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Finally, the week of her confinement ended.

Having found her freedom, Isabella made Kyle’s potion right away.

Fortunately, Kyle seemed to adapt to the medicine well without any side effects, so Isabella decided to increase the number of ‘Gloria’ flowers.

She put the potion she had made in a bottle and wrote the number on the label.

It was enough for Kyle to drink in about a month.

Anyway, Kyle’s vacation had ended a month ago, so she planned to send the medicine to the school directly afterward.

“Lady, your meal is ready,” Mei said after knocking on her door and entering her bedroom.

Isabella nodded in response as she continued to take medicine.

It must be lunchtime.

Since she wasn’t confined anymore, she promised to share a meal with Duke Kyar after attempting to stay in her bedroom multiple times.

When she suggested that, he quickly gave in.

After a long time, Ignis had finally enjoyed his freedom and flew around in her bedroom.

Fortunately, she had sent Ignis out of the window before he got depressed.

“I’ll be back after lunch,” Isabella told Ignis before she exited out of the bedroom.

Upon arriving at the Dining Hall, she witnessed Archduke Kyar sitting alone at the long table.

Wasn’t Kyle eating together with him

She hadn’t seen Kyle that morning, and she was worried if anything had happened.

“What about Young master Kyle”

At her question, Archduke Kyar glanced at Marc.

It appeared like he also had no idea why Kyle wasn’t in the Dining Hall.

“He didn’t have an appetite.”

“Did he eat any breakfast yet”

Marc’s face darkened at her concern.

“I didn’t think he would eat much at this time, my Lady.”

“That time has come again.”

Duke Kyar muttered under his breath.

What in the world is it this time

Her eyes looked at Duke Kyar in question, and he opened his mouth to say, “It’s Kyle’s birthday soon.”

So it was his birthday.

Children his age love birthday parties!

The horrendous tragedy on the day Kyle was born came to her mind.

Kyle’s birthday was the same day his parents died.

Her heart became heavy when she thought of Kyle spending his birthday every year in melancholy.

“From the look on your face, I think you already know the reason.”

“I heard it from Young Master Kyle, himself.”

She did not know the complete details either, but she couldn’t tell Duke Kyar that she knew because she read the novel.

“He will become more depressed as his birthday approaches.

Don’t worry too much about him.

After that day passes by, he will be alright.”

Duke Kyar was so insensitive.

She guessed that this was his true personality.

Isabella worried that this cold and ruthless uncle was Kyle’s only remaining family.

She couldn’t imagine how he could change after drinking the antidote.

Yet, seeing how cold-hearted he could be, right now, for example, she should have expected this behavior.

Someday, he will watch her with cold, blank eyes.

“You can continue eating your meal, Your Highness.

I need to go to Young Master Kyle to check upon him.

“Just leave him alone.”

He tried to dissuade her, but she merely shook her head.

“Young master Kyle is still young.

We should watch children like him with love and attention.” She said firmly, and Duke Kyar looked at her in silence.

“Kyle needs an aunt like you.”

Duke Kyar had stirred the conversation in the wrong direction again.

Suppressing a sigh, Isabella waited for the meal she could take into Kyle’s room.

Duke Kyar might be indifferent to his nephew, but she was apprehensive about Kyle.

Yet, she was just grateful that the Duke didn’t insist on eating with her.

Isabella dragged a trolley that carried Kyle’s meal on the first floor and walked to his room.

She stopped in front of Kyle’s room and gathered her breath before she carefully knocked on the door.

However, she heard no response.

“Young master Kyle.”

Plucking up her courage, she called him by his name, and the door opened a moment later.

At that moment, she saw such a sorrowful face that it shouldn’t belong to an innocent boy like him as Kyle stood by the door.

“I heard you didn’t have breakfast yet.” She said carefully as she dragged the trolley with his meal towards his bedroom and proceeded to the table.

Kyle nodded quietly.

“I heard it is your birthday soon.”

Kyle appeared as if he was about to cry when she said that.

It bothered her that what was supposed to be a happy day for others was a sad, gloomy day for Kyle.

“Happy Birthday.

I will greet you on behalf of your uncle.

I know it’s your birthday that the Archduke can’t even bring himself to greet you.

But will you remember that many people would sincerely greet you on your special day”

Fat tears dropped from Kyle’s big round eyes at her sweet words.


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