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She heard a rich mid-to-low pitch voice that was pleasant to the ears, but it made frown lines mar Duke Kyar’s forehead more than ever.

A beautiful man with blue hair and light brown eyes stood behind her when she glanced over her shoulder.

“You are unwelcome here.” Prince Kyar said bluntly, and the gorgeous man smiled a lazy smile that reached his eyes.

“I missed you that I thought about going to the North to play.

I missed you a lot, Allen.”

Duke Kyar ignored the blue-haired man and stared at Isabella while his outstretched hand tried to hold him by the elbow.

“Let’s hurry up and go before we get stuck in this troublemaker’s company.”


The blue-haired man did not give up despite Duke Kyar’s dismissal.

Duke Kyar’s patience must have run out, and it caused him to fire the cold air at the man holding his arm.

Feeling cold, the man released his arm in a bitter grimace.

Isabella immediately figured out who this man was without even hearing his name.

Rafael de Victor.

It was Prince Victor, the owner of this beautiful Southern Kingdom.

Duke Kyar was cold-hearted, while  Prince Victor was his exact opposite.

First of all, the sight of these two dazzling faces made her eyes happy, but most of all, the cutest thing was Kyle, looking up at both of them in puzzlement.

“Kyle is here, too.”

Prince Victor smiled and patted Kyle’s head softly.

“It’s been a while, Prince Victor.”


“You are very polite, Kyle.

So unlike your uncle.

Keep growing like that, alright Don’t be a  difficult adult like him.”

The longer Prince Victor stayed in their vicinity, the more he wanted to talk to them.

Isabella didn’t understand why the Archduke was bothered by Prince Victor’s presence.

“Who is this beautiful lady” Victor’s brown eyes turned toward Isabella, and Duke Kyar’s face hardened, his blue eyes turning cold.

“Don’t pay attention to him.”

Prince Victor was an alumnus who was three years older than Duke Kyar.

How can the Archduke mistreat him

Prince Victor merely smiled as he regarded Duke Kyar, and his expression confused her.


I’ll leave.

Will you come to my party the day after tomorrow”

“I don’t want to.”

Duke Kyar responded frostily,y but  Prince Victor appeared like he had no intention of giving up.

“Then there’s nothing we can do about it.

I have no choice but to go to the North and stay there for about a month.

 It would be fun—-”

Whether or not he wanted to come to the North, Archduke Kyar reached out to Victor only for the latter to place a party invitation in his hand.

“I will wait for you there.

I am looking forward to your arrival at my party.

Kyle, see you then.”

“Yes, Prince Victor.”

“Please come to my party as well, beautiful.” Prince Victor said as he winked an eye at Isabella.

Another prickling chill permeated Duke Kyar’s body, and the warm atmosphere became cold enough that all the leaves on the green trees around them dropped to the ground.

“I should get going before my entire Estate freezes.

See you in two days, Allen.”

Prince Victor firmly greeted him as he continued to shiver in the cold.

It was not until Prince Victor was out of sight did the cold air emitted by Duke Kyar subsided.

“Are you going to Victor’s party”

Kyle asked, and Duke Kyar nodded in a frown.

“Attending his party was better than the bastard visiting me in the North.”

“Then why don’t you go with me”

Kyle looked up at her with bright eyes, and Isabella hurriedly waved her hand in refusal.

“Me No, I’m not going.

How can I go to a party”

She was not an aristocrat but simply a commoner.

It was ridiculous for her to go to a party with the Prince of the Southern Kingdom as the host.

In the North, Duke Kyar’s words were the law.

That was why she was treated like a lady.

Unfortunately, she wouldn’t have the same privilege until she came to the south.

Of course, she wanted to see the party with her own eyes out of curiosity, but she didn’t want to go to Victor’s party for no reason and cause a stir.

“What’s wrong with you”

Archduke Kyar asked sharply, and Isabella winced.

“You’re not asking because you didn’t know, aren’t you”

It seemed like the Duke had forgotten that she was a commoner.

She hated that people were divided into different statuses, in which the gap would grow even more significant as the years grew by, but as long as she was here, she had to follow the laws here.

It was inevitable in a society where status systems existed.

“You can go with me.

Prince Victor had invited you himself, so it’s going to be alright.”

“I don’t even have clothes to wear for these lavish parties.”

She shook her head and gestured at the favorite cotton dress she always wore but later on, she regretted saying it.


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