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“The lands in the Southern Kingdom are fertile, so there must be a lot of herbs, right Since we are going there, I should get some herbs.”

“All you can think about in your pretty little head of yours is herbs”

“It’s all for you, Your Highness.

Anyway, I would like to go to Arpeon.

I think that we should leave in time for Kyle’s birthday.

What do you think” She asked carefully, staring at Kyle and then at Duke  Kyar’s face back and forth.

She was cautious because Kyle’s birthday was also the day his parents passed away.

Still, she also wanted him to shed those harsh memories and mental associations he had and spend his birthday happily, instead.

“Whatever.” Duke Kyar responded calmly, and Kyle nodded.

“Young master, let’s visit and put flowers on your parents’ graveyard before we leave.”

Kyle unclenched his jaw at her comforting words and appreciated Isabella caring about his parents.

There are only two days left before Kyle’s birthday.

In the meantime, she planned to reduce her sleeping time and study the antidote to go on that trip with a relaxed mind.


The day that everyone had been waiting for had finally come.

It was Kyle’s birthday.

Isabella went to his parents’ graveyard with Kyle early in the morning and immediately packed her luggage afterward.

The trip they had planned would last for five days and four nights.

The period was too long so that she couldn’t leave Ignis behind.

“I’m sorry, Ignis, but I’m sure it won’t be bad for you to stay in a warm area.

You can go around freely and then come back to our accommodations during the night.”


I don’t want to go with Duke Kyar, but it’s good to visit a warmer area from time to time.”

It would not be bad for Ignis to leave the castle as long as he approved the weather.

“If you’re ready, come out.”


She picked up her bag and carried the cage where Ignis was contained.

Arpeon was such a distant Kingdom that it would take them more than 15 days if they traveled from north to south by using the carriage.

Hence, they decided to take advantage of the teleport tower located in the eastern part of the northern and southern western regions at the capital city of Sanders.

The teleport tower can allow people to travel long distances in a blink of an eye.

A world where magic exists is genuinely convenient.

Of course, not anyone would use it since an individual would have to pay such a vast fee high enough to buy a small mansion.

The manager of the teleport tower was very envious of Isabella.

Before she was a pharmacist, she was also an Elementalist, but now that King Ifrit doesn’t exist anymore, her ability has become useless.

It would have been nice to be possessed by a wizard.

It might have been easier to achieve her dream of amassing a considerable fortune if that did happen to her.

Well, anyway, she already considered it an impossible dream, so she just wanted to use this expensive teleport tower even once or become rich enough to use it anytime she desired.

Yet, the idea soon vanished from her mind as if someone had stolen it.

“Are you okay”

Kyle asked worriedly when he saw Isabella coming out of the bathroom in the teleport tower.

“It’s okay.”

No, it wasn’t okay at all.

Isabella never dreamed that teleportation would cause her to have motion sickness.

“Isabella! Are you sure you’re okay Your face is ashen and pallid!” Ignis, who was trapped inside the narrow cage, also asked her.

“I’ll have to ride a carriage when I return.”

Duke Kyar regarded her green face closely and muttered.

“No, it takes too long to do that.”

The motion sickness bothered her, but she didn’t want to throw her 15 days onto the streets.

There was a situation where she couldn’t study the antidote for five days due to her trip.

She would waste time far too great if she delayed her work for fifteen days.

“Sometimes, people will react like this at first.

You’ll get used to it if you ride it a few more times.”

The magician in the tower said as he stared into Archduke Kyar’s eyes.

“Did you hear that We just have to get through the teleport tower.

I feel a little sick, but maybe I will be fine later.” Isabella replied as she forced a bright smile.

“Well, then I’ll have to go on another trip soon so both of us can get used to it.”

She couldn’t ignore it when Duke Kyar emphasized the word ‘two of us.’

She felt sick to her stomach that Isabella had to dash back into the bathroom.

The aftereffects of the motion sickness she felt from the teleport tower were severe compared to being carsick or seasick.

If it were the latter, her stomach would feel better right away after emptying the gastric juices in her stomach.

When she finally felt more comfortable, another thought squeezed into her head.

How about making a motion sickness medicine for the people who travel through the teleport tower

High-ranking aristocrats used the teleport tower, so she might as well sell it at a very high price.


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