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“Wow, Ignis! I succeeded!”

Ignis flapped his wings excitedly when he saw her.

“That’s a relief! I can finally leave this place with you! You have to keep your promise to go to Arpeon, Isabella!”

“Of course.

But first of all,  I’ll have to make the antidote again.”

Isabella began creating antidote no.

8 while following the step-by-step process she had recorded in her notebook.

She gazed at the antidote she had finished pleasantly.

The day had come when she was finally free from Duke Kyar.

Isabella had drank the love potion herself, so she perfectly understood everything she had done to Duke Kyar.

Isabella exhaled a quiet sigh when she recalled what she had felt when she and Ignis were briefly separated.

She felt sorry for finding Duke Kyar annoying every time he visited her room.

Come to think of it.

The Archduke was strong-willed.

While picking up the antidote, she couldn’t help but feel grateful that the Archduke hadn’t lost his sanity in the end.

“Ignis, I’ll be back.”

Isabella wanted to deliver the antidote to Duke Kyar as soon as possible.

With that thought, she ran frantically to his office.

As she stood in front of his office door, Isabella took a breath and knocked.

However, there was no response from the other side.

Tilting her head, Isabella opened the door carefully, but the office was empty.

Where did he go

Why was he away at such a critical moment

To find Duke Kyar’s whereabouts, she thought about finding Marc, Duke Kyar’s butler.

With the antidote in her hand, she wandered around the enormous castle, looking for him for about thirty minutes.

The instant she found Marc in the garden, sitting in front of the table and drinking tea, Isabella’s face brightened, and she immediately ran towards him.

“Head Butler.”

“Yes, lady.

Is something wrong”

He asked while putting his teacup down.

Isabella nodded in a hurry.

“May I know where Your Highness is”

“Oh, His Highness told me that he would be going out for a while.”

“Really” She mumbled weakly, and Marc shot her a concerned look.

“Did something bad happen”

“That’s not it.

It’s a good thing.

I finished the antidote.”

“Are you sure”

Marc’s expression lit up in an instant.


You’ve been working hard because of the love potion’s side effects, right I wanted to say sorry for all the things I have done.”

Isabella apologized to Mark, who had suffered the most from dealing with Duke Kyar after drinking the love potion.

The Archduke was hard to manage since he couldn’t control his emotions.

“No, I rather enjoyed it, my Lady.

It was nice to see a different side to His Highness, and also, thanks to you, Kyle seemed to be happier.”

Marc said warmly, and a sincere smile spread across Isabella’s lips.

“Please accompany me in the carriage while we wait for His Highness, My Lady.

 The weather is nice today.” Marc offered.

Isabella looked up at the sunlit blue sky to see if he had told the truth.

Spring was just around the corner in the Northern Kingdom.

To her standards, the North was still a cold region, and the sunlight had little effect here, even in spring.

But, she still felt better seeing such deep blue heaven after seeing numerous cloudy skies all the time.

“Shall we” Marc beckoned at the nearby servant to bring him another cup of tea.

Then, a Knight, carrying another woman in his back, caught their eyes as he ran towards the castle.

Mark hurriedly raised his hand and stopped the Knight.

“What’s going on” Marc asked, and the knight breathed roughly in response.

“This woman had collapsed in front of our gates.”

Isabella’s blue eyes grew wide.

She could immediately tell who the woman was just from her golden hair.

Seria Lilith.

She was the heroine of this novel.

“I don’t know who this woman is.

How can she be so careless—”

“Can you lay her down on the bench first”

Isabella interrupted Marc’s words and ordered the knight.


“I’ll bring medicine for her.”

Isabella said and hurriedly rushed into the castle.

She went straight up to her bedroom and packed a bag containing a variety of medicines along with a clean blanket.

“Isabella! What happened.”

“I’m sorry, Ignis.

I’ll tell you later.”

Isabella answered, effectively cutting him off, and dashed towards the garden again.

The knight guarded Seria as she lay on the bench.

Still seated in front of the table, Marc stared at Seria warily.

Of course, Mark’s position was understandable.

He had considered Seria to be a mess, and he had no choice but to do so.


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