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“What else do you want to tell me Is there something you are waiting for”

“I just want to tell you that I will be a better man than my uncle.

So, will you wait for me”

Isabella’s blue eyes widened at the 14-year-old teenage boy’s sudden confession.

Kyle’s appearance might appear younger than his age.

She even thought that this little boy didn’t know what love is.

She guessed it wasn’t the case.

Isabella suppressed her chagrin for a while as she stared straight into Kyle’s clear eyes.

How hungry must he be for affection that he was willing to give his heart to people this easily

Isabella didn’t take the boy’s feelings seriously.

When she was Kyle’s age, she had once liked a student-teacher in the past.

That particular feeling was too young and fresh to be called love as she recalled it, and a soft smile flashed across her mouth.

“You will grow as a wonderful man, Young Master.

By then, there will be a lot of women who will like you.”

“Are you saying that you aren’t one of them” Kyle muttered in disappointment, and Isabella gazed at him warmly.

“Well, I can’t promise you anything else, but I can promise you this.

I’ll be on your side for the rest of my life.

So if you have a hard time later, you have to contact me.

Alright Even if I leave Rubella Castle, I will still let you know where I am by sending you letters.”

She never wanted Kyle’s life to end in vain similar to the original novel.

Kyle wouldn’t walk that path if someone could just give him a little love and attention.

If this was also meant to be then, it was meant to be.

She didn’t want to meddle in other people’s business, but she just couldn’t turn a blind eye to Kyle since she was aware of the original novel’s ending.

She wanted to be the kind of person Kyle could lean on whenever he was in trouble.

“I will.

You have to tell me where you are when you leave this Castle.”

Isabella stroked Kyle’s head gently and replied, “Yes, I promise.”

“I’ll train harder, too.”

“I know.

You are already working hard enough.”

“But I still want to be strong like you.”


That will be possible.”

She noticed that Kyle appeared brighter compared to when she first saw him.

As he continued to train the power of the ice inside of him little by little, Kyle grew his confidence even more.

Isabella gazed at Kyle pleasantly as if she was looking at her nephew.

As her arm reached out to pat his head again, the bedroom door opened with a bang.

Isabella turned her head toward the sound, and she witnessed Duke Kyar narrowing his eyes at her hand that stroked Kyle’s head.

Isabella exhaled a soft sigh when she saw him invade her room without knocking every damn time.

“Your highness.

I’m sorry, but can you knock before you enter my room”

At this point, Isabella had no expectations whatsoever that he would listen to her request.

However, Duke Kyar went out of the bedroom and closed the door.

Then he knocked twice before entering her bedroom again.


I heard you came here without eating your breakfast yet.

Hurry up and go eat first.”

At Duke Kyar’s harsh words, Kyle got up from his chair.

“Sister, I will return after eating my breakfast.”

“Okay, young master Kyle.

Enjoy your meal.”


Kyle left the room wearing an adorable grin.

Then, Duke Kyar walked towards her and sat on the bed.

For a while, he scrutinized her hand without saying anything.

“Is something bothering you Why are you staring at my hand like that”

“I knocked.”

She found his words incomprehensible, and frown lines marred Isabella’s forehead.


“I listened to you and followed your request well.”

Since he had listened to her, was he asking her to pat his head as she did to Kyle

Duke Kyar’s gaze never left her hand, and she grimaced.

“You’re not telling me to pat your head like what I did to Kyle, aren’t you, Your Highness”

“Why would you think so”

Isabella turned into stone at his question.

Duke Kyar watched her with his jaws clenched.

It seemed like he was slowly running out of patience and a frosty chill began to permeate from his body.

Since she was worried about Ignis, who was hiding behind the curtain, Isabella reached out a hand to caress Duke Kyar’s dark hair.

Her touch was awkward and unnatural as she stroked the Duke’s head stiffly, whereas, with Kyle, she had the illusion that he was combing a beast’s fur.

“Is this alright” She asked, and he nodded, satisfied.

At times like this, he seemed to show his innocent side as if he was a child.

Of course, he was acting like a gentle innocent sheep now because he had drunk the love potion.

“By the way, can you get me some herbs”

She tried her best not to ask any more favors from the Duke, but she needed his help to get the rare herbs she found from the pile of books she had examined in her bedroom.


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