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Isabella came out of the dressing room with an exhausted face.

Two men waited for her outside, and both got up from their chairs simultaneously.

“Isabella! I like this color of dress the best! It’s the same color as my father!”

Ignis, trapped in a cage, shouted as he stared at her vibrant red dress.

The designer from the dress shop frowned at Ignis’ loud cawing, but as soon as she made eye contact with Isabella through the mirror, she smiled.

“Oh my, there’s nothing that doesn’t look good on you.

You look perfect in this dress, as well.

The elegant gown made your silver hair stand out.”

The dress shop designer continued to praise her, even drooling, all the while showing them his tenacity to hit the jackpot.

Despite the designer’s tactics, the two men nodded slowly in agreement.

“This looks good on you, too.”

“I know.

There’s nothing that doesn’t look good on you.”

“Just buy this, too.”

The shopping bags which contained the dresses were piled up like mountains next to the two men.

I think the blue dress you wore earlier looks better on you.

It goes well with your eye color, too.”

“I don’t like blue because it made me think of a particular person.”

As soon as she entered, she couldn’t find a dress that suited her better than the first blue dress she wore, so it was a mess.

Every time she changed one gown after another, the men would tell her that it looked good on her.

She wanted to buy it, but the two men told her they would find her a dress that suited her better than the blue dress.

Unfortunately, they had no idea that she had almost given up.

“Stop it, please.

I’ll reconsider about going to a party.”

Kyle’s expression darkened even before Isabella finished speaking.

Her mind weakened when she saw that.

Before coming to the trip, she had promised Kyle one thing, and that was to make his wish come true on his birthday.

She never thought that would hinder her, but Kyle wasted his wish by asking her to go to Victor’s party with him.


I’ll try to wear one more gown.” Isabella replied with a sigh.

She was becoming too desperate for someone to save her from this terrible shopping hell.

Fortunately, Isabella was able to get out of the dress shop thanks to the two men’s appreciation of the luxurious blue dress she wore at the end.

Yet, the shopping spree wasn’t over, for she spent quite a long time looking for accessories to match the dress.

She hung a necklace around her neck, wore rings on all of her fingers except her thumb, and changed her earrings countless times.

She finally bought all the accessories in the dress shop before the activity was over.

It was the first day of the trip, and she had spent all her time shopping without sightseeing.

She never imagined that the two men would be so interested and passionate about shopping at all.

The night already fell after she unpacked and washed up at Duke Kyar’s villa in Arpeon.

Isabella finished her day by releasing Ignis, who had been trapped in a cage for a long time until he fell asleep, exhausted.

The next day, the three went to the most famous snow beach in Arpeon as soon as they had breakfast.

As its name suggests, it was a picture-perfect beautiful blue sea with a white sandy beach.

Just watching Kyle running around the white sandy beach, acting like the 14-year-old child he was, made her feel better.

She has never seen Kyle so bright, and it made her think for a moment that she was glad to come on a trip.

“You look happy.””

Duke Kyar murmured as he watched Kyle’s newfound optimism.

“I know.

It’s my first trip, so of course, I’m excited.

Please pay more attention to Kyle from now on, Your Highness.”

One eyebrow slightly raised, Duke Kyar searched her eyes.

“You seemed to think about Kyle more than I do.”

Archduke Kyar hit the nail right on its head, and Isabella quickly avoided his gaze.

“I told you.

I like children.”

“I don’t have anyone I like except you.”

She still wasn’t used to how straightforward Duke Kyar can be.

As Isabella painted on the sandy beach with a branch in her hand, she spoke.

“You’ll get one soon.

Someone you could like more than me.”

She was very confident about that.

In spring, the female protagonist Seria will appear in the Northern Kingdom.

“That can’t be true.”

Duke Kyar replied and matched her confidence, but Isabella did not put much meaning into her words.

It was natural for him to do this because he was still controlling a love potion.

“What are you drawing”

“Oh, herbs.”


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