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Grinning, Isabella raised her hand to remove the crumbs from Ria’s mouth.

At Isabella’s touch, Ria glanced up at her with sparkling eyes.

“You seem like a lovely person.”

Isabella was upset about how she could feel so touched by such trivial things.

Despite losing her memory, Ria was similar to Kyle because both were hungry for affection.

Well, it made sense for her to be that way.

After all, she was raised by a stepmother who tried to poison the crown prince and kill him because it’s worth it.

From Ria’s point of view, she was better off without these memories.

“What’s this”

Ria asked as she looked at the frame in Isabella’s hand.

“Oh, this It’s young master Kyle’s.

He is Duke Kyar’s nephew.

He is the person who drew me a portrait.” Isabella answered proudly while placing the picture frame on her desk.

“What do you think He did a great job, right”

Ria nodded in agreement.


“Young master Kyle is good at everything.

I like this portrait he made for me.

Where should I hang it”

Rubbing her chin in contemplation, Isabella grimly stared at the spaces on her walls to ideally determine which spot she would hang the portrait.

“Hey, I should get going.”

Ria’s voice was weak.

“Already Didn’t you come to my room because you wanted to tell me something”

Isabella asked and lifted an eyebrow, but Ria merely shook her head.

“I just came because I missed you.

Then I’ll be back in a little while.”


See you later, Ria.”

After seeing Ria off, Isabella decided to put the precious portrait on the wall in front of the bed.

As soon as she asked Marc for help, servants had quickly arrived to assist her with hanging Kyle’s painting on the wall.

“Ignis, didn’t you do a great job”  Isabella asked Ignis, who sat on her shoulder while admiring the proof of Kyle’s painting skills hung on the wall.

“The child had glorified you too much! That Isabella is prettier than the real one.!”

Isabella frowned at Ignis’ bluntness.

Still, Ignis’ eyes did seem normal compared to all the people surrounding her.

Suddenly, the door opened, and Lia ran crying.

“What’s wrong, Ria Did something happen” Isabella asked.

It was surprising that she continued to cry.

“Ria, what’s wrong with you What’s going on–”

“Sister, I think I’m wrong.” Ria interrupted her and tried to explain, but Isabella couldn’t comprehend it.

What did she mean that was wrong


“I wanted to draw your pretty face like he did, too.

But, my skills are as bad as my poetry.”

Ria sniffed as he held out a bunch of papers in her hand.

Then, she saw a drawing she made that closely resembled Munch’s ‘Scream’ instead of a living person.

She could understand Ria’s frustration a little bit.

“Well, I think it’s alright.” Isabella managed to squeeze out compliments from her lips, but Lia only lowered her head brokenly.

“I’m sorry, sister.

This is the only talent I have.

I thought it would be nice if my painting could also grace your room.”

“I’ll hang it.

I like your drawing too.”

“No, I am not that shameless.

I’ll try harder.”

Ria cast a tearful glance at Kyle’s painting on the wall before she ran out of her room.

Many papers fell from Ria’s hands before landing on the floor while she escaped from there.

Just in time, Duke Kyar entered her room and picked up the paper.

“This is terrible.”

Isabella winced at Archduke Kyar’s cold-hearted evaluation.

“What happened”

Her constant visitors had threatened to drive her insane with their antics.

“Your Highness.

You didn’t draw my face, did you” He was the only person remaining who had the guts to do things like this.

Isabella asked warily.

“There’s no reason for me to compete with a child.”

Duke Kyar seemed to have forgotten all the atrocities after drinking the antidote.

Maybe this was why humans were regarded as oblivious animals.

“Instead, I have something to give you.”

Duke Kyar said and took a step closer to her.

“What’s that”

Isabella became more nervous as he approached, so she took a step back.

Yet, the gap between them wasn’t far enough because Duke Kyar had advanced swiftly towards her.

Unfortunately, she had no space to withdraw anymore.

He was close enough that she could feel his breath.

Isabella glanced up at him with trembling eyes, and at that moment, he slowly reached for her neck.


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