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Seria muttered her new name quietly before flashing her a bright smile.

“I really like it but I don’t know why it sounds familiar.”

Isabella used the second syllable of her real name to identify Seria, and calling her with this nickname sounded friendly.

Isabella felt proud that Seria loved the name she gave her.

“I’m glad you like it.

I’ll call you Ria from now on.”

“Yes, but can I ask you a favor”


Feel free to tell me about it.”

“Can you talk to me comfortably so that I will feel closer to you”

Ria stared at Isabella without blinking as she anticipated her response.




Isabella couldn’t help but avoid Ria’s gaze, but the other girl was screaming in excitement.

Isabella threw her head back and laughed at her childlike innocence.

“By the way, what do I have to do”

Ria’s silver-grey eyes watched her with interest when Isabella picked the red medicine up from her desk.

“Do you want to try this potion If you drink this, your body will warm up on its own.”

No matter how many spring seasons pass in this Kingdom, the North’s cold weather remains persistent.

The sunshine made their winter a little warmer, but the cold remained.

The North is where the temperature will only rise above zero during the summer.

“Really That’s great.

This Kingdom is very cold.”

Ria didn’t doubt the effects of the medicine she made.

She drank it without hesitation and handed her the bottle afterward.

“Wow,” Ria exclaimed in a low voice after drinking the red medicine.

“This medicine is cool.

My body gets warm after drinking it.

Did you make it”


It’s effective, right The medicine’s properties will last for about a week.

I’ will give this to you whenever you need it.”

“Wow, you must be a genius.

Plus, you are kind as an angel.”

Isabella grimaced at Ria’s excessive praise, and she found it hard to get used to it.

“Is this medicine related to what I should be doing”

Isabella nodded at Lia’s clever question.


If it’s okay, can you promote this medicine to  the rest of the people”

She needed basic data before she started the research institute.

Isabella was curious about what kinds of medicine the people would respond to.

Even if she wanted to learn and find them out, herself, the people working in the castle were too wary of her.

Would people show some interest if Ria promoted the potions for her

It felt much better than doing it herself.

“I like that idea! It’s such an honor to promote the medicine you made.”

Ria believed in her very much.

She constantly followed her around after she saved her life.

Should Isabella have trusted and followed Duke Kyar’s orders

She had no idea.

This situation had already veered far away from the original novel.

It’s a little sad that Isabella’s reckless actions were the cause of why the original plot had been ruined.

Well, whatever.

She wanted to focus on her job at the research institute in Rubella Castle.


Flashing the Archduke’s secretary a lazy smile, Marc reached out to  Luches’ trembling hands while he held the watch he cherished very much.

“Are you sure Your Highness had  taken the antidote”

Mark nodded slowly without losing his smile.

“Is it the right antidote How can I trust the lady’s skills”

Luches asked Marc in frustration.

He hated turning over his precious watch to the butler.

“I checked in with His Highness personally.

If you are still skeptical, ask the Archduke yourself.”

Luches lowered his head.

He was scared to ask Duke Kyar about it personally.

“It’s a watch that I cherish.”

“I will cherish it a lot, too.”

“Currently, it’s a limited edition that I can’t even get back.”

“I’ll give you some time to bid your farewell.”

Mark lifted the teacup from the table while his free hand had reached out to the secretary.

From the corner of his eye, Marc could see people flocking by the fountain in the middle of the garden.

“Something must be happening on that fountain.”

“Is the situation more serious than mine” Luches murmured.

He touched his watch affectionately as if he regretted to part with it.

“I should get going.”


Mark ignored Luches’ question and walked toward the middle of the garden.

There, he witnessed a crowd had gathered like clouds in the sky as they focused on the woman standing in front of the fountain.

“Can you see what I’m wearing right now I’m wearing such thin clothes, but I don’t feel cold at all.

If you drink this medicine, you won’t ever catch a chill.”


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