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Isabella held him in her arms as he gently patted Kyle’s back while he choked on a sob.

“I hope the young master will be happy after the blessing I gave, even just for a little bit.

Thank you for being born, Young Master Kyle.”

“Thank you.” He responded tearfully as she gazed at Kyle warmly.

“Is there any gift you want to receive As long as it’s a gift I can give you, I’ll do anything.”

Kyle shook his head as if saying that he didn’t want any gifts from her.

She asked him again, “Would you think about it some more It doesn’t have to be an object.

Is there something you have always wanted to do”

Kyle nodded as he raised his hand to wipe away his tears.

It was heartbreaking that he never even thought about receiving birthday gifts until he turned fourteen.


I will tell you if I have already thought about something.

Shall we eat first I think I need to fill my stomach before I ponder about a gift that I want to receive.”

Tears clouded his vision, but still, a small smile spread around Kyle’s mouth, and it made her feel relieved.

As Kyle made his way to sit on a chair, she took the food out from the trolley and placed them in front of him.

“Enjoy your meal, Young master.” She said as she pointed at Kyle’s food on the table.

“Let’s eat together.”


Isabella hoped this warm meal they shared would comfort Kyle from his sadness.

She only took half of the food she brought, and she was also glad that Kyle managed to eat even just a little.

“Let’s have dinner together at the Dining Hall later.

You would come, right”

Isabella showed her pinky at Kyle, and the child, who seemed hesitant for a while, reached out his hand.

Isabella glanced down at Kyle cheerfully when he hung his little finger on her pinky.

“I made a promise with you.

You know you have to keep your promise to me, right” She asked, and Kyle smiled shyly before saying, “Yes, sister.”

“If you finally decide on a gift that you want to receive, you can come and tell me anytime.

I’ll be waiting.”

Kyle nodded, and  Isabella waved him goodbye before she exited the room.

But suddenly, Duke Kyar was there, leaning against the wall outside Kyle’s room.

“You’re pretty good at consoling the boy.”

Isabella blushed at Duke Kyar’s compliment.

“June 20th.” She heard him say.

“What” She asked, her eyes wide with confusion.

“I’ll look forward to your wonderful greeting on my birthday.”

So, the 20th of June was his birthday.

She couldn’t help but laugh at Duke Kyar’s seemingly innocent words.

Unfortunately, it was implausible that she would still be in this castle at the time.

It would take six months before June would come.

If she successfully created the antidote for him, she had no other reason to stay in this castle.

Duke Kyar might want her to leave right away after drinking the antidote.

It would have been nice if they didn’t kill her if she had given it to them nicely.

“I’ll congratulate you from afar.”

“You are leaving before that time comes.” Duke Kyar replied bluntly.

His face had hardened, and his jaws were clenched.

“As I should.

You will be spending your birthday this year being relaxed and comfortable.”

He turned away from her without saying anything.

Perhaps, he was slightly offended.

Then, Duke Kyar glanced toward her direction again.

“What’s your birthday” He asked out of the blue.

Puzzled, she scratched her cheek awkwardly.

She didn’t even know Isabella’s actual birthday because she hadn’t retained any of her memories.

“Well, September 7th.”

Instead, she told him her birthday in the world where she came from.

“It’s far away.” He murmured with regret.

“If you congratulate me with all of your heart, I’ll do the same–”

“—but I don’t want to.”

She blushed at  Archduke Kyar’s unexpected answer.

Well, by then, he would be fine after taking the antidote.

Yet, there was no way that a cold-blooded human being who never shed a tear in his life would celebrate her birthday.

“Let’s meet again, so we celebrate it together.”

He said with an unwavering gaze.

“Well, whatever.” She gave him a half-shrug and replied lazily.

Those thoughts will disappear after he drank the antidote anyway.

Suddenly, Duke Kyar’s pinky reached out towards her.

Was he saying that they should make a promise with their pinky fingers

So, Duke Kyar has heard all her conversations with Kyle from outside his room.

Isabella sighed hopelessly as the childish duke attempted to copy her and Kyle earlier.

She had no choice but to reach out to him since it appeared like the Duke wouldn’t back down easily.

When her pinky finger clutched his with great reluctance, he gently pulled her towards him.

Embracing her tightly in his arms, he lowered his head and whispered in her ear.

“Don’t forget.

You have to keep your promise.”


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