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As he entered the restaurant with Isabella, Duke Kyar stared at Kyle as if he had a question he had to ask.

Perhaps, Kyle came straight to her without even greeting the Duke and saying hello.

It appeared like he didn’t know that Kyle had come from his expression.

“Kyle, what happened I thought you said you couldn’t make it this week because of the exams.”

“Oh, I am studying here so that I can concentrate better.

I will be descending to the North every week.” Kyle replied.

Duke Kyar stared at him in disapproval.

“Young master Kyle.

Like you, I also think that this place brought me comfort.

 I feel more at ease here in Rubella Castle as if it was my home.”

Duke Kyar seemed to feel a little better upon hearing that.

She glanced at Duke Kyar, who ate his breakfast in silence, before flashing a smile at Kyle.

It would be easier for Kyle to admit he was here to cultivate his ice energy, but he still insisted on keeping it a secret from his uncle.

Isabella respected Kyle’s desire to tell Duke Kyar the truth after improving his abilities.

“Shall we eat now”

“Oh, before that, I have something for you.

Please wait a moment.” Kyle interrupted, and Isabella’s eyes widened.

What else was he trying to give her

Isabella became strangely nervous whenever one of these men told her that they had something for her.

Kyle had left and returned to the restaurant while carrying a large frame.

Then, he shyly placed the frame in front of Isabella.

“During my art class at the academy, we were told to draw the most precious person we knew.

So I drew my sister.”

Isabella felt a little embarrassed when Kyle said he had drawn her and not his uncle, Duke Kyar.

Fortunately, Duke Kyar didn’t seem to care much.

Isabella accepted Kyle’s frame without guilt.

She gasped when she saw the portrait.

Kyle wasn’t just good at studying.

She could not hide her surprise when he saw Kyle’s painting.

His painting abilities were top-notch that Isabella concluded she was much prettier in his portrait than the real one.

Isabella couldn’t take her eyes off Kyle’s painting.

He had expressed her in the portrait as a real-life fairy.

“Young master Kyle, I like it.

I think this painting is even prettier than me–”

“I don’t think so.” Duke Kyar cut her off and spoke lowly while examining the picture.

Then he stared at Kyle grimly.

“Kyle, you need to study more about painting.”

Isabella found Duke Kyar’s evaluation ridiculous, but Kyle only nodded vigorously in agreement.

“Yes, I realized that after drawing sister Isabella.

I’m not good at painting.”

At Kyle’s gentle acceptance, Isabella shook her head.

“No, you did a great job.”

“Thank you for your kind words.”

Isabella was rendered speechless at Kyle’s response.

Her sincerity wasn’t supposed to come off as a false compliment.

Now, she was curious how she usually appeared in their eyes.

No matter how much she looked at it, Kyle’s painting was more beautiful than the reflection she saw in the mirror every day.

Isabella felt frustrated that both men weren’t satisfied with the portrait.

“I’ll do better with painting next time,” Kyle vowed to get better with his ambition, and Duke Kyar regarded him with pleasantly.


Work harder.”

“Yes, I will.”

“It’s hard to express a portrait of a person’s face.” Duke Kyar spoke seriously as he scanned her face.

“That’s right.

Even if my skills improve, I don’t think I’ll be able to draw my sister lovelier than what I see in front of me.” Kyle responded to Duke Kyar’s opinion.

Isabella scratched her forehead awkwardly.

Was Duke Kyar doing this on purpose to make her feel embarrassed

However, their eyes seemed a little too serious that she didn’t know what to say.

The two men seemed to have an overflowing affection for her.


After finishing her meal, Isabella greeted Kyle, who seemed ready to train.

Pleased, she tightly held the frame Kyle had given her in her arms as she returned to her room.


Ria was already in her room, smiling as she welcomed Isabella.

“Did you wait for me for long”

“No, I just got here.”

“Did you have lunch” She asked and nodded in response.

Ria usually smiled with her eyes until they shaped into crescent moons.

Isabella found it very cute.

“Yes, I ate until I’m full.”

She guessed that Ria enjoyed it.


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