between his arms, Duke Kyar bit his lips.

“You…” He murmured huskily, “Why aren’t you jealous”

Isabella’s lids gave a slow blink.


What did he mean by that

“Why don’t you show any reaction when I’m nice to other women”

Did he pay extra attention to Princess Leila in hopes of making her jealous

All along, she thought that he was bullying the poor woman!

Isabella felt sorry for Princess Leila.

“Your Highness.”

“I’m jealous of everyone you wish to see.

I even hate the air that touches your skin.”

He even hated the air that touches her skin

What the hell!

Isabella was shocked at Duke Kyar’s intense obsession.

“But why are you—”

Duke Kyar sighed heavily.

Isabella’s heart beat faster with worry when she saw Duke Kyar’s eyes darkened with hurt.

If Isabella had no idea that Princess Leila had a crush on someone else, would she have been jealous as he wished

She wasn’t so sure about that.

Maybe, it wouldn’t be jealousy, but Isabella will be concerned enough to visit him.

“I was worried about you.” Her quiet confession made his obsidian eyes widen.


“I didn’t see you at dinner, Your Highness.

I want to visit you just in case you’re sick.”

He gently wrapped his arms around her back.

She glanced up at him in bewilderment when he embraced her.

Duke Kyar felt so tall and muscular as his big hand caressed the back of her head.

“You worrying about me is good enough.” He drawled.

He seemed glad to hear that she was worried about him.

Yet, it wasn’t just his feelings that were revealed at that moment.

Duke Kyar settled his face on her shoulder and relaxed.

Hot breath tickled the back of her neck.

Isabella’s hands tried to lift his head away from her shoulder, but he didn’t budge at all.


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