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Holding her in his arms, he returned to Rubella Castle and felt like he was about to go insane.

Isabella lost consciousness for two days and he couldn’t sleep as he watched over her.

He thought he could only sleep comfortably if he witnessed her open her eyes.

It was an excruciating and challenging time.

He didn’t want to experience this terrible feeling again.

However, it was interesting to note that the moment she regained consciousness, the pain in his heart and mind disappeared, and relief and joy replaced it.

Love was fascinating.

What he might be doing may not count as real love, but he understood why people wouldn’t love so much.

As much as the sadness he felt was great, the joy had the same intensity as the negative emotions.

He got used to this dangerous emotion that dominated his whole body.

But on the other hand, fear grew inside him.

What would he do if this feeling wouldn’t go away even after drinking the antidote

Of course, that wouldn’t happen.

He admitted that the happiness he felt from love was great, but he hated experiencing its highs and lows.

As he stared at Isabella, who was still dozing off, he noticed that her body was leaning sideways while he had these complicated thoughts.

His body reacted immediately before his mind did.

Quickly approaching Isabella’s side, he offered her his shoulder.

Sle looked comfortable as she leaned and slept on his shoulder, and a soft smile spread in his mouth.

Taking advantage of the opportunity presenting itself, he gazed at her face with appreciation while she was asleep.

She found her so pretty that he was starting to get annoyed with himself.

Her pink lips were slightly parted, and he found it tempting.

It was so hard to ignore her sweet breath.

He clenched his fists as his instinct was dominated logic.

He didn’t want to listen to the voice of reason.

He slowly lowered his head and closed the distance between their lips.

They became so close that their breaths mingled, but Kyle had woken up and rose from Isabella’s bed.

Frustrated, he hurriedly turned his head to the other side.

It was a pity that he couldn’t kiss her lips, but he was also relieved.

That way, he didn’t have anything to regret after drinking the antidote afterward.


As soon as she opened her eyes, the first thing Isabella did in the morning was to examine the wounds on her shoulders.

A few days had already passed, but the wound didn’t disappear yet.

The medicine that could make the scars vanish at once did not work on this wound.

Even though it’s small, it seemed like a beast did it.

“Isabella! Are they coming again today”

Ignis, who approached Isabella and glanced at the wound, asked anxiously.

“Sorry, Ignis.

Just hang in there a little bit more.

I think I can go out tomorrow, so I’ll take you to the forest.

It’s frustrating to stay in my room every day, right”

Ignis had become less talkative these days, and it worried her.

Ignis gently sat on her shoulder with a look of devastation, and she stroked his head gently with her fingers.

“But Isabella.

The energy from this wound seemed familiar to me.”

Ignis said as he stared at her flame-shaped wound.

“Really Is it because you were once attacked by a beast who had the power of fire”

“It may not be a beast, but a spirit of fire.”

“No way.”

“After the disappearance of King Ifrit, the lower spirits lost their egos.

There is nothing strange about the beasts attacking the humans as magicians do.

It may be natural that superior spirits have lost the power to control them.

I’m worried that Ifrit should come back soon.” Ignice muttered sullenly.

Maybe Ignis is right.

Initially, the number of beasts wasn’t this high, but the possibility could not be ruled out, given that the number of beasts pouring out of the boundaries had increased from the last two years.

It had coincided with the time the Spirit of Fire disappeared.

“Cheer up, Ignis.”

The sound of someone knocking on the door came into her ears.

As the door opened, Ignis quickly flew through the window before the visitor entered.

The uninvited guest who came to her room early in the morning was none other than Kyle.

Kyle’s black hair was slightly wet, catching Isabella’s eyes.

“Young master Kyle, why is your hair wet”

“Oh, it’s because I washed up as soon as I finished training.”

“Did you train this early”

She asked in surprise, and Kyle nodded with a shy smile.


I can maintain my energy for about a minute now.”


This was a significant development, considering that he couldn’t maintain the energy for three seconds initially.

Kyle’s efforts seem to shine.

“It’s all thanks to you.”

“Even if I leave this place, I’ll continue to create the medicine and send it to you.”

She wanted to continue helping Kyle a little more because he always worked hard and tried his best.

However, Kyle’s face turned melancholic when she told her she would leave.

“Are you going to leave as soon after making the antidote”

Kyle asked carefully, and she nodded slowly.


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