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Isabella could not remember what spirit she had returned to the room.

Ignis flew frantically around her as she sat on the bed in a daze.

“Isabella! Isabella!”

Ignis called her so loud she swore everyone could hear him from afar.

“Isabella! Why am I so distracted”

Ignice shouted urgently and flew right in front of her, but Isabella only stared at Ignis as if he wasn’t there.


Ignis sat on her shoulder and snorted, having that she wasn’t paying attention to him at all.

“Isabella! That’s so weird!”

Ignis was right.

Isabella touched her slightly swollen lips and exhaled a quiet sigh when she realized she was acting like she was out of her mind.

She could still remember the feel of his lips against hers.

“It was nothing,” Isabella muttered to herself as she shook her head.

The memory of their kiss had constantly popped up in her mind as if it was a brainwashing attempt.

The kiss, itself, was good enough, but she had no idea why she felt nauseous afterward.

“He’s making me feel uneasy for no reason.”

To her annoyance, she knew that the kiss would be ingrained in her brain for quite a long time.

“Isabella! You always said I was crazy whenever I talked to myself.” Ignis remarked cheekily as frown lines marred Isabella’s forehead.

He hit the nail right on its head.

“I’m going crazy.”

Isabella tugged at her silver hair nervously.

“How could I face him tomorrow”

Ignis crept away from Isabella as she continued to speak to herself while grabbing her long silver hair with her hands.

“Isabella, you are crazy,” Ignis murmured, and Isabella sighed deeply.

Ignis didn’t say it just for the sake of saying it, and Isabella agreed.


Isabella had dreamed of kissing Duke Kyar that night, and she woke up in surprise.

She couldn’t believe how she had such a dream.

Isabella buried her face on the pillow in embarrassment.

What’s wrong with a kiss, anyway

It wasn’t like she had never kissed someone before.

As she thought about it deeply, Isabella jumped up and sat back down.

Come to think of it.

It was the first time, indeed.

She hadn’t kissed a man either in her previous or present world.

“Wow, I must have lived a boring life.”

She had no idea if it was natural.

After all, she never had a  fling, let alone a relationship, because she was too busy studying and working hard.

Still, it felt so unfair that she had died in vain after living like that.

Isabella was determined to avoid living what she did in the past in the present.

First of all, she had to make her dreams of becoming a wealthy man come true.

Then, she decided that she would have a proper relationship after attaining that dream.

Anyway, she felt a little relieved.

It was her first kiss ever, so it should be natural to react like this.

Yeah, this nauseous feeling had nothing to do with Duke Kyar.

Isabella could not fall asleep despite defining her emotions.

Furthermore, she felt pain and agony from the flame-shaped wound on her shoulder that she was forced to endure until dawn.

In the end, Isabella had fallen asleep too late that she had woken past her usual schedule.

“Come on, Lady Isabella.

Please wake up.”

Mei called her name desperately, and that woke her up.

Isabella got up from the bed and rubbed at her eyes that could barely keep themselves open.

“You just woke up now, My Lady.

Are you exhausted”

Mei asked, and Isabella shook her head slowly.

“No, you are calling me for breakfast, right I’ll wash up and go down.”

“Yes, my Lady.

I will inform His Highness.”

She was already uncomfortable thinking about eating face-to-face with Duke Kyar, and there was no way she could avoid it because it had become a habit.

After sobbing in her bed, Isabella went straight into the bathroom.

Isabella washed her long hair quickly and tied them up before leaving the room solemnly.

It will be alright.

It will be alright.

It will be alright.

Everything is going to be okay.

Isabella cited these words like a mantra before entering the restaurant.

Then she witnessed Duke Kyar eating elegantly with his handsome face.

“I’m finally here.” She aimed for calmness, but Isabella’s countenance turned awkward as she looked at him.

Duke Kyar appeared calm as if he had completely forgotten about the kiss they had shared yesterday.

Isabella felt self-conscious all of a sudden.

Was she the only one embarrassed because of that kiss

“Enjoy your meal, Your Highness.”


He said evenly without glancing in her direction.

It was bizarre.

Was she already used to his gaze after constantly staring at him

Isabella got uncomfortable every time he did that.

“Will it be over after you acquire all the ingredients you finalized yesterday”

Isabella gave Duke Kyar a puzzled look before lowering her head and speaking calmly.

“Yes, that’s right.”

“Are you going to leave as soon as you make the antidote” Duke Kyar asked dully, and she nodded in response.

“I will leave Rubella Castle if there are no other mishaps.”

“I see.”

A long silence ensued after the conversation.


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