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Then, she felt someone watching her fiercely.

“Princess Leila.”

Duke Kyar called her without taking his eyes off Isabella.

“What” Princess Leila replied nervously.

“Let’s take a walk in the garden with me after eating.”


Surprised by the sudden invitation, Princess Leila’s response was filled with hiccups.

Her reaction was understandable because it sounded close to a threat rather than a proposal.

It had the same vibe of  ‘Follow me to the rooftop after school.’

Isabella looked at Princess Leila sadly.

She didn’t want to walk with Duke Kyar alone.

The macaroons Kyle bought from the capital were delicious.

“This is good.” Isabella praised the macaroons with admiration.

Kyle’s smile was as bright as the sun.

“Right It’s really popular at the academy.”

“I think so.

If the shop is close to me, I would buy it and eat it every day.”

Should she say that the sweetness was kind of luxurious

Isabella swore she wouldn’t get tired of eating several of them.

“I’ll repurchase it next time.”

Kyle said, and Isabella shook her head in refusal.

“It’s alright.

I heard you had to line up as early as 8 am to buy this.

You don’t have to do that.”

“It’s not that hard.

I’m happy to see you enjoyed them very much.”

Kyle would be famous with women when he became an adult.

He would grow up as a perfect man with an affectionate and handsome appearance that resembled Duke Kyar.

Isabella looked at Kyle with a pleasant gaze.

Behind him, she saw Princess Leila and Archduke Kyar walking in the garden.

Well, she really couldn’t call it ‘walking’ if the two of them were just circling the fountain where she and Kyle sat.

“Uncle, you’re a bit strange today.”

Kyle commented as he glanced at Duke Kyar and Princess Leila.

“I know.”

Princess  Leila would think twice about visiting Rubella Castle every year if he kept harassing people like that.

As expected, she found it exhausting when she was out of Duke Kyar’s sight.

Isabella regarded Kyle again.

“Shall we go back to my room now I will give you the medicine that I made.”

“Yes, that would be great.”

Princess Leila and Archduke Kyar were so distracting that she couldn’t even enjoy a relaxing tea time with Kyle.

Duke Kyar’s gaze was too intense that she turned away from it.

Then, Isabella walked with Kyle.

Kyle entered Isabella’s room and smiled shyly when he saw his painting on the wall.

“You have placed my painting  up on the wall.”

“I’ll never remove it from there.

I liked it.”

Kyle scratched his cheek shyly.

“I’ll work hard in learning how to draw.

I’ll paint a more beautiful portrait of you next time.”

“You drew this well, though.”

“I can draw better than this,” Kyle said, and Isabella nodded with a grin.

“I’ll look forward to it.

How’s your training going”She asked.

Kyle beamed and opened his palms.

He had formed more ice crystals in his hands compared to the last.

“Wow, you’re incredible.

It’s good to see you level up more and more.”

“It’s all thanks to you.”

“No, it’s all thanks to the young master’s efforts.

Now, this is the medicine for next week.

If you feel something is wrong with your body, you have to stop taking medication right away, alright

There were no rare side effects reported from this medicine yet, but Isabella reminded him just in case.

“Yes, I know.

You don’t have to worry.” Kyle replied.

Isabella was so proud of him.

She understood how parents feel when they love their children so much.

Although Kyle was not the child she gave birth to, Isabella was proud of his achievements.


Luches stood in front of Duke Kyar nervously.

The Archduke complained that none of the methods he told him to do had worked on Isabella.

“Why I just did what you told me.

Why isn’t Isabella responding”

Taking out his handkerchief from his pocket, Luches wiped the cold sweat off his forehead and winced.

“Well, I don’t know.”

“Do girls usually not get jealous”

“That’s impossible.

If you have feelings for the one you liked, you will be jealous.

If you don’t get jealous, you don’t like that person–”

Luches spoke excitedly but shut his mouth immediately when he felt Duke Kyar emitting spine-chilling ice from his body.


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