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She had run away from her people and escaped the Lilit Kingdom, so it was natural for her to look like this.

The last time she heard about Seria was when she was in Arpeon with Duke Kyar and Kyle.

That was three months ago.

She had already fled her Kingdom since then.

How hard must it have been for her

Sera’s blonde hair was covered with dust, and her body was so thin and fragile.

Of course, she could hardly eat after her escape because she had nowhere else to go.

However, her beauty still shone despite her shabby appearance.

It doesn’t make sense if she wasn’t the female protagonist in this novel.

Duke Kyar also looked good with his muscular physique as the male protagonist.

Why was she even thinking about this

Isabella shook her head to drive these unnecessary thoughts away.

That wasn’t important right now.

“Can you bring me some water”

Isabella looked at Ceria’s thin lips when she asked the knight.

She should have given her some water before she even asked for it.

“Yes,  my Lady.”

As they waited for the knight to bring her some water, Isabella helped Seria to lean her body against her so that she could cover her with the blanket she had brought earlier.

The knight rushed to her side while holding a water bottle in his hand.

Isabella accepted it and let the water flow slowly through Seria’s parted lips.

“What are you doing”

She heard Duke Kyar ask coolly.

When Isabella raised her head in surprise, she saw  Duke Kyar stare at Seria fiercely while she fainted in her arms.

“Let her fall.”

Isabella’s eyes widened in chagrin.


“I can’t allow anyone else to be in your arms.

Even if it’s a woman.”

Isabella could only laugh at Duke Kyar’s unfounded jealousy.

‘Excuse me.

She’s the heroine!’

Isabella couldn’t say that, and it frustrated her.

She observed Duke Kyar being jealous of Seria, making her sigh inwardly.

She couldn’t even recognize the female protagonist.

Seria’s eyelids began trembling as she lay in her arms.

Suddenly, she opened her eyes, and the lovely silver-grey in them was breathtaking.


From out of nowhere, Seria slowly blinked at Isabella and called her ‘fairy.’

She gave Seria a puzzled glance.

“Am I dead If I’m not, I might as well die.

It was cold.

I was hungry, and I had a hard time surviving independently.

Thank you so much, the pretty fairy, for picking me up.” Seria muttered dreamily.

She must have thought she was dead.

“Crazy girl.” Duke Kyar drawled as he glanced down at Seria.

After hearing Duke Kyar speak rudely to the female protagonist, Isabella suppressed a sigh.

The man didn’t even hesitate.

But, this wasn’t important.


You’re alive.”

Isabella spoke warmly to reassure Seria.

“What Am I alive”

Seria jumped to her feet when she found out that she was very much alive.

Then, she grabbed Isabella’s hands.

Her silver eyes sparkled with gratitude.

“A fairy had saved me.

Oh, my god!”

Duke Kyar blew a frosty air at Seria’s hand while clutching Isabella’s fingers.

Surprised, Ceria quickly released her.

“Only I can hold that hand.”

That statement gave Isabella a throbbing headache.

It seemed like this situation had veered in another entirely different direction from the original novel.

Is this first meeting alright for the two main characters if both were supposed to fall in love with each other

“Oops, fairy.

Who is that scary man Is that a devil”


Still, it was fortunate that this part was similar to the original novel.

Seria had called Duke Kyar a ‘devil’ as soon as she saw him.

At that time, it was written that she had sobbed so loud and continued asking if she was dead or if the ‘devil’ had come to pick her up.

Still busy thinking about the original novel, Isabella looked at Seria calmly.

“First of all, I’m not a fairy.

I’m Isabel—”

When she tried to give Seria her name, Duke Kyar gave her a disgruntled look.

“I mean, I’m… I’m just a person.

He is the owner of this castle, the Archduke Kyar.”

Yes, there should be a few days left until she could finally introduce her name correctly to others.

She could proudly say her name after Duke Kyar takes the antidote.

Isabella suppressed her dissatisfaction as she thought about it.

“Your Highness, Kyar”

Seria’s silver-grey eyes blinked slowly as if she had never heard his name before.

Duke Kyar watched Seria coolly for not being familiar with who he was.

Sensing the danger from his hawk-like gaze, shivers ran down Seria’s spine.

“I’m sorry.

I don’t remember.”


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