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Isabella’s only response was to look at Duke Kyar warily to her embarrassment.

Her face began to heat up when Duke Kyar mentioned the word ‘affection’.

Maybe, it was because she could see his solid chest through his open robes.

“What kind of ‘affection’ do you mean, Your Highness”

Duke Kyar suppressed a laugh while looking at her.

“I think you are having naughty thoughts.”

He hit the nail right on its head, and Isabella was at a loss for words.

Honestly, how many people would not think impure thoughts in this situation

Furthermore, it would be strange not to think about it when he was almost naked like that.

“I want to get closer to you.” He said as he raised his hand to sweep over his wet hair.

The movement opened the robe he was wearing even more, slightly revealing his broad shoulders.

No matter how hard she tried to avoid her gaze, it continued to fixate on his open robes.

She thought it would be less seductive if he took off everything, that’s all.

He was the one trying to tempt her with his body.

How could he say that I was the impure one!

Isabella somehow felt unfair.

“Can you please dress properly I don’t think that robe is good.” He curiously stared at her as if he was trying to examine every nuance of her expression.

Isabella quickly avoided his gaze.

“You seem to like it, though.”

Isabella was furious at his words.

“No, I don’t.

I don’t like it at all.”

“Really Well, just say so.”

“But what happened Didn’t you have one more day left until for final expedition”

Duke Kyar was a sharp man who would follow such a tight schedule.

That is why she never thought he would be here.

“I have overdone it, so I finished it a day earlier.

Nothing would happen here.

I left my footmen behind, as well.”

“So, you’re going to stay here with me for the day”

This cabin looked smaller than the barracks they had previously spent the night with.

Isabella couldn’t believe she had to be alone with him in such a small space.

She found it uncomfortable just thinking about it.

His muscular body was too dangerous for her heart, as if he just came out straight from her impure imagination.

She thought it would be better to just return to the castle.

“If you’re thinking of going back to your castle, you’d better give that up.”

She found Duke Kyar’s words suspicious as if he had divined her thoughts.


“You can’t get out of here today.”

He pointed at the window, and Isabella turned towards it.

Snow poured heavily outside.

The sky was evident when she arrived at the cabin, but she suddenly didn’t know what was going on.

Isabella hurriedly approached the door in puzzlement.

When she opened the door, the thick and heavy snow had already blocked the front of the cabin.

“It would rise even more if you are going to the hot spring right now.” He spoke calmly as he stood behind her while looking outside.

Isabella narrowed her eyes at his face, wondering how he could be calm in this situation.

By any chance

“Were you the one making all this snow”

She asked, and he burst into laughter.


She didn’t want to doubt him, but if she considered his tremendous abilities, she just couldn’t help but refuse to believe him.

Did he require a lot of power to make snowfall

“Why don’t you close the door first Unless you want the cabin to be covered with snow, as well.”

He was right.

If they stayed like this, the inside of the cabin would be covered with snow.

“When will it stop” Isabella asked with a sigh as she closed the door.

“Well, I don’t think it’s easy to stop in the blink of an eye.

Shall we eat first”

“Is there even something to eat”

Isabella was already very hungry.

She hadn’t even had lunch yet in her rush to arrive here early.

He picked up a basket under a small table next to the bed.

As soon as he opened the basket, Isabella forgot her worries and concerns.

“Wow, that looks so good.” She exclaimed.

A soft smile spread across her lips as soon as she saw the food.



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