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“The news traveled really fast.”

His headache got worse the more he looked at her.

No, maybe it wasn’t his head that was hurting, but it was his mind.

“Do you have to be so stubborn Why are you refusing to take medicine”

“You know the reason why I wouldn’t take it.” Duke Kyar remarked cryptically.

She paused while holding the medicine in her hand.

“I understand, Your Highness.

I didn’t think of that.” Isabella replied, and she quickly hid the medicine she held behind her back.

He regretted saying it upon seeing how to hurt her face appeared.

“I’m leaving, Your Highness.

I’m sorry for interrupting you when you should be at rest.”

He exhaled a heavy sigh.

Duke Kyar witnessed Isabella exiting the room without even giving him the time to stop her.

He found his annoyance useless.

Despite knowing that, he became more annoyed with himself because he couldn’t control his emotions every time he saw her.


Upon returning to her bedroom, Isabella placed the medicine from Duke Kyar on the desk.

Perhaps, she was being too nosy again.

According to Marc, Duke Kyar’s stomach still hurts, and she gets more worried when he tells her he didn’t take medicine.

Perhaps, it was still wrong of her to visit.

Well, of course, he would be sick and tired of dealing with the love potion she had given to him by mistake.

How could he trust and drink the medicine she gave him after that incident

If it were her, she wouldn’t drink it either.

“I shouldn’t care about him,” Isabella said, but Duke Kyar’s pale face kept bothering her.

She exhaled a quiet sigh while looking for a bottle of dried petals.

Then, she went out of her bedroom to the kitchen, asking for warm water to make tea.

After sprinkling dried petals in the boiling water, she grabbed some teacups and arranged them on a tray.

This particular flower named Alicis was effective in promoting gastrointestinal activity.

Drinking this tea will help people suffering from indigestion.

It was also one of the medicine she made for him.

Although this tea is less effective compared to the doctor’s prescription, drinking it will make him feel a little better.

Isabella stood in front of Duke Kyar’s bedroom and cautiously knocked on his door.

“Come on in.” He said coldly, and she also sensed the ire in his tone.

Isabella held her breath and opened the door.

His thick eyebrows arched upwards as if he didn’t expect her to return.

“I am perfectly aware that I don’t need to meddle with your decisions,” Isabella said as she placed the tray which carried the teacups on the table next to his bed.

“—But I can’t just pretend I don’t know.

 I think your stomach is upset because of me.


This tea will aid your digestion.

If you drink this, you’ll feel better afterward.”

He stared at her silently while slowly reaching out for the teacup.

Isabella was a little relieved to see him drinking tea.

Duke Kyar seemed pleased as he stared at her while draining his teacup.

Then, an intelligible word came out of his mouth.

“What” She asked, bewildered, and Duke Kyar’s face turned red all of a sudden.

“I was annoyed earlier.”

Perhaps he couldn’t bring himself to apologize twice, so he coughed low as an excuse to stop talking immediately.

“No, I don’t think you would have liked to take the medicine if I was the one who gave it to you.

Understandably, you couldn’t trust me after what I did in the past.”

She thought it was all her responsibility, so she wasn’t offended at all.

“—but the antidote will be effective, so you just have to take my word for it and take it.

After this, you can probably get rid of the false emotions you have of me.”

Duke Kyar put his teacup down and stared at her.

Why is he looking at her like that

“After drinking this antidote you made for me, what shall I do if my feelings remain the same” Duke Kyar appeared anxious.

“As I said before, there is no chance that it will happen.

I’ll make sure to create the antidote well.”


Whether or not you have finished creating the antidote, what if my feelings continued even after taking it What if the emotions I felt for you  due to the love potion weren’t fake, but it was a real one, instead”

Isabella slowly blinked since she couldn’t comprehend what Duke Kyar was talking about.

From what she had understood so far, what the Duke had told her was—

Did he mean that he was interested in me

“That emotion can’t be real,” Isabella told Duke Kyar firmly.

“I’m sure of it.”

Why are you so sure” He muttered, and his tone seemed a bit slightly subdued.

“I just know that it isn’t possible.”

“Can you take responsibility for what you have said

Why is this man so strangely suspicious

Isabella sighed and nodded.

Perhaps, he simply didn’t trust the antidote she made.


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