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Isabella, who is currently reading a book about herbs and taking notes about the newly discovered ones, tilted her head.

“Why are you so slow in acquiring all the herbs I need”

Duke Kyar had collected a variety of medicinal herbs at such an incredible rate on the first day she asked for them.

Yet, after that day, the supply of medicinal herbs was suddenly cut off without any reason.

She had already completed the research about the herbs he had given her.

She was so focused on her research that she could make the antidote as soon as possible, but the essential herb had not arrived, so the work she had to do became lesser.

Isabella had also read half of the books about the herbs Archduke Kyar had acquired for her.

He said he would get more new books that she could study, but his good news didn’t even pull through.

“Did he forget about it entirely”

“I am sure he hadn’t forgotten about it.

It was clear that he didn’t give it to her on purpose! Archduke Kyar is a very manipulative man!” She murmured.

Ignis  flapped his tiny wings loudly and shouted, “That can’t be true.”

“No! He’s definitely up to something! There is a possibility that he wants to keep me here!”

At that moment, her bedroom door opened, and Duke Kyar entered.

Ignis had hovered around her just earlier but upon seeing the Duke, he quickly flew to the window and hid behind the curtains.

“Why is that bird chirping so loudly”

“Birds chirp because they just do.

It would be weird if the bird cries, MEOW~.”

Her explanation must have been very childish in Duke Kyar’s ears.

Duke Kyar’s countenance hardened and she quickly reflected on how childish her ‘joke’ sounded.

“Cute.” He murmured low in her ear, and she frowned.

She thought he would scowl at her because he found that childish, but she guessed not.

The love potion must have been potent the more she thought about it.

How can he even think that such a childish joke was cute

“I was curious about something and It just so happens that you are here to answer my question.” She said, and his already dark eyes darkened even more.

“Can I know when the herbs I asked for will come I have already studied the herbs you have previously obtained for me.

I needed to do research for the new herbs so that I could make an antidote as soon as possible….”

An intense chill slowly permeated his body, and she quickly shut her mouth.

What did she say that made him feel bad

He was such an unpredictable man.

“Is that all you were curious about” He said coolly, and Isabella slowly nodded.

“This isn’t just a matter of time.

Right now, there’s nothing more important than the antidote for us.

I know that you also wanted to get out of this terrible feeling as soon as possible, Your Highness.”

“I disagree.

You’re the one who wants to escape.”

“What” Duke Kyar walked out of the bedroom with his lips pressed in a tight line.

The door closed with a loud bang, and Isabella stared at the closed door, bewildered.

“What’s wrong with him”

It was tough to understand him.

He responded like that every time she told him she would make the antidote as soon as possible.

Isabella shook her head and exhaled a quiet sigh.

Meanwhile, Duke Kyar’s entire muscles had tensed, and his fists were clenched after he left Isabella’s room.

He hated himself whenever he found his emotions fluctuating at every word she said.

On the other hand, her eyes as she stared at him appeared so calm and detached.

His heart burned every time he saw her blue eyes that seemed to be devoid of any emotion.

Duke Kyar knew.

She just wanted to get away from him and leave Rubella Castle.

It just is, so it wasn’t good for him to attach any other meaning to her desire.

She promised him that she would not fall in love with him, and if he was normal, he would be relieved by the fact.

Yet, if he set the relief that he should feel aside, this incomprehensible discomfort inside of him continued to grow.

This was all because of the bloody love potion.

Despite being aware of it, he still felt pathetic that he was interfering with creating the antidote.

She was right.

Nothing was more important than getting rid of this annoyance as soon as possible.

He swept his hair nervously to the side and went inside the office.

As he pulled the rope to get his butler’s attention, Marc jumped into the office.

“Did you find it, Your Highness”

“Give Isabella the herbs I told you to keep.”


Marc’s eyes widened behind his glasses as if he didn’t understand his sudden change in mind.

“Also, bring the books which contain the information about  the newly acquired herbs with you.”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

“And tell her that she doesn’t have to eat dinner with us.”

Duke Kyar was already annoyed by uttering all those commands out loud.

He could only see Isabella’s beautiful face when they ate their meals together.

He even pondered about increasing the number of meals on the menu so that he could somehow see her face longer.


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