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Come to think of it.

It was like that from the beginning.

Usually, most people didn’t even make eye contact with him, but Isabella was different.

He remembered how her beautiful face had shown courage, not daring to avoid his cold, stern gaze.

Maybe that’s when his feelings for her had started, but at that time, he was not aware of it yet.


Isabella felt more comfortable after her conversation with Duke Kyar.

“Should I have just asked him to do it 6 to 4”

Of course, she can’t help but regret her choice.

As she pushed away the greed invading her mind, she returned to her room with a light heart.

Isabella’s eyes widened upon seeing Seria.

Seria had worn navy maid clothing with the symbol of the Kyar Family as she cleaned her room.

“Why are you cleaning here” She asked in surprise, and Seria smiled brightly.

“The butler allowed me to work in this castle.

From today on, I will be in charge of sis—I mean, my Lady’s room.”

It appeared like Marc had told Seria to address her as ‘My  Lady.’

Isabella shook her head from side to side when the burdensome title reached her ears.

“You can call me ‘sister’ comfortably.”

Seria was still the princess of the Lillit Kingdom, even if she was abandoned.

Isabella couldn’t stand Seria calling her ‘My Lady.’

It was so uncomfortable to think about it.

“Really” Seria glanced up at her with sparkling eyes.

Isabella found her so adorable that it brought a smile to her face.


I prefer you call me that.”

“Thank you, sister.


You don’t have to do any of this because I clean my room.

Didn’t you hear it from Mei”

Isabella asked and mentioned Mei’s name, initially the maid in charge of her room.

She had so many herbs and things too fragile and precious that Isabella wouldn’t let anybody else clean her room.

“She told me, but I still want to do it.

I want to be a person who can help you.”

Seria’s smile brightened her face as if it was made of sunlight.

Isabella made him feel better just by looking at her.

At once, she understood why Duke Kyar fell in love with Seria in the original novel.

But is it okay like this

Seria had worked as a maidservant at Rubella Castle, which was similar to what happened in the original novel, but the rest of the plot had taken a different route.

Isabella felt terrible at the possibility that she was a hindrance to Seria’s bright future.

“I’ll work hard.” Seria gathered both of her hands eagerly.

Her words never failed to make her weak.

“Yes, of course.”

Since she had no choice but to give her permission, Isabella anxiously watched Seria clean her room.

If the original novel was to be followed–

She heard a loud crackling sound.

Seria was too clumsy at mop.

She accidentally grazed a medicine bottle on her desk, and it shattered into pieces.

This was similar to the original novel.

Seria was a princess who was terrible at housework.

She had never done this before, so it was natural that she made mistakes.

“I’m sorry.”

Ceria rushed towards her as she glanced at the broken bottle tearfully.

Honestly, she already expected this, so Isabella shook her head and smiled gently.

“It’s alright, but I think I should finish cleaning my room instead.

I have so many fragile things here.”

Seria’s expression darkened.

“Well, can I ask you to do something else instead”

Seria’s expression brightened up instantly.

“Something else What is it I’ll do whatever you ask me to do.”

Seria was burning with willpower, but she was just too cute in Isabella’s eyes.

It felt like having a cute younger sister following her around.


Again, Isabella almost mentioned her name without meaning to and her lips pressed into a mulish line.

First of all, she thought about what to call Seria instead of her real name.

“Before I ask you to work, I think we need to decide on your name first.

Is there a name you’d like to be called that comes to mind”

She asked, and Seria shook her head ‘no’ gloomily.

Then, Seria’s face suddenly brightened up as if she had a good idea.

“If you don’t mind, will you name me I think whatever you think of would be good.”

She looked at Seria, who had brought her hands together.

Isabella could only feel agony at that moment.

“What about the name Lia”

Isabella asked as she carefully observed her reaction.


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