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In the meantime, the construction of the research institute is on its way, so she had to pay attention to so many things about the building.

All famous architects in the Empire have participated in Duke Kyar’s orders to submit their lab designs.

The interior designs of laboratory facilities where therapeutic drugs are made were far more important.

The external appearance of the research institute had nothing to do with it.

Tired of looking at all of these designs, Isabella made Ignis choose.

Ignis picked an architectural design with his beak without much thought.

However, Isabella still had so many things to choose from after that.

It was tough to start a business, but Isabella’s heart still jumped with joy, knowing she was building the research institute she had had ever dreamed of.

One good thing, though, was that Duke Kyar didn’t bother her.

He must have been shocked after Isabella had remarked on his excessive jealousy, so he tried to be more careful this time.

Duke Kyar often came to her room to stare at her and then disappear afterward.


One thought led to another, and she suddenly felt pain in the flame-shaped wound on her shoulder.

She got used to this affliction to some extent.

Isabella sat on the bed and covered her shoulders with her hands.



At that moment, she heard an unfamiliar voice calling her name.

She heard that voice in her sleep, but this was the first time she had perceived it awake.

Isabella jumped out of bed and searched her surroundings.

However, no one was in her room except Ignis, sitting by the window.

“Isabel–” The voice called her again, but it faded away little by little.

At the same time, the pain in her wound subsided.

“Ignis,” Isabella called, and Ignis flew to her side.

“What is wrong, Isabella”

“Did you hear that voice”

“What voice are you talking about”

Was she the only one who heard that voice

Then, someone knocked on her door.

Too nervous from hearing that unfamiliar voice, Isabella hurriedly turned towards the door.

She opened the door, and Kyle entered her room.

“Young master Kyle”

Isabella’s eyes widened at Kyle’s sudden appearance.

He told her previously that he couldn’t visit this weekend because it was exam season.

“I was so curious that I couldn’t just stay in school this weekend.

Are you staying at Rubella Castle for another year”

Kyle asked, and Isabella nodded with a smile.


It happened to be like that.”

“Did you fail to make the antidote”

“That’s not it.

But I don’t think the antidote worked very well.”

She didn’t expect Duke Kyar’s heart to be sincere towards her.

Well, after accidentally force-feeding Duke Kyar with the love potion, things rarely went as she expected.

Thanks to that, a research institute will be built in Rubella Castle.

Isabella was fortunate to meet good people like Kyle and Ria.

Of course, it wasn’t because she disliked Duke Kyar either.

He was the person to whom she was most grateful.

That was how she felt about him now.

It wasn’t love, but she admitted that she was grateful to meet such a good person.

If he disappeared from her life, it would feel a little empty, or perhaps… a lot.


Kyle stared at her face, wondering whom she had been talking to.


“No, I’m happy that you’re here.”

“I’m happy too because I can still you for a while longer.”

“There’s something I want to show you,” Kyle said as he reached out to her.

After a while, a small ice crystal appeared on Kyle’s palm.

Her eyes grew as she examined the cute tiny ice grains akin to snowflakes.

“Young master Kyle”

“I can only make these small things now, but I wanted to show them to you first.”

An eruption of cold air could quickly create ice crystals.

If Kyle stores a lot of ‘mana’ in his body, the more he could cultivate cold air.

“You’re amazing, Young Master Kyle! I can’t believe you have improved this much after a short time!”

She had no idea that Kyle would learn how to develop his skill of storing cold air inside his body quickly.

Isabella was very proud of Kyle for taking it slowly but surely, even if he could not be compared to Duke Kyar’s skill of creating terrifying ice barriers.

“It’s all thanks to you.

 I want to develop my ice abilities faster.

So I decided to return to the Castle and train every weekend.”

Although it took him a while to say that he would descend to the North every week, Kyle had no better place to train than the forest at Rubella Castle.

Recalling the place where Kyle could concentrate on creating cold air, Isabella nodded slowly.



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