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“You don’t want to stay like that, do you In the meantime, I’ve improved a lot on my studies.”

His cold, hard eyes and grim countenance made it seem like he heard something very unpleasant.


Don’t get me wrong.

I don’t love you.

Don’t expect anything from me.”

“Then please cooperate.

When I have time, I’ll visit Your Highness.

So even if it’s hard, just a little bit–”

“I’m not tired.

And I don’t find it hard not to see you.”

Her plan to provoke him had succeeded.

Perhaps, his pride was quite hurt since Duke Kyar stared at her quite fiercely before he turned around and went out.

“Isabella, are you okay Duke Kyar looks mad.

The chill that came out of him was scarier than normal!”

Ignis squawked loudly and flew to her side when Duke Kyar disappeared.

“It’s okay.

You’re a proud one so that you won’t look for me for a while.”

She had guessed right.

Duke Kyar did not visit her even during mealtime.

She ate in comfort for a long time the instant she had escaped his obsessive gaze.

She was able to focus more on her research of creating the antidote.

A total of 31 ingredients were included in the love potion.

It was not 31 flavors of ice cream, but finding all of these ingredients and purifying them was as difficult as memorizing the entire contents of thick medical books.

Furthermore, it seemed impossible to make the antidote with the herbs she originally had.

“Should I go to the forest”

She heard that there were many rare herbs inside Rubella Castle’s forest.

Medicinal herbs that cured the disease of the heroine, Seria, also existed in the forest cave.

The herb, which is difficult to obtain, existed in large quantities.

Isabella treats the heroine Seria in the novel by buying that particular herb in large quantities at such a low price.

After that, Isabella’s story never came out, but she must have been richer with the herbs that she had bought.

She grinned widely as she recalled her future of turning into a wealthy woman.

However, to leave Rubella Castle and walk along the path of fortune, she had to make an antidote.

Let’s look around the forest first.

“Ignis, I will go to the forest.”

She left the room after talking to Ignis, who was rested by the window under the warm sunlight.

The people of Rubella Castle stared at her with curiosity as she left the castle while wearing thin garments and no coat.

Perhaps, it was because of the coldness in the North or the coldness emitted by Duke Kyar himself.

The people who worked in this castle wore clothes made of thick cotton that she found uncomfortable.

Should she sell her red medicine to people

As she dreamed of becoming rich in the future, she diligently calculated what she required in her head.

There were plenty of ingredients to make the red medicine.

It would not be wrong to raise funds for her basic needs in this castle, and it would be an investment for her future.

As she continued to think about it, she caught Luches walking in the garden.

When she arrived in this castle, he wore a white suit and greeted her.

He was the second son of Count Halen’s family, and he was currently working as an aide to Archduke Kyar.

He was a very kind and warm-looking man with dark blond hair and soft pumpkin eyes.

Was it because of his appearance that she liked him so much

The instant she saw Luches, a natural smile spread across her lips.

“Hello, assistant.” She greeted brightly, and he lowered his head in a greeting as he flashed her a refreshing smile.

“Nice to meet you, Lee–”

Luches, who tried to utter her name, paused and pressed his lips shut.

Yeah, life is precious.

It was only natural for him to react like this.

“Where are you going”

Luches asked, glancing at the bag she had carried behind her back.

“I’m going to the forest and find some herbs to use.”

“I see.

Aren’t you cold in that outfit”

He asked her who was concerned about her health.

Smiling, she nodded in response.

This man’s face wasn’t just warm and cheerful, but his heart was warm, as well.

“It’s okay.

Oh, my.

 Assistant, do you want to try this medicine”

She chose Luches as the first customer.

According to her calculation,  Luches, who the people of Rubella Castle trust, would not hesitate to purchase the drug if it worked.

The number of people working in this castle was enormous.

It was equivalent to the population of most local small cities, including the number of knights up to the 5th Knights and not to mention the rest of the servants.

She thought she could make quite a lot of money by selling it with just a little profit.

“If I take this medicine, will I be like him”

He had monitored Duke Kyar, who became strange after drinking a love potion.

It made sense that he was wary.

At that point, she quickly shook her head.

“It’s not like that.

It’s a medicine that warms your body.”


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