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Again, Duke Kyar used the teleport tower when they returned from Arpeon to Rubella Castle from the Northern Kingdom.

It was her second teleporting experience, but Isabella still suffered motion sickness.

It was fortunate that she had used the ‘teleport tower’ on an empty stomach.

The ‘five-days-and-four-nights’ trip had ended, and she was prepared for her daily life to return to normal.

Reducing her sleeping time, Isabella continued to study the antidote as she promised to Duke Kyar during their vacation at Arpeon.

She had also read more than two-thirds of the books Duke Kyar had given her.

Now that she had gathered more than ten herbs, Isabella thought she could start creating the cure.

In the meantime, Kyle’s vacation had also ended.

The night before returning to the academy, Kyle had visited Isabella in her room.

“How’s the research for my uncle’s detoxification going”

Kyle asked worriedly, and  Isabella smiled and nodded.


I still have some other herbs to look for, but I think my research will be over by spring.”

Without the help of Duke Kyar, she wouldn’t have conducted her research quickly.

The vast amount of books he had collected for her helped her a lot.

She was also able to gather information about the new herbs while reading the book.

While she studied various herbs that weren’t written in Isabella’s notebook, she got many ideas for creating some new drugs.

From the outside looking in, it seemed fitting to say that others couldn’t acquire her habits, nor could she give it to them.

She thought that she was merely continuing the previous work she had done in her original world here.

Fortunately, she realized that this job was perfect for her.

“I know that you wouldn’t be here on my next vacation.”

“You’re right.

I have to go.”

If she was still here on Kyle’s next school vacation, it only meant that she had failed to create the cure.

Isabella hoped that such a tragedy would not happen.

She hated that Duke Kyar’s life was tied to these false emotions, and she also didn’t want to be swayed by those emotions that weren’t real.

“That’s too bad.”

“I’ll write to you more often while you are at the Academy.

I have to keep sending you the medicine.”

“Thank you, sister.

I’ll be here every weekend before you leave.”

Isabella‘s eyes widened when Kyle told her that he would come to the Northern Kingdom every weekend.

“What Isn’t it too far I heard that riding a carriage would take you ten days to arrive—-”

“I can use the Teleport Tower.”

Isabella hurriedly shook her head when Kyle said he would use the expensive teleport tower every weekend.

“You don’t have to do that.

It doesn’t cost me a penny or two.”

“It’s okay because I have a lot of pocket money saved up.”

“But it’s kind of weird for you to visit every weekend.”

“Then would it be okay to visit you every two weeks”

Isabella winced awkwardly at Kyle, who stared at her with desperate eyes.

At times like this, she could tell that his looks were similar to his uncle, Duke Kyar.

She hated to keep refusing Kyle because she knew that the child was hungry for affection.

Since there are two months left before spring, she thought it would be alright for him to visit once every two weeks.

“Yes, of course.”

“It’s disappointing that we can’t see each other for two weeks but promise me that you have to go out with me when I come back.”

“I will.

Always be healthy, please.”

Isabella handed the medicine she made for Kyle in advance.

“It’s a month’s worth of medicine.

If you come into the castle next time, I’ll make it for you again.”

“Thank you, sister.”

Isabella gazed down at Kyle warmly when he smiled at her.

She would miss Kyle the most if she left this place.

Just as Kyle has grown attached to her, she had grown attached to Kyle, as well.


Shortly after Kyle had returned to the Academy, Duke Kyar also left for a significant expedition to defeat the beasts.

Isabella was injured the last time, and it was fortunate that she didn’t insist on coming with him this time around.

Left alone in Rubella Castle, Isabella buried herself in her research for the cure.

“I found it!”

Isabella shouted excitedly when she figured out another detoxifying herb, and she hurriedly recorded it in her notebook.

“Did you find a new herb You still have eight left.

Isabella! Your nose is bleeding!”

Ignis cawed in surprise, and he immediately flew to her side.

Isabella tilted her head back in a hurry when she found the blood dripping on the book she was reading.

“Are you okay”

Ignis was worried when she began to cover her nose with a handkerchief and spoke, “I’m okay.”

Come to think of it.

It seemed like a long time since she ever had a nosebleed.

Her physical strength had weakened because she hadn’t slept well these days.

Out of nowhere, her bedroom door opened, and Duke Kyar appeared.

When he found Isabella bleeding, he stalked toward her with a scowl.

Why on earth would Duke Kyar, who was supposed to leave the castle for the beast expedition, still be here

Isabella glanced up at him in puzzlement.


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