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The sky over Rubella Castle was sunny without a single cloud in contrast to the hot springs where the snow had poured like crazy.

Luches and Marc enjoyed their relaxation time from Duke Kyar’s absence.

“The weather is so nice today.”

Sitting in the garden, Mark told Luches as they drank tea.

“That’s what I’m saying.

Did he go to the hot spring right away”

Luches asked, and Mark nodded calmly.

“I heard the assistant taught him how to do it.”


A vacation is the best opportunity for a man and woman to get closer.

Is it true that your Highness took the antidote” Luches asked as he glanced at the precious watch that was once his next to Marc’s teacup.

“I think you’ve gotten worse than before.”

“I’m serious, you know But at the same time, I’m relieved.

I thought that his Highness would live alone for the rest of his life.”

Duke Kyar was not interested in others, and he wasn’t interested in women in particular.

If it weren’t for Isabella’s love potion, they wouldn’t have had this kind of relationship in the first place.

Yet, fate could be very mean.

Even such a meeting could also be fate’s doing.

Anyway, Marc was glad to see this change to the Archduke.

Duke Kyar looked very happy these days.

Luches wasn’t very happy with the Duke interested in Isabella, a commoner, but Marc was satisfied with her.

First of all, she was grateful for changing his master, the Archduke Kyar, to this extent.

“Are you saying that declining a  fine luxury villa next to the hot spring and choosing to build a small cabin instead is normal”

The man interrogated him.

Luches asked in desperation, and Mark swallowed a smirk.

“You were the one who  suggested to the Archduke that it would be better to stay in a cozy space as close as possible with your companion during the vacation.”

“But I didn’t know he would dare push away a decent villa.

It would be a joy to go and live there to rest for a while.”

Luches muttered gloomily and lowered his head.

“How much  did  the Archduke like her”

“That’s what I’m saying.

I never imagined that his Highness would do this for anyone else.”

“That’s how love is.”

Luches squinted at Marc’s romantic remark.

This wasn’t like him.

“Have you ever been in love”

Marc’s expression was quite veiled.

There was not much information about him except that he was from Count Millen’s family.

Luches only knew that Marc worked at Rubella Castle for fifteen years.

Marc was a handsome middle-aged man with a gentle disposition.

It made him immensely popular with the women in Rubella’s Castle.

Several women who worked in this castle had Marc as their first love for a long time.

However, Mark showed no interest in any of these women.

Luches thought that perhaps it was Marc, not Archduke Kyar, who needed the magic of the love potion.

“There was once a woman who I loved so much.”

Luches’ eyes grew wide at Marc’s unexpected answer.

“Really What kind of woman was she”

“It’s a secret.

Now, let’s go to work.”

He must want the woman to remain anonymous.

Luches shook his head when he saw Marc stand up and leave first.


The small table was filled with food.

The food was warm despite the snow.

Perhaps, the magic in the basket kept the food warm.

“I’m relieved that we have food in here.”

At first, she was worried about whether she should hunt through this heavy snow or not.

Yet, Isabella was relieved to see that the food supply was enough for two.

“I know that I can’t starve you.

You are serious when it comes to food.”

“It’s because I had starved so much when I used to live in the mountains.

Failure in hunting means starvation.”

Isabella replied calmly, recalling those days in the mountains.

She remembered the things that had happened in the past.

Perhaps, it was because she lived in a similar cabin like this.

“That’s why you were so good at archery.”

He said, nodding as if he understood where her archery skills came from.

“That’s right.”

“Why were you living alone in such a mountain”

The unexpected question embarrassed her.

She also had no idea why Isabella lived in such a mountain alone.

Ignice didn’t seem to know the reason either.

Isabella was already living alone in the cabin since she signed a contract with Ifrit, the spirit of fire.

Come to think of it.

Honestly,  Isabella seemed very mysterious.

“Why You don’t want to tell me about it” Duke Kyar asked, slightly frowning at her silence.

“Just– It just happened.”

It was the best answer she could give.

Perhaps, he didn’t like the answer much.

Duke Kyar still stared at her questioningly.

“What about your family”

Isabella sighed and said, “I don’t have any.”

He paused for a moment and glanced at her.


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