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Marc, who knew about  his situation better than anyone else, stared at Duke Kyar and said, “Is there something wrong with you, Your Highness”

“Everything is fine.

Bring my dinner to my office, as well.”

Mark shut his mouth and nodded silently at Duke Kyar.

He continued to watch him, but he didn’t ask about the issue anymore.


I’ll take care of it as you say, your Highness.”

Marc closed the office door quietly so as not to offend him.

He thought he should be extra careful in dealing with Duke Kyar’s mood.

If someone messed with the Duke for no reason on a day like this, nobody had any idea what would happen next.


Under the butler’s supervision, the servants brought the new herbs and the books, and she examined every one of them.

She didn’t understand what got Duke Kyar so nervous, even if it turned out that he was quickly giving all these things to her in the end.

Still, it seemed like his reason had not wholly collapsed yet.

She was even told to eat her dinner in her room as if he had just given her ample time to spur research on the antidote.

Rolling up her sleeves, Isabella focused on her research.

Unfortunately, it was getting dark.



There was a knock on the door the way she would hear it whenever dinner time was announced.

Thinking Mei, the maid, had brought her a meal, Isabella didn’t take her eyes off the book she was reading and answered.

“Come on in.”

“Are you busy” She didn’t expect to hear Kyle’s voice, and she quickly raised her head.

Then, she saw Kyle standing by the door with the food trolley next to her.

“Young master Kyle”

“I heard you’re eating in your room.

Can I eat with you”

Kyle asked carefully, and she nodded without hesitation.

He rarely showed up at the Dining Hall even after she visited that it was starting to worry her, but now the kid appeared like he had regained his energy.

“Of course.

Young Master Kyle is always welcome.”

Isabella smiled brightly and approached the trolley he had dragged into her room.

After putting the food down on the table, she handed Kyle a fork.

“Enjoy your meal.”

“You too.”

She didn’t know what to tell him, and she also had no idea why he was here or what he was going to say.

Isabella didn’t eat the food in front of her and continued to watch Kyle, who was also staring back at her.

“Do you have anything to say” She asked while wearing a pleasant smile, and Kyle nodded.

“You asked me to let you know if I can think of a gift I wanted to receive.”

Kyle replied in a small voice as if he was embarrassed to bring up the birthday present.

“Any gift you want to receive”

Blushing, Kyle nodded again.

“Really Hurry up and tell me.

I’m curious about what you had in mind.”

Kyle must be shy about birthday gifts, so she deliberately exaggerated an excited reaction.

“I wanted my birthday wish to be a trip.”


“Can you go on a trip with me I’ve never been on a trip before.

My friends said they travel with their family a lot during vacation.….”

She clapped her hands at Kyle’s suggestions.

“Of course.

Wow, come to think of it, I don’t remember when was the last time I went on a trip.”

After her sudden death and being dragged into the world of novels, she was too busy surviving her day-to-day life, so she couldn’t even dream of traveling.

The situation was similar in her original world.

She couldn’t travel because she was too busy with work after getting a job.

Perhaps that was why she was a little excited to hear the word travel after a long time.

“Is there any place you want to go”

“It doesn’t matter where we are going.”

“Then I’ll find out.

Where would you like to go”

She was determined to make the antidote quickly, but she could spare some time for Kyle for a few days.

She just wanted Kyle to be brighter and more optimistic with this trip.

“Thank you, sister.”

“I’m more thankful.

Thank you for having such a good idea.”

She stroked Kyle’s head affectionately.

She also thought about inviting  Duke Kyar on this trip for Kyle’s sake.

Honestly, she found it a little uncomfortable to travel with him, but she also wanted Kyle to make good memories with his uncle, Archduke Kyar.


He had no appetite to eat alone.

He only played with his food a little before Duke Kyar put down his fork and knife.

“Don’t you like it”

Marc asked worriedly as he stood next to him.

“I just don’t have much appetite.

Clean it up.”

Duke Kyar knew about the reason for his lack of appetite all too well.

Isabella, whose sparkling eyes and pretty face would light up as if she was the happiest person in the world to eat such delicious food every mealtime,  came to his mind.

He regretted telling her that they didn’t have to eat dinner together.

It was a decision he made out of anger.

Then, he heard a knock on his office door all of a sudden.

“Come on in.” As soon as he spoke, he noticed how bright Isabella’s face was when she entered the office.

It was good that he didn’t hurry to get to her because she came to see him first.


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