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“Oh, so that bird’s name was Ignis Wow, there must be something unique about you for raising a talking bird.

You must be a fairy.

Not a human.

How can you be so beautiful”

Isabella blushed at Seria’s compliment as she laced her fingers together in discomfort.

“No, you’re prettier.”

Isabella almost uttered Seria’s name when the woman couldn’t even recall it in front of her.

She must be careful that she wouldn’t get caught knowing it.

“By the way, you shouldn’t say my name in front of His Highness.”

It would be alright for her to do that after Duke Kyar took the antidote.

But until then, she had to be careful not to offend Seria.

“Really Can I call you Fairy”

Seria asked brightly, and Isabella quickly shook her head.


It was embarrassing to be called a fairy.

“Just call me, sister.

I think I’m older than you.”

Indeed, she was older, but at least it would be repulsive than being called a fairy.

“Sister,” Seria whispered, and her cheeks turned red.

“I love it so much.” Isabella gave her a shy smile, loving the adorable expressions and sparkling eyes Seria showed when she uttered the word.

If she were a man, she would have fallen in love with Seria at first sight.

“I feel like I am in heaven now.

I have a cute younger brother, as well.

Shall we go eat now” Isabella asked, and Seria nodded, smiling brightly.

After eating, Isabella thought about giving the antidote to Duke Kyar immediately.

When he comes back to his senses after drinking the antidote, wouldn’t he let Seria, the heroine, stay in the castle

In the original novel, Seria couldn’t remember that she was the princess of the Lilit Kingdom, so she worked as an employee at Rubella Castle.

The two had stayed together.

At first, Duke Kyar found Seria to be bothersome, but as time passed, his attraction to Seria increased because of her cheerful, cute, and innocent personality.

It was up to both of them to build the plot up like the original novel.

She would hand Duke Kyar the antidote and leave the castle afterward.

Then, it would all be over.

Isabella entered the restaurant with Seria beside her as she thought about one idea after another.

Duke Kyar, who was at the Dining Hall, looked at both of them in dissatisfaction.

“Why did the both of you enter the Dining Hall at the same time”

“I gave the lady some clothes to wash up and change.

She couldn’t eat in those rags.”

Duke Kyar frowned at her well-thought excuse.


You are not allowed to share your interest with other people.” He said coldly and glared at Seria.


Seria trembled under his scrutiny and immediately hid behind Isabella’s back.

Was this okay as it was

She looked at the male and female protagonists back and forth.

They were acting the exact opposite of how they should behave in the novel!

Isabella grabbed her hair.

“Get off her back, girl.”

Isabella quickly blocked him after he attempted to blow some ice at Seria again.

“Let’s eat first.

I’m so hungry, Your Highness.”

Isabella gave Duke Kyar an earnest look, and he finally cooled down.

“She told me that we could go to the Dining Hall and eat.”

It would be better for now.

Seria also thought it would be more comfortable, so she looked at Isabella and nodded her head.

Isabella raised her hand and called the nearby servant.

“Please escort her out of the Dining Hall.”

“Yes, my Lady.”

Seria followed the servant outside the Dining Hall, and Isabella’s gaze followed Seria in concern.

“Stop staring at her and sit down.”

She observed Duke Kyar’s jealousy on Seria, and she swallowed a sigh.

“Marc said you found her”

Archduke Kyar looked at her as she sat on her chair.

“Yes, that’s right.

I’ll come to your office for you to try it after eating.”

He nodded silently.

This will be the last time they eat together in the Dining Hall.

Isabella felt a little disappointed as she thought about it.

She would miss these delicious foods that she had received just by sitting in comfort.

Despite feeling grumpy, she thought she would miss Duke Kyar for feeding her the most delicious food.


After eating, Isabella returned to her room and took the finished antidote.

Then, she visited Duke Kyar’s office.

He was seated at his desk,  looking at his documents.

Duke Kyar’s gaze was unreadable.

He had already heard from Mark that she had completed the antidote.

Isabella smiled brightly and offered the antidote in her hand.

“The antidote is finally complete.”


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