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At Archduke Kyar’s sudden call, Luches visited his office nervously.

Recalling Marc’s advice to be careful not to go against him if he was in a bad mood,  Luches’ fist shook as he knocked on the door.

“Come on in.” Duke Kyar’s voice leaked through the door.

Luches breathed and gathered himself together before he opened the office door and went inside.

“You were searching for me, Your Highness”


‘Something unpleasant seemed to have happened.’ Luches thought.

Duke Kyar sat in a crooked position while he settled his chin in his hand.

“You had a lot of experience in dating, didn’t you”


What’s wrong with his flashy history about his relationships

Did one of the women he dated file a complaint against him in the past

For a while, he was plagued with all sorts of thoughts in his head.

“Is it right or not” The Archduke demanded.

“It’s not too much, but it’s a little more than others.

I’ve been reticent since I came to the Northern Kingdom.

Please believe me.”

Luches said as he stared at Archduke Kyar earnestly.

“I didn’t call you to ask about your dating experience.”

“Then why are you asking about dating all of a sudden, Your Highness”

“Don’t girls like jealous guys”

Luches was embarrassed at the Duke’s unexpected question.

“Are you a jealous guy, Your Highness”


“Well, it doesn’t matter if you’re jealous.

I like all kinds of women, but excessive jealousy can become annoying—-”

Luches shut his mouth immediately when he saw Duke Kyar’s expression turned as hard as granite.

“So if you’re jealous, then it’s annoying” Duke Kyar muttered, his face darkening as if he was heartbroken.

Luches recalled that Isabella was the only one who could turn the cool-headed Archduke into this.

He thought everything would go back to normal after the Duke drank the antidote, but somehow, he couldn’t see any difference from before.

“Of course, not all women hate that, Your Highness.

Some women like excessive jealousy.”

“If a particular woman doesn’t like excessive jealousy”

“Well, you have to try hard not to show it.

Rather, if His Highness becomes a little detached, the woman may feel disappointed and dissatisfied.

Then, she would realize the importance of His Highness, later on.”

“Detached How can I do that”

Luches couldn’t believe that the Archduke–someone who is indifferent to everything except Isabella—dared to ask this question.

“Shouldn’t you treat her the way you treat me”Luches answered carefully, and frown lines marred Duke Kyar’s forehead.

“Treat Isabella like how I treat you For me, it’s the hardest thing in the world.”

“Then why don’t you start thinking of her as me and calm down when you start feeling jealousy I want you to remember that everyone in the world doesn’t like her compared to how you feel about her, Your Highness.”

Duke Kyar cast his mysterious gaze upon him.

He e wondered why Luches didn’t like Isabella as he did.

“Each person has a different taste, Your Highness.” And on the contrary, I recommend trying to make her jealous, instead.”

“Making her jealous”

“Oh, it’s time for Princess Leila to visit here soon, right”

Duke Kyar’s face hardened at the unwelcome name.

Princess Leila was the youngest sister of the emperor of the Archion.

Despite the considerable age gap, the emperor adored Princess Leila like his biological daughter.

The emperor had appointed Duke Kyar as Princess Leila’s future husband.

He sent the princess down to the Northern Kingdom every spring three years ago.

No matter who the current Emperor was, no one could force Duke Kyar to marry against his will.

The Emperor seemed determined to attach the two of them like that.

“I’ll tell you how to make her jealous when that time comes.”

“It’s fine.”

“Shall I teach you how to win her heart”

Duke Kyar’s spine straightened immediately, and he sat upright.

He stared at Luches in interest.

It was the first time in two years since he worked for him that he got  Duke Kyar’s undivided attention.


Seria or Ria’s social skills were commendable.

Ever since Ria’s promotion at the fountain, the red medicine had been selling like hotcakes.

She even ran out of ingredients and had to order new ones.

She raised the price a little more compared to that first day.

Yet everyone still bought the red medicine without word of mouth.

This was all thanks to Ria.

Isabella decided to give Ria her share of thirty percent from the profits, but she refused because she claimed she didn’t need money.

However, she just couldn’t ignore Ria’s needs when Isabella got so much help from her.

Ria was a lucky charm that she wanted to be with for the rest of her life.


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